Akg N700Nc

Few companies are capable of true wireless noise-canceling headphones as AKG in the competitive world of music. Also, noise-canceling headphones are a necessary evil for many people who need to listen to music in loud environments.

With the N700NC over-ear foldable wireless headphones, AKG stepped into the competitive market against Bose and Sony. These noise-canceling headphones offer an excellent combination of sound and noise cancellation at the upper end of the consumer market.

A real-life question comes to mind is N700nc better than Bose or other competitors out there? Should I buy these noise-canceling headphones for a first-class listening experience?

Actually, AKG has a long history of best headphones premium for audio products. Today, N700nc is another proof of well-rounded wireless noise-canceling headphones. The sound quality of these headphones is excellent and comfortable to wear for long periods.

If you’re looking for a great pair of headphones that can handle any environment, the AKG N700NC should be your top pick.

Check out the full review of AKG N700nc headphones to know everything before your purchase!

AKG N700NC Wireless Headphones Review

The AKG N700NC review is all about how well it performs in real life and what features we found useful for us.

The AKG N700NC headphones are specially tuned by AKG for features like noise cancelling features and excellent music capabilities. These headphones are a combination of great build quality, noise cancelation option, sound great plus overall a good musical package.

The truth is AKG over-ear headphones are well known for delivering premium sound that is on par with Bose, Sony, and Sennheiser too.

Build Quality

If we talk about the AKG N700NC build quality is pretty solid. They used artificial leather, metal frame, and plastic components to pug together everything intact.

Additionally, the body of the headphone is made of plastics and metals for curvy designs. Also, they used memory foam ear cushions so that users can wear headphones for a longer time.


AKG Signature Sound Engine delivers clear, rich sound reproduction.

High-quality noise isolation reduces ambient sounds below 300 Hz by 90% while allowing voices to pass through naturally. So when you are making phone calls or talking to Siri or Google Now voice assistants, you will be clearly heard. The noise-canceling feature of N700NC is powered by one AAA battery that lasts approximately forty hours per charge cycle.

Additionally, the N700NC features an ambient aware feature that lets in more background noise than usual at low volume levels. This ambient noise is an excellent feature for cyclists or people who need to stay aware of their surroundings.


The smooth and sleek design of N700NC makes these headphones very premium-looking and comfortable to wear. These oval-shaped ear cups are designed especially for remaining stable on top of the head without discomforting the users.

Additionally, the memory foam alongside synthetic leather ear pads makes these headphones super comfy for users. Lightweight is another advantage of these headphones that make them easy to carry around.

Moreover, these headphones come with a metallic slider that is a padded adjustable headband. As a result, you can wear these headphones for a long time with a perfectly comfortable fit on the head.

*What we liked about AKG N700nc

  • Great bass response and detailed sound reproduction.
  • Noise-canceling feature with ambient awareness is superb.
  • Better battery life.
  • AKG headphone app gives the option of personalized sound.
  • Wireless performance is pretty strong.

*What could be better

  • More codecs support like AptX or AptX HD would be better.
  • Noise-canceling turn-off feature would be better.

AKG N700NC Headphones: Does AKG N700NC have a microphone?

Yes! AKG N700NC has a microphone that works pretty well as advertised for calls, VoIP calls, conference calls, and voice-activated commands.

Additionally, these headphones have an adjustable noise-canceling dual-microphone technology. This ambient-aware technology reduces the ambient noise of your surroundings by almost 20dB. The noise-canceling is automatically turned on when you make or receive a call. If you do not need it engaged, simply turn the mic sensitivity to low. This option ensures use with sensitive equipment without any compatibility issues.

People who need to make phone calls with their headphones or listen to podcasts will appreciate the in-line remote on these. There is an integrated mic and pause/play button on the left ear-cup for hands-free calling paired with any compatible mobile device. Also, it can be used when listening without playback too. The controls are easy to use simply by touch. The process is – tap once for play or pause, double-tap for the next song, or single tap for the previous song right on the ear-cup itself.

If you’re a headphone user, the N700NC is an excellent option for you. Plus they sound superb! Whether you’re listening to music or podcasts, there’s something really special about how cleanly detailed they sound with.

The headband has a built-in mic for hands-free calls. Also, you can have recordings of vocals or instruments when practicing or jamming on your PC or Mac.

Noise Cancellation: Are Samsung AKG Noise Cancelling headphones?

Absolutely! AKG N700NC Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones are noise-canceling headphones. They will reduce most of the lower frequency and constant noise and only a little bit of high-frequency sound. These headphones are a fancy pair of noise-canceling cans that use the latest innovations in ANC technology to reduce noise even at high volumes.

The goal of noise-canceling is to block out as many loud sounds as possible by creating two waves that cancel each other out. The Samsung N700NC blocks out sounds in relatively narrow bands and that is measured as at 71dB for 100Hz and 64dB for 1kHz. Since most active noise-canceling headphones only do 40 to 50 dB at those frequencies, so it’s pretty impressive at this frequency spectrum.

