Pearl Snare Drum (Pmtd9Akbf692)

Pearl is one of the leading drum manufacturers. Use the best material to make the best Pearl steel tongue drums, which are some of the best steel tongue drums on the market.

This review will find the Best Pearl Steel Tongue Drum selection in [currentyear]. But, first of all…

What are steel tongue drums?

Steel tongue drums, or just tough drums, have become a prevalent percussion instrument today. They are called tongue drums because of the tongue-like feature on their surface. They are not very old inventions, yet it feels as though they have been around for a long time.

How do you play tongue drums?

Playing the tongue drum is very easy, even for a beginner. Start by understanding the instrument and choosing the right one. And then decide whether to use mallets or hands. Find the notes and start the experiment.

Today, many manufacturers are making tongue drums and branding them as their own. One good example is Pearl, who has put a lot of energy into creating this piece.

In this article, I will discuss some of Pearl’s best tongue drums. Keep reading.

Best Pearl Steel Tongue Drum Review in [currentyear]

Pearl 9 Note Tongue Drum C Penta 10-In

Pearl is one of the biggest drum manufacturers in the world. The company has been building good drum sets for a long time, each of them with unique features.

Apart from building a high-end, affordable drum set, Pearl makes good percussion instruments, among them tongue drums.

Pearl 9 Note Tongue drum C Penta 10-in is among the best tongue drums on the market. It comes from the Awakening series in the C Penta mode. It comes in 10-in hardened steel, with nine cut tongues with great precision.

These tongues offer great consistency in tuning. Their pure, soothing sounds from the Awakenings Series let you tune into your surroundings.  

The 9-in-diameter hardened steel shell gives them a great performance. It also has three rubber isolation feet that keep it steady on the ground.

The rubber mallets included make it easy for you to play as you wish. If you don’t want to play with your fingers; therefore, try working your way around with mallets, and the feeling will never change. Another cool feature is the burst lacquer finish. This great feature allows you to play on a beautiful piece.

The drum looks great from the first impression. You can surely love it from the start because it is made with great attractiveness.

Besides, the drum is made from the best materials in the world. This means it’s strong and will easily adjust to the surrounding environment after being tuned.

Coming from Pearl and at a great price, there is nothing much to complain about this piece. You will feel happy with your investment.

Brown Pearl Tongue Drum

Pearl has made some of the best tongue drums in their Awakening series. Each one of them is made with unique features that deliver great sounds and functionality.

The Brown Pearl Tongue drum from the Note 8 line is not different. This drum features a 10-inch hardened steel shell with eight precise laser-cut tongues. These tongues make sure you get accurate and consistent tuning.

I have never heard a tongue drum that sounds as good as this one in terms of sound. It gives out a pure soothing sound common with the Awakening Series.

You can tune this drum with your surroundings; letting you play unique sounds only makes you feel relaxed. This drum will bring peace if you have trouble with emotional control. It is designed to calm you down whenever you feel stressed.

Pearl is one of the biggest and most trusted drum companies globally. It is, therefore, no shock that this tongue drum is very popular.

Pearl Awakening Series Steel Tongue Drum

How much do you know about steel tongue drums? Well, one of them is clearly becoming very popular, and Pearl has taken the lead in making them.

Tongue drums are called so because of their top areas, shaped like tongues. As a result, you get a wonderful blend of tones and more fun.

Pearl calls their line of the tongue drums the ‘Awakening Series.’ There are six drums in this series, each made with unique features and tonal values that can be easily identified.

In this series, you get three 8-note and three 9-note drums tuned to various pentatonic scales. And therefore, the kit has everything you will need to feel the unique sound of a steel tongue drum.

Pearl donates a part of these drums to The Rhythm in Arts Program (TRAP). The program plays a vital role in educating individuals with Intellectual Development.

Disability as well as young children. Their aim is to help them develop a unique methodology that combines rhythm as a way to gain basic life skills. This extends into reading, writing, and arithmetic.

The six pentatonic options make this the most versatile series of drums. Also, the package includes an optional drum bag, which can be purchased separately.

It also comes with one pair of mallets. Pearl makes these drums with the best materials, which makes them strong and worth your investment.

Pearl PMTD8GM687 8 Note Tongue Drum G Major

The first tongue drum I ever played was a Pearl PMTD87 8 Note Tongue Drum G Major. This piece offers a great soothing sound that can only be found on the best drum.

It is made from a 10-inch diameter hardened steel shell, which makes them incredibly sweet-sounding and durable. These drums have a quality sound.

They feature eight precisely cut tongues. Each tongue produces a unique sound, which is why they are widely appreciated. The key is in the G major scale. There are eight in total cut with precision to ensure accurate tuning and consistency.

I have always loved the pure, soothing sounds of the Awakening series, and this piece delivers nothing less. You can tune them for any environment, and they will come out strong.

Another great feature is that they come with rubber mallets, which you can use to play unique tunes if you don’t want to play with your hands. I am more of a hands-on person, and so the mallets don’t excite me very much.

