Drum Cymbals Tips




Mehteran Cymbals: Best Cymbals Selection in 2024

Mehteran Cymbals is a special selection of cymbals with their unique sound, rich basses, and loud sounds at competitive prices. Also, these cymbals feature low frequencies at high intensity. They produce higher to lower-middle tones with sharp sticking techniques. When played aggressively, it is a remarkable and striking experience. Cymbals are one of the most

What Are Drum Cymbals?

Before we go any further, let’s begin with the basics. Understanding what drum cymbals are is key to making the right choices when you decide to purchase them. Find out here => what are the Best Drum Cymbals for professional drummers A cymbal is a common percussion instrument. It is one of the most important

What is the best brand of cymbals?

Before we get into the main idea, I thought it would be wise to introduce a few of the best brands the cymbal market has today. This will help you compare easily or choose the best cymbals by considering who makes them. There are four leading cymbal brands. Zildjian Zildjian is one of the oldest