Carlsbro Commander 500

The market is full of electronic drum kit manufacturers today. And you are probably wondering which one could be a worthy investment.

One thing you can be sure of is that the brand’s reputation matters. Hence, the best way to choose an e-drum kit is by considering the manufacturer.

On that note, Carlsbro is one of the most trusted brands around. They have been on the market for several years now, offering high-quality, affordable kits.

Most of their products may not be as good as Roland’s or Yamaha’s, but they will get the job done.

One excellent product is the popular Carlsbro CSD electronic drum set Let’s find out if it’s that good.

Carlsbro CSD 500 Review

I had never used the CSD500 before. So, I went online to find some information about the kit.

It’s hard to find reviews from users unless the ones are from the brand itself. I decided to get one specifically for this review.

Generally, the Carlsbro CSD 500 8-piece electronic mesh head drum kit is an excellent solution for beginners. But if you are looking for a more professional sound, I suggest you go check out Alesis, Yamaha, and Roland drum kits.

Perhaps the Carlsbro CSD 500 could be good for junior beginners. It’s an 8-piece complete kit with everything you need to start playing.

The mesh heads are a great feature at this price range. Most beginner kits come with plastic heads, which are not as good and durable as mesh heads.

If you just want a practice kit or are tight on budget, this kit could be a good choice.

Here are some options on the market:

Carlsbro CSD 500 Mesh Compact Electronic Drum Kit with Rechargeable Sound Module

The CSD 500 is an 8-piece e-drum kit connected to the new 500 modules. From the box, you get a sound module, five mesh drum pads or the bass drum, a dual-zone snare, and three dual-zone toms, and three cymbals.

The Carlsbro csd500 module comes with 12 user-defined kits, 29 present drum kits, 358 quality percussion voices. You also get 20 demo songs, three-band EQ, and 2 reverb settings.

There are excellent features for a beginner kit.

The module

Carlsbro has connected this kit around the Commander 500 Sound module. It’s a rechargeable device with great features.

Its internal rechargeable battery boasts 4400mAh, with eight working hours. That means you can use it for a while without an external power supply.

It’s an excellent addition to the increasing popularity of Carlsbro kits.

This module could be good for both live performance and studio recording. It comes at a great value, and perhaps that is the most attractive feature.

On the module, you get:

• A good LCD

• 358 quality percussion voices, 29 preset and 12, user-defined drum kits

• 20 demo songs

• Aux, line out, headphone out, USB/MIDI in/out

• Record and playback capability

• The metronome

• Hi-hat ctrl support splash


I wouldn’t say I liked the onboard kits; it sounds pretty dull. They are a bit dry and too obvious.

But that does not mean they are bad. It all depends on your needs and taste.

The mesh pads offer an excellent rebound for high-quality sound. It does not sound anything close to an acoustic kit, but it’s better than most beginner kits at this price.


• An affordable 8-piece kit

• It comes with everything you need to start playing

• Durable

• Mesh heads produce good sound


• It lacks a professional touch

Carlsbro CSD500 8-Piece Mesh Head Electronic Drum Kit

The Carlsbro CSD500 Mesh Electronic Drum Kit has become a favorite choice for many drummers. The 8-piece kit comes with 5 drum pads and 3 cymbals pads.

The main reason anyone would consider this kit is because Carlsbro is a reputable brand. Many drummers acknowledge their products, not only because they are good but because they are affordable too.

The Carlsbro CSD500 electronic mesh head kit carries some remarkable features for its price range. It’s good for live performance or studio recording.


When choosing an electronic drum kit, it’s the sounds that matter the most. Carlsbro has tried to make it worth your money by including high-quality percussion and drum kits.

This kit is suitable for practice as it comes with 20 built-in songs.

All kits are mesh, with dual-zone snare drum and hi-hat pads. Hence, they don’t suck as much as some other beginner kits.

It comes with Carlsbro Commander 500 sound module, packed with 29 preset drum kits, 358 percussion voices, 20 demo songs, and 12 user-defined drum kits. These are good features for a beginner.


• This kit offers great value-for-money function

• A good beginner kit with mesh heads

• Durable and remarkable sound


• Not many reviews

The Carlsbro CSD 500 mesh heads drum kit is a good beginner e-kit. But I would not recommend it for professional use.

Carlsbro Commander 500

The Carlsbro Commander 500 drum module is an excellent device for making good music. It comes with some of the best features for its price range.

The first thing you will notice is the module’s excellent construction. You can tell right away that it’s a useful brain.

If you have been using an electronic drum kit for a long, then the module is the most important piece. You cannot operate without it.

Besides, it’s the module that defines the type of sound that comes from the pads.

For the price, I would say the Carlsbro Commander 500 does a pretty fine job.

Its features include:

• A wide LCD display

• 358 high-quality percussion voices

• 29 preset drum kits

• 12-user defined kits

• 20 demo songs

• And Aux-in jack, line output, headphone output, USB interface, and USB to device MIDI in/out.

It comes with a Carlsbro Commander 500 manual for easy setup.

The module also features a recording and playback facility, adjustable sensitivity and crosstalk, metronome, 3 -band EQ, 2 reverb settings, hi-hat ctrl support splash, and it supports double bass drum pedal.

Carlsbro Mesh Snare

The Carlsbro dual-zone mesh snare pad offers a wonderful performance. The heads are designed to sound, respond and feel as close to acoustic drum heads as possible.

Hence, this snare drum is not a bad choice to include in your setup. Besides, it comes with a generous playing surface.

The snare delivers an authentic articulation and versatility that is not common at this price range. Also, you can adjust the heads with a drum key to your preferred tension.

With CSD500 buy online services, you can easily get the whole kit and enjoy its sounds. It’s not a very expensive drum set, which makes it ideal for beginners.