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Mehteran Cymbals: Best Cymbals Selection in [currentyear]

Mehteran Cymbals is a special selection of cymbals with their unique sound, rich basses, and loud sounds at competitive prices. Also, these cymbals feature low frequencies at high intensity. They produce higher to lower-middle tones with sharp sticking techniques. When played aggressively, it is a remarkable and striking experience.

Cymbals are one of the most critical parts of your kit that can make or break your sound. The best cymbals for you depend on what kind of music you play and your taste. As such, we have compiled a range of favorite handcrafted cymbals based on tone, resonance, and sound.

Are Mehteran Cymbals Any Good?

The Mehteran Cymbal collection is an exclusive and unique selection of handcrafted cymbals from some of the most talented drummers worldwide. If you want to drum up a little excitement, nothing can beat the Mehteran cymbals as the markets involve cymbal fabrication. Mehteran cymbal castings use only B-20 metal and are 100 percent handmade, quality products.

In addition, Mehterancare representatives provide excellent customer service creating a better business environment. Most importantly, they treat partners and clients equally. It is no wonder the Meheteran company has maintained a bright image of trust over the years. 

Best Mehteran Cymbals Review [currentyear]


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Amazon Cymbals are manufactured in Turkey and offer authentic Turkish cymbals and the best innovation of modern times. Amazon combines traditional sounds with progressions, allowing it to dominate the market since its inception.

In addition, it’s made extra dry and created from new-age Turkish alloy. Therefore, Amazon cymbals give you the flare of traditional Turkish sounds along with their innovative approach to modern music. As such, it is one of the best brands for accessories to choose from today.


  • They are affordable
  • They give brilliant sound
  • They are loud
  • They are crisp 


  • They are not so durable


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The Ayasofya cymbals designs provide the best performance for all drummers. They are made with B20 bronze, copper, tin, and zinc alloy. Also, its bright tone has a significant presence in any style of music. The cymbals also have a brilliant sound combined with excellent musicality.

In addition, they come in a range of various sizes. Therefore, they are suitable for any drum set.


  • They boast great attention to detail
  • They produce vivid and high-quality sound
  • Their stick rebound is good
  • Their perfect finish makes them beautiful


  • They are more expensive than other handmade models


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These cymbals produce an effect like a “snap” with a no-stick sound, hence the name Dry Cymbals. The stroke features a drumstick handle and produces a clear and brilliant sound.

In addition, these musical pieces produce extremely sharp cymbal sounds. They also feature a light playing style. A very distinctive cymbal sound, with a pronounced attack and long sustain, the Mehteran is often heard in orchestral or drum solo settings.


  • Lightweight
  • Produce sharp and dry sounds
  • They have a higher pitch
  • They feature a beautiful finish


  • Easily breakable, thin cymbals tend to warp


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In Turkey, FX Mehteran Cymbals are handmade cymbals using pure gong bronze, recycled scrap cymbal shells, and old broken cymbals. Playing on FX Mehteran Cymbals is much more brilliant, livelier, and powerful than other Cymbals, mostly made of inferior materials.

FX Mehteran Cymbals are 100% hand-produced and have different specifications. Additionally, FX cymbals do not contain any harmful and cheap alloys as nickel.


  • They are made of durable alloy
  • They are heavier compared to other Turkish Cymbals
  • They are versatile
  • FX Cymbals are 100% hand-produced


  • There are slight irregularities on the surface of the cymbal. 


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These Mehteran cymbals are just about the best general-purpose all-around cymbals you could ever imagine. They’ve got a swift attack with plenty of volumes yet still provide enough warmth for most applications.

The cymbals are also noisy enough to provide the desired effect in most situations, even when used with other cymbals. Also, they’re very versatile and can work in various musical situations. They’ve got a very energetic and explosive response, with a quick decay to prevent over-ringing.


  • Great all-purpose cymbals
  • Medium to loud volume
  • Excellent stick response
  • Lots of character


  • Not exactly suited for incredibly soft play


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If you’re looking for a cymbal to play jazz on, the Mehteran Jazz series is what you want. Jazz Mehteran is known for its bright tones, thin weight, and quick response. 

These cymbals are best played with brushes and produce a delicate bell sound that is great for jazz music or any other style that requires subtlety in its performance. This Mehteran gives its user that perfect balance of speed, durability, and playability.


  • They are thin weight
  • They provide quick response 
  • They are durable
  • They are famous for bright jazz tones production


  • They are costly compared to other mehteran own brand cymbals 


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The LOTUS Mehteran Cymbals are all handmade by master artisans. They have a bright tone with a soft feel to the sound, making them ideal for jazz music with lots of high drum beats and riqs

The design is similar to some Mehteran cymbals, with small circles instead of flat ones. They also make good cymbals for people learning the ropes because they are easier to play with a soft feel and a lighter weight.


  • They are lightweight
  • Their design features pretty small circles
  • They are easier to play for beginners


They are more expensive 


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These cymbals are known for their great looks. The RAIN Mehteran Cymbal series has a very quick, musical, bright ping that easily cuts through everything else in your mix. These cymbals have excellent warm sustain and great musicality.

If you want to be creative with these Mehteran cymbals, you can place them in the middle of a song that features other instruments playing softly and then shake/move them around to create water sounds for extra effect.


  • They produce a unique rain sound
  • They can complement other sounds easily
  • They are durable


  • They require skills to play 


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The SAHRA Mehteran Cymbals are specially designed cymbals with an added stabilizer ring. It creates the optimum sound and feels for light drum beats in Turkish classical music.

