Gregg Bissonette – A Drummer for The World

Born on June 9, 1959, Gregg Bissonette is one of the best drummers in the world today.  A native of Detroit, Michigan, Gregg grew up in a musical family. His brother Matt was a bassist, while his dad was a bandleader. This setup assured him all the exposure he needed to play drums and become the great musician we know today.

Gregg Bissonette started playing drums at a very early age. His passion for drum started as he watched his family band play. He studied at North Texas State, where he appeared on the famous “One O’Clock Jazz Band.” It was an excellent opportunity for him to test his skills and explore new ideas that would make him a better drummer. After college, he joined Matt in Maynard Ferguson Big Band, where he continued to grow inexperience.

Gregg Bissonette
Gregg Bissonette

Even though he came from a musical family, his dedication and hard work built his career. He is one of the few drummers in the world who always knows what they want and will stop at nothing to get it. Also, his personality lets him fall in easily with any group he joins. And that is something you will not easily get today. 

Gregg relocated to Los Angeles in the ‘80s, where he experienced a whole new environment. His ability fitted into a wide range of musical needs. With that, he had all the tools he needed to grow rapidly as one of the best session drummers in the city.

He always had an eye for greatness. And so, he worked hard every hard to perfect his drumming, learning speed and control as the foundation of good drumming. The drummer has performed and recorded with an incredible variety of artists. He has done a lot with Santana, Joe Satriani, Don Henley, Hans Zimmer, Keiko Matsui, Carole King, Enrique Iglesias, David Lee Roth, Tribute to Jeff Porcaro, and Steve Vai, just to mention a few.

There are very few drummers in the world who have created such a good profile. Gregg takes every opportunity he gets to build a name for himself, and he has always succeeded. In terms of style, Gregg is a versatile drummer who understands the ins and outs of the music industry. He can play anything from top jazz, pop, funk to hip hop, metal to soft rock, and he will fit in all of them perfectly.

Gregg Bissonette Performing
Gregg Bissonette Performing

One of the best moments was when he was invited to perform with the Buddy Rich Big Band on Rich’s Memorial Concert CD project. It was a moment that opened a whole new world of opportunities for him. His drumming skills were so impressive they steered the project to success.

In recent times, Gregg has worked on his solo career, producing Gregg Bissonnette and Submarine albums.  His trademark comes from his power and a drumming style filled with inspiration. Whether soloing, working as a bandleader, or a sideman, the drummer does not fail to deliver. He has always been an impressive performer across genres, playing with enthusiasm and passion.

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