Pearl uses the best materials on the market to make their drums. And this is why you can be sure this piece with serving you for a long time.

Pearl Tongue Drum (PMTD9LYDF/690)

Very few companies know what to do when it comes to the best tongue drum drums. And Pearl is one of these companies. Each tongue drum I have used from the company delivered what it was meant for and much more.

Pearl’s Tongue drum PMTD9LYDF/690 is one of those instruments you can play for a long time without feeling tired. It is made from the best material with incredible features that offer a soothing tone.

This drum is made with a 10-inch hardened steel shell that is durable as it is good sounding. It features nice precise laser-cut tongues that deliver accurate and precise tuning.

The nine notes are tuned in the C Lydian scale with G, A, C, B, G, E, C, D, and F# notes. This is a very good scale with a wide range of musical sounds.

In the package are rubber mallets included for those who are not very comfortable with their hands? Playing with either mallets or hands delivers the same results.

The Awakening Series is known for its pure and soothing sounds, which can work with any environment. They are accurate and consistent tuning, another feature worth noting. It seems Pearl has not left anything to chance in ensuring the user gets all the sounds they desire from this piece.

Pearl Snare Drum (PMTD9CPTF691)

The Pearl Awakening series comes to me as the market standard for beautiful tongue drums. And this PMTD9CPTF 691 snare drum is no different.

As you may already know, the snare is one of the most important drum accessories set pieces. But that is just for the normal drum set.

What if you can get and small snare in the form of a tongue drum that you can play with your hands? Well, that is what Pearl is promising here.

This Pearl 9-note awakening series tongue drum is tuned in C mode. It comes with a 10-inch hardened shell that will serve you for a long time.

The nine precise cut tongues are G, A, C, B, G, C, D, F. They are all made to sound soothing in any environment.

The drums come with a pair of mallets included for easy playing. If you are not comfortable with using your hands, this could be one addition you will find very useful.

It delivers the pure, soothing sounds of the Awakenings series. Each aspect is designed for accurate and consistent tuning, which is one feature you will always appreciate in a steel drum.

Coming from Pearl, you can trust the quality of this product. You can never go wrong with the soothing sound of a good tongue drum.

Pearl Snare Drum (PMTD9AKBF692)

Pearl has never been disappointed with any of its products. Their Awakenings series of tongue drums come with the perfect sound of soothing music. The Pearl Snare Drum PMTD9AKBF692 belongs to this series.

It is a 9-note drum tuned in C Ake Bono mode featuring a 10-inch hardened steel shell. Nine precise laser tongues are cut on the shell, delivering accurate and consistent tuning.

I have always loved the pure, soothing sounds of the Awakenings. You can tune them in any surroundings, and they will turn the place into the perfect environment you want.

The hardened steel makes them strong enough to be used for a very long time.

This snare drum is tuned in note C Ake Bono scale with G, C, EB, D, AB, EB, C, D, and G keys. This key is quite useful in setting a good environment for soothing music.

Rubber mallets have been included so that you can play easily if you are not comfortable with your hands.

Another beautiful feature is the Purple Burst Lacquer finish with a raw brushed metal top. It makes the drum look so pretty you can set them anywhere in your percussion setup, and they will still stand out.

Frequently asked questions

What is a tongue drum used for?

The tongue drum is used for producing notes played on the slits and made from the top part of the steel case. They are tuned on a diatonic tone and are easy to make music on. Even a beginner will enjoy playing music on these pieces.

Where did the steel tongue drum originate?

Even though the steel tongue drum seems like a new idea, a form of its nature has been in use for a very long time. It is a wooden version made by Aztecs, called the S log drum, or tone drum.
Another similar instrument has its roots in Africa. Today, steel tongue drums come as the modern version of the drums, fueled by Dennis Havlena.

Who invented the steel tongue drum?

Tongue drums are an invention of Dennis Havlena – this is his youtube Channel. In February 2007, Dennis Havlena, inspired by Tambiro’s physics and Hang’s tonal arrangement, created a steel tongue cylinder with a circular cross-pattern arrangement from an empty 20-pound propane tank. The name “Hank Drum” comes from the combination of “Hang” and “tank”.

Why are they called tongue drums?

They are called tongue drums because of the tongue-like feature on their surface. They are not very old inventions, yet it feels as though they have been around for a long time.
Its name comes from the slits cut into the steel for producing notes. They are shaped like a tongue.

When was the tongue drum invented?

Dennis Havlena invented the steel tongue drum in 2007. He first named his invention a “Hank Drum.”
Although he is fiercely opposed to commercially producing them himself, he is happy that he invented them. And he continued to invent new and better instruments.


A steel tongue drum is not a drum per se but is used as such. And Pearl has been at the forefront of producing them commercially. Tongue drum lessons can help you grow your style and rhythm.

These drums have become very popular because of their soothing sounds.