Although noise-canceling technology is based on a fairly simple principle, the audio quality of various headphones is not the same. when purchasing a headphone, only what features you want in a headphone could be the deciding factor for you.

In the market, the N700NC offers a range of useful features and respectable audio quality to suit most users’ needs. But you can’t expect them to completely isolate you from noises but these headphones will block noises in the high frequencies and mid-range.

Sound Quality: Do AKG N700NC Headphones Have Good Sound Quality?

The AKG N700NC headphone’s audio quality is great, especially in areas that might be problematic for other headphones like voice chat. For the price, these headphones are surprisingly good. They have an excellent soundstage and offer a clean, flat response.

The N700NC headphones produce a wonderful sound that professionals and audiophiles appreciate. The external noise cancellation allows for an unparalleled listening experience, free from nosy neighbors and external distractions of urban life. One could say this is the ideal headphone for using on flights and in the office, where one might want to turn off surrounding chatter. Also, a user can blast their headphones’ amplified audio to high volume without bothering anyone else. The flexible selectivity button allows the wearer to cycle between two different modes of headphone hearing: wide-stereo and near modes.

I always urge people to invest in Bluetooth headphones especially over-ear ones because they are just so much more comfortable to wear for long periods without any discomfort at all. Not only that but it offers you a spectrum of sound that feels true to life rather than something produced. All this being said, I will say that these N700NCs have an excellent sound stage and offer a clean, flat response for their price range. These headphones are great for anyone who wants decent quality without spending too much money!

Ear Cups: Do AKG N700NC Headphones Have Comfortable Ear Cups?

These AKG headphones have some of the most comfortable earcups that We have felt. The earcups are made from leather and memory foam, which break in together to create a slightly personalized product fit. It is made of a lightweight yet durable material that has extensive padding for those with bigger ears. We have some bulky headphones from another company and they’re just unbearable to wear after long listening sessions. Also, the headband always leaves marks on the forehead by causing a lot of pressure on top of the head.

The inside of the earcups is lined with plush foam for excellent comfort and isolation from background noise. With their soft-touch finish, these headphones are as pleasant as they are practical! These headphones also have a detachable audio cable for replacement or upgrades in the future. The earcups are made from a thin memory foam that adjusts to the natural shape of your ear for optimal comfort.

 For these AKG’s N700NC, it is gotten to the point where we need to take them off for a few minutes every hour or so due to soreness in our ears. So, we do not mind because they’re super cushy and comfy! The sound qualities of these headphones have even been favorably compared to those of the AKG N90Qs! The sleek, fully-wired design also contains an in-line volume control so you can regulate your audio right from your headphones. So you do not have to dig around in your pocket or bag.

Studio Headphones: Is AKG N700NC Recommend for Studio Headphones?

Absolutely Yes, the AKG N700NC are excellent studio headphones. These headphones indeed make for a fantastic choice for studio-quality sound as they deliver all the clarity and power that your tracks require. Considering their affordability, you can’t go wrong with these either. They have a supra-aural design that is comfortable for use over longer periods.

AKG has been producing audio equipment since 1947 in Vienna Austria.  The company produces microphones before it became more popular to produce headphones in 1991. It features a noise-canceling microphone with a frequency response of 10Hz to 31kHz, 30 ohms impedance, 117dB SPL/mW sensitivity, and CCI Feedback Cancellation. AKG N700NC headphones indeed make for a fantastic choice for studio mode as they deliver all the clarity and power that your tracks require.

Additionally, AKG N700NC has a clear and crisp sound response with an extended frequency range that will reveal the finest nuances of music. You also get optimized isolation from external noise due to its ultra-portable design, ambient-aware feature, and good battery life. These headphones are tough yet use lightweight materials and the design of the collapsible earcups allows you to wear them all day long.

They also have a supra-aural design that is comfortable for use over longer periods. At last but not least, it features an auto-retracting cord which makes storing super easy! In this way, AKG N700NC can be your perfect companion when you are on the go or mixing in the studio without breaking your creativity flow.

AKG N700NC Review: Are AKG headphones any good?

Absolutely! AKG is a top brand that has been churning out excellent headphones for years. Not only are they well-made, but they’re stylish and come in different designs to suit everyone’s tastes. Also, music quality stands out as one of their best features – not to mention wireless compatibility with the Bluetooth version.

By far our favorite thing about AKG headphones is the auto-off function which powers off after twenty-two hours if no audio signal is detected, so you can use it at night or while watching movies without worrying about too much battery life consumption or overheating. The auto-off feature essentially saves battery life and deactivates power to spare components such as the transmitter all for extended battery life.

AKG N700NC review: Is AKG better than Bose?

Without a doubt, AKG dominates in this area. One of the reasons why AKG is better than most competitors like Bose, according to most reviews, is that they do not produce ear fatigue. Check out our AKG N700NC review to get a glimpse of AKG headphones.

AKG headphones are made with plush, cushioned earcups for full comfort and improved sound isolation thanks to their closed-back design. No Bose headphones come close to carrying this level of quality regarding noise-canceling features or comfort.