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Jason Bittner was born on January 11, 1970, in Niskayuna, New York. He is an American drummer, best known for his work with Shadows Fall. He has worked on many records and live performances with the American metal band, which have earned him a spot on the list of the best drummers. 

Jason Bittner started playing drums at a very early age. He was inspired by listening to some of the best brands deliver their performance live and over the radio.  He then started learning the skills, with versatility as the main driving force.  And with hard work and dedication, Jason found himself playing for a wide range of bands.

Jason Bittner
Jason Bittner

He has played drums for New Jersey Thrash Legends, Overkill from 2017. With his experience, it’s not hard to find a band that yearns for his services. The drummer also played with thrash metal bands Toxik (from 2013 to 2014) and Flotsam And Jetsam (From April 2014 to April 2017).

Jason is a talented drummer. He has won many awards, including the Modern Drummer Magazine reader poll for #1 Up and Coming Drummers of 2004 and 2005. And in 2005, he received the #1 Best Recorded Performance award for his Shadows Fall album, The War Within. Other awards include # Metal Drummer 2005/2006, #2 Clinician DRUM! magazine 2011, and several others.

When it comes to drumming, a drummer is recognized for his unique style. In this case, Jason uses tight playing combined with extensive skill with double bass and his speed. He also can play complex patterns at high speeds, something that many drummers can only dream of. Furthermore, Jason is a versatile drummer, familiar with a wide range of drumming, including Latin and jazz.

Jason may have shown interest in music at an early age, but it was not until he started taking formal lessons until ten years of age. Like any other successful drummer today, he started playing on anything he could find. He says, “had it not been for hitting pots, pans, and garbage cans since I was five….”

Jason Bittner Performing
Jason Bittner Performing

He continued to take his classes from Linton high school middle school while performing at the same time. Then, he was living in Schenectady, New York. He had many chances to perform jazz and orchestra ensembles for the school before joining Berklee College of music in 1988 to pursue his dreams. A year later, he left Berklee to gain more experience in the field. And through the 80s and early 90s, he was a member of various metal and hard rock bands.

Jason joined Toxik in 2013 as their new drummer. But he was not as productive there as he had hoped for as a touring drummer – he left. He joined Flotsam and Jetsam in December 2014 as their new drummer. He was with the band for three years before joining Overkill in 2017 to replace Ron Lipnicki on the drums. He wanted to concentrate fully on Overkill, and hence, left his former band. Jason Bittner is a great drummer, filled with energy and ideas for every project he works on. His work is an inspiration.

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