Drum Tips: How to Guides for Drummers

In this section of Zero to Drum all the Best Guides of How to Play the Drums and learn how to get better at what you love: drumming! Looking for tips for beginner drummers? You are in the right place!



Fi Cleaning Cymbal

Best Way to Clean Drum Cymbals in 2023

Part of being a good drummer is knowing how to keep your components in check. And this means keeping everything safe from damages that come from too much dirt. Cymbals are a very important aspect of every drum set, and you want to make sure they are well protected. They can also be quite expensive,

Drum Circles

Best Drum Circle Drums in 2023

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sitting in a circle and playing drums with friends. It’s a great way to relax, have fun, and bond with others. But what makes a great drum circle drums? Here are our picks for the best drum circle drums in 2022: The Best Drums for Drum Circle Are

Best Cymbal For Recording

Best Cymbals for Recording Top Guide in 2023

Recording good sound is a major challenge for many drummers, especially from their cymbals. In my experience, I have noticed that more and more recordings are facing the problem of brittle-sounding cymbals. I was looking at some findings from experts on recording with cymbals, and they all agree this issue is not an easy one.

Best Drum Sound After A Joke

Best Drum Sound After a Joke

To make a drum sound after a joke, comedians typically use a rim shot; This is accomplished by striking the rim of a drum with a drumstick, causing the drum to emit a loud, sharp sound, and sometimes crash cymbal is also needed to end the sound effect. The sound produced by a rim shot

Step By Step To Mixing Drums

Complete Guide on How to Mix Drums Like a Pro in 2023

Drums are the backbone of most forms of music. They provide the beat and rhythm that hold everything together. If you’re looking to take your drumming skills to the next level, you need to learn how to mix drums like a pro. Mixing drums is about more than just pushing a few faders up and

Read Drum Note

Best Way to Write and Read Music Sheet for Drums 2023

In , learning to read and write music sheet for drums can be a valuable skill. Not only will it help you better understand the music that you are playing, but it can also give you a new level of control over your drum set. Drum music is written precisely, and by learning the basics

Christmas Songs

Best Drum Christmas Songs to Play in 2023

Christmas is a great time of year. Another thing that is great about Christmas is Christmas songs. Music is a big part of Christmas for most people, and Christmas songs are a great example of this. Spending time on Christmas with friends and family is a great way to spend Christmas. But it would be

Removing Drums From A Song

The Easier Way to Remove Drums from Song in 2023

In the next ten years, we’re going to see a significant change in how music is composed and performed. Extracting drums from songs will lead to a new music composition and performance era. Technological advancements will bring about this change in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Drummers should not worry since they’ll still play their

Guitar Vs Drums

Guitar vs Drums, Which Instrument is Best to Play in 2023?

There is no clear answer when deciding which musical instrument is best to play. Some people might gravitate towards the guitar because of its popularity, while others may prefer the drums because of their energetic sound. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what you want to get out of your music-making experience. The

Four To The Floor Bass Drum

Four on The Floor Beats Complete Guide in 2023

The creation of music cannot do any great without rhythm patterns. Rhythm gives the structure to the piece, without which the listener would have no way of knowing when to expect a change in pitch or volume. Beats can be anything, but on-beat and off-beat are the most common. On beats are accented beats that

Basic Drum Key

Drum Notation Best Guide in 2023

One of the best ways to improve your skills as a drummer is to learn drum notation.  You can use it to notate drums’ rhythms, melodies, and chord progressions. Drum notation can help you develop your timing, groove, and overall musicianship.  Although many people consider it a complex skill, drum notation is more straightforward than

Superior Drummer Vs Ezdrummer

Superior Drummer Vs EZDrummer, Which Is Better?

Both Superior Drummer Vs EZDrummer is incredible and professional platforms for recording projects. But there is always one that is better than the other. So, which one? In this guide, I will be making a comparison between the two tools. We want to find out which one is worth your investment. Generally, I will be

Can A Drum Set Fit In A Car 2

Words From A Drummer: Can A Drum Set Fit In A Car?

The transportation of a drum set from one gig to the other is a significant issue for drummers. Most beginners face difficulties because they haven’t been transporting the kit. Therefore, once a person starts performing away from his/her location, movement becomes an issue. When I was an amateur in the drumming industry, I was faced

Pacific Drums By Dw Pdp'S X7 Drum Set Lime Green Sparkle

Best Place To Buy Drum Sets Online In 2023

Buying a new drum set can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There are so many options when it comes to drum kits, and many great places to buy drums from. So what’s the place to buy drum sets in ? The online world has made shopping easy and convenient for many people.

Types Of Drums

Types of Drums: Best Drummer’s Guide in 2023

The drum is a percussion instrument that has been used for thousands of years. Many different drums are available today, which come in various sizes, shapes, sounds, and prices. If you are interested in learning how to play drums, you must first decide which type of drum you want to use. You must be interested

Cardio Drumming

Cardio Drumming Supplies

Drumming itself is a wonderful exercise. I have seen many people get excited behind the drumsticks, and they will be sweating profusely at the end of everything.   Today, you will see people using anything as drums, from bottle tops to pots and pans. You will meet many playing their drums on the street corners, some

Drum Practice Pad Hands On Drums

Best Drums Practice Exercises Set for Beginner

Drum practice is something drummers have to do if they want to improve their skills, develop new techniques, and become better at the drums. However, many beginners place too much pressure on themselves, which leads to frustration. That is why you must start slowly and learn drumming basics first, like practicing rudiments, then transition into

Percussionist Vs Drummer

Percussionist vs. Drummer, What’s The Difference?

The percussionist is like Genus biologically, while the drummer is species. The difference seen in these two terms (Genus and species) in this context means that a drummer is a percussionist, but a percussionist is not necessarily a drummer. A percussionist plays multiple percussion instruments, among which can be drums. On the other hand, the

Drumming Movies Whiplash Drummer

26 Drumming Movies: the most comprehensive list in 2023

Finding the best drumming movies for drum fanatics with a single internet search is challenging. Well, this is the Zero to Drum comprehensive listing of all the greatest drumming movies ever made, but there may be others elsewhere. Some of the best Drumming Movies of all time include Whiplash, Birdman, and Drumline. Each of these

Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz 4 Piece Drum

What Is A Jazz Drum Set?

A jazz drum set is a complete setup of drums, cymbals, and other percussion instruments used for jazz tunes. The sets are quite similar to a standard drum kit. But they show a massive and substantial difference from any other drum kit. Even if they are similar in a lot of parts, there are differences