Music Production

Best DAW Buying Guide and Review of 2022

What is the best DAW on the market today? That’s a question that has been asked so many times. This is why I decided to write this guide for you, to help your choice when in the process to find the best option for you. Home recording started way back in the 90s. Before then,

Best Drum Samples For You

13 Best Drum Samples Selection for you in 2022

Drum sample libraries are the best way to create original music. You can choose the sounds you like, change the way you feel and create unique sounds for your music. Sooooo… If you’re like me, then you’re always on the lookout for new drum samples to use in your music projects. Whether you’re a producer,

Play A Drum

21 Easy songs to play on drums

Getting your hands on a drum stick brings out certain goodness in the heart. Getting the right beat, with some incredible beats, can be the best way to enjoy life with easy songs to play on drums. However, this will not be good, especially if you are a beginner unless you play with simple to

Drum Recording

Free Chord Plugins Best Review

If you are looking to create a beautiful music production, there are several factors you need to put into consideration. Some of these factors include sound quality, pitch, rhythm, sound texture, and melody. Apart from these, creating a perfect chord for your music production is perhaps an important consideration. You may have the best music

Playing Drum

17 Facts About Drums that you Should know

If you are a drum enthusiast, you may only know how are drums played. But did you know there could be so many facts about drums that you don’t know? Well, in this article I will be talking about 17 facts about drums type you probably didn’t know about. Continue reading. Who invented the drums?

Drumming 3

Best Drum Plugins For You in 2022

Today’s drum samples music is dominated by different drummer technology in terms of software. And the term ‘drum samples machine’ has taken on a wider meaning. It now combines everything from emulations of vintage drum kits beatboxes and new in devices they inspire drummer, to complete multi-channel groove production drum machines containing highly sophisticated like

Captain Chords

Best Chord progression VST Best Review of 2022

I recently came across someone asking if there were a VST scale for chord progressions on I liked some of the answers that came out because they revealed a high level of expertise from the participants. One says, “I found a plugin for Ableton-J74 Progressive that allows the user to create chords using one

Pearl Vision Drums Birch

When did the Pearl Vision Drums come out?

Pearl Vision Drums Blue Pearl is one of the oldest drum manufacturers in the world. They have been creating all solutions covering entry-level to professional products. The Pearl Visions Drums series is among the top-line drum sets from the brand. They were introduced in 2008 with a process that included a large fanfare. Perhaps what

Roland Handsonic Hpd20 Use

Drumming: How to strengthen your left arm

Learning to drum is one of the most challenging things. Some people will tell you it is easy, but trust me, you need to be ready to give in all your best. Apart from learning metronomes and time signature, it is vital to learn proper coordination.  Also, the way you handle the sticks in both

Human Vocals

Best Autotune Plugin selection in 2022

The term autotune plugins will become very common in 2020. This could be due to the outbreak that has left many shows closed. So, what is the Best Autotune Plugin in ? But it is not a new term in the music industry. There are a lot of artists who have been using it in

Alesis Dm10 Mkii

Alesis DM10 MKII User Guide

Alesis DM10 MKII Pro: How to Change Drum Set The Alesis is among the best entry-level electronic drum sets on the market. However, it is not well sounding.  Its module is pretty functional. Hence, instead of getting another kit, changing the drum set may be a better option.  The dual-zone drums are vital for those

Using Keyboard

Best Drum games Online Using Keyboard

Learning and playing drums rhytm can be great fun. But you need something, to begin with, right? And for many people, it is drums. But what if you can start learning drums without a drum set? Or better still, play drums without having to use any physical drums. Well, it is possible. All you need

Drumming 1

20 Best Beginner Drum Songs of 2022

You need a suitable song when playing drums, especially as a beginner. There are a ton of songs in the world that you can use. And that is where the problem is. The choice is too wide; it becomes overwhelming. Sometimes getting the right song seems like a long trail on a steep slope. But

Beginners Play Drums

Best Easy Drum Songs to Practice on Drums

Playing easy drum songs is not only fun. It has been proven that it has health benefits too. Hence, you don’t need to play easy drum songs just for performance purposes. But if you are keen on improving your drum skills and making the most of your drumming tunes, you need serious practice on a

Play The Drum

Best Online Drum Lessons in 2022

So, you want to learn drums, right? Well, this should not always leave a hole in your pocket. And it does not even have to be loud. Drums are great fun. If you look at anyone playing drum, you can almost envy how much fun they are having by playing the drum. But don’t think

Drumming Tab

How To Read Drum Tabs

Learn how to read drum tabs can be a lot of fun. But it goes beyond just knowing how to hit the drum heads to produce good sound. The music sheets for drums are necessary for figuring out how to play parts of your favorite songs on a drum. With so much to learn in

How to Tune A Drum Set for Jazz?

No matter how you want your drums to sound, the tuning process is fairly the same. But if you are not sure where to begin, don’t worry. I will show you how to tune a jazz drum set. Start by resting the drum head over the shells’ bearing edges and place the hoop over the

Drum Tunning 2

A guide to Drum Tuning

Playing drums is more than just hitting them with a stick. You need to tune your drums properly and train your ear to capture the right sounds at all times. But you cannot start using tuning directly just with your ear. It takes a lot of time to train this. Luckily, many instruments can help

Drum Rhythm

How to learn Rhythm

I was going through some comments on online music forums. There is this gentleman who says he has been teaching acoustic guitar to a high school kid. He says the kid seemed to have been progressing well with his hands, except for the Rhythm. And he was bland enough to say the student had no rhythm.

100 Drummer Drumming

Best Drum Backing Tracks for Hip Hop, Blues, Rock, Funk

You are performing on stage, and you need some backing tracks, right? Well, you need to understand how the systems work before doing what you need. Some people call it playback rig, backing tracks player, playback systems, tracks machine, and many other names. And whatever you think it is, I will be taking you through