The design of these Mehteran cymbals makes them perfect for solos and gives a classical and traditional tone to the music. In addition, they come in rich colors to make them attractive and vibrant.


  • You can choose a set based on your musical preferences
  • They are all handmade by experienced Mehtar artisans
  • They are durable and require very little maintenance


  • They are not as light as other cymbals 


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The X-dry series of cymbals are handmade in Turkey, all from one sheet of brass. They have a bright and smooth sound with rich overtones that do not blend into the sound too much. These cymbals produce soft or loud sounds without losing their tone. 

Moreover, these top cymbals in the Mehteran series range from thin and crispy to thick and deep. These cymbals, available in a large selection, are a hit with beginners and seasoned musicians. 


  • Thick cymbals create a rich sound
  • Brighter tone
  • Good for all settings
  • Suitable for a variety of styles


  • Not as loud as other cymbals

Deep Dry

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Deep Dry Mehteran Cymbals are best known for their vibrant tone and balanced sound. They feature the most tonal characteristics paired with durability. 

They are especially great for frequent drummers and deliver a clear bell-like sound that lasts long at the perfect mid-level volume. 

This Mehteran is a sharp cymbal, which pairs best with a sturdy beater. It also has a higher concentration of alloy, making the cymbals more durable and withstand fast play.


  • A clear bell-like sound that lasts long
  • Vibrant tone and balanced sound
  • 100% handmade by cymbal smith
  • Bade of B-20 metal cymbal formation process


  • A slightly smaller cymbal produced by Mehteran


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The Ottoman Military Band once used these Zebra cymbals. The name comes from the way they look, resembling zebra stripes. They can differ in weight and crash-ability depending on the lathing. 

However, these cymbals are more suited for rock and heavy music than traditional Turkish music. But, they can be used in any style, whether it is jazz or Indian classical music.


  • It has a very high sound
  • It is effortless to use
  • They are perfect for both jazz and Turkish classical music
  • The zebra design brings an attractive feature to the set 


  • They are pricey 


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You can tell the origin of these Mehteran cymbals from their name. They are all made with a softer material to produce a smooth tonality and more extended resonance. 

Moreover, they have a long ring time and require more control. These cymbals are more versatile and can be applicable in many different ways. They have a similar but slightly lighter weight than the X-BELL Mehteran Cymbals.


  • Long resonance
  • Smoother tonality
  • Versatile cymbals
  • They feature durable lathing so they will not breakfast


  • Requires more effort to control them


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These Mehteran cymbals are named after the sunken city of Atlantis. They look like a lotus flower from the side and have a wide range of sounds. If you want a bright Mehteran cymbal that projects easily and can be heard above other instruments and vocals, these are the Mehteran cymbals for you. They are usable in both jazz and traditional music.


  • Very bright sounding
  • Wide variety of sounds, including dark sounds
  • It is usable in both jazz and traditional Turkish music
  • Very easy to hear over other instruments


  • Not suitable for slower or quieter songs


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The Natural Mehteran Cymbals are all traditionally made by hand. They are less polished than other Mehteran Cymbals, so they have a rougher surface and look worn out. 

But don’t be deceived! The rough surface makes them have an intense tone to the sound. They are perfect for any music but work great in Turkish music, which features many bass drum beats and riqs during solos.


  • Deep Tone
  • They are highly durable with proper care 
  • They are versatile 
  • They are 100% hand made 


  • Not as shiny or elegant looking as other Mehteran cymbals


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X-BELL Mehteran cymbals are the brightest sounding cymbals. If you want a Mehteran cymbal that can cut through other instruments and vocals, these are the ones for you. 

They have a very similar weight to the Atlantis Mehteran cymbals, and they work well in both jazz and classical music. In addition, they are very sturdy and difficult to break. Most importantly, they are by far the most durable Mehteran cymbals, and they will last long.


  • Brilliant sound quality 
  • Sturdy
  • Cuts through other instruments
  • Suitable for both jazz and classical music


  • They are pretty expensive compared to other Mehteran cymbals.


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A Gong Mehteran cymbal has the traditional shape, but it also features two small “horns” at either side, which makes them resemble gongs. 

They are very soft, dark Mehteran cymbals. However, they do not give as much volume as other Mehteran cymbals, but they have excellent tone quality. When these Mehteran cymbals are used in Turkish Classical Music, they create a very pure and soft sound.


  • They are beautiful
  • They are durable
  • They have a unique traditional design


  • They are very soft, so they do not give out much volume

Mehteran Cymbals Buyers Guide: What To Consider? 

When buying your first pack of cymbals, keep several things in mind. 

First off, you should think about your purpose for the purchase. Are these for gigs? Are they for general practice? Can they be used as part of a more advanced drum kit arrangement (a double-bass setup or pedals)? 

If you want a good set of cymbals, you shouldn’t buy them in haste since they are an essential asset when it comes down to your drumming performance.

Next, you need to know what style or sound you’re going for. Do you want a more modern, cutting sound? Or are you going for something that has more of a classic ring to it? You also might be looking for that trashy, wet-sounding Chinese cymbal, the type that makes any drummer turn their head

Lastly, consider what you’re willing to spend. It is a big part of what makes drumming difficult for beginners–you’ll frequently find yourself wanting something, but you won’t have the funds to buy it. However, the good news is that there’s a wide variety of mehteran cymbals, so there will always be exclusive offers for you at reasonable prices.


If you want to add a touch of Mehteran magic into your drumming, then these are some of the best cymbals for you. Not only do Mehteran cymbals sound great, but they are also incredibly durable. They come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and a big cymbal range. So, there’s something to meet everyone’s needs.

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