Shure Srh840

When you’re looking for professional headphones that will fulfill your studio needs, what’s the best possible option out there?

Well, the truth is there are so many headphones out there that sound good and have a sturdy build. But not all of them are focused on studio monitoring or developed for professionals.

As a sound engineer, you will need the best headphone with professional audio quality, critical listening capabilities, good frequency response, and affordable prices.

When focusing on those audio qualities, Shure SRH840 professional monitoring headphones should be your next pair of headphones built for your studio audio needs and come with necessary accessories.

Why? Shure headphones have been one of the most trusted audio brands worldwide and innovators since 1925. And recently, they developed SRH840 professional monitoring headphones for monitoring and critical listening at the studio.

So before purchasing, if you’d like to know in-depth about Shure SRH840 professional headphones, please proceed to the following chapters of our review of this versatile mid-range Shure SRH840 Best Review in [currentyear].

Shure SRH840 Review of The Year

Shure SRH840 are professional headphones for producers, composers, mixers, or mastering engineers. They also work well at home with your computer and other sound sources. These headphones have been designed to deliver the best at all times regardless of what you listen to.

Additionally, you will get a carrying bag, extra pair of replacement ear pads, a gold plated adapter, and a detachable cable.

High-Frequency Drivers

SRH840 has a frequency response of 5 Hz – 25 kHz, providing the users with rich bass, clear mid-range, and extended highs. These drivers will offer clear audio quality over a wide range, making these headphones the best for studio recordings and critical listening.

Build Quality

SRH840 features sturdy build quality that is meant to last. They will not easily break when placed on a table, and they will not be damaged easily by repeated use in the studio. Because these headphones are plastic made with metal parts, they are pretty lightweight too. SRH840 also features a fully sealed design for moisture and dust resistance, making them great for long-term studio use.

Soft earpads

SRH840 is equipped with a soft, velvet-like ear cup made from premium materials. They will provide a comfortable fit for even the most sensitive users. The earpads are also padded for extra cushioning, making them lightweight and more comfortable to wear. Also, Shure SRH840 comes with an extra pair of replacement ear pads so that users can easily replace the worn-out ones.


  • The coiled detachable cable design is easier to manage for studio works.
  • Very comfortable without feeling bulky on the head.
  • The housing of Shure SRH840 is lightweight.
  • No ear fatigue after long hours of use.
  • The frequency response has excellent clarity for monitoring needs.


  • The headband becomes slippery after long-term usage.

If you are a studio engineer or just a music lover, you need to consider purchasing stock of the Shure SRH840 professional monitoring headphones. The Shure SRH840 Studio Headphone Review provides you with everything you need to know about these headphones.

Shure SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones

Shure SRH840 professional monitoring headphones provide precise, high-fidelity sound reproduction in the studio. Because of its excellent frequency range, the SRH840 offers the right balance of highs and lows to suit most studio recording work.

These headphones provide studios and audio engineers with great sound generation over various frequencies. The SRH840 is generally used for live sound applications and recording studios. You can also use these headphones for DJs or other applications that require a suitable noise canceling feature.

Additionally, Shure SRH840 Closed-back Pro Studio Monitor Headphones also produce great sounds. With their premium materials and quality construction, these heavy-duty studio monitor headphones provide a professional listening experience for music lovers and engineers in various studios across the world.

If you want to listen to new music tracks recently released by artists who have been on top charts all over the world, you should consider using SRH840 for critical listening in your recording studio. This pair of studio monitor headphones have a frequency response range from 5 kHz to 25 kHz, which means mid and high frequencies are perfect for listening to new music tracks. On top of that, the low-frequency drivers produce a deep bass that can make your speakers rumble when you play some heavy-sounding audio tracks.

Studio Headphones: Is The Shure SRH840 Recommended For Professional Studio Headphones?

The closed-back design of Shure SRH940s is quite unusual from most studio monitors, which are open-back designs. It eliminates sound leakage when you play an instrument at high volumes. This feature is perfect for music studios where professionals want to record and listen to their music without disturbing other people.

The well-designed earpads ensure that ambient noise does not reach your ears and offer a good amount of isolation from external noise and chatter. The over-the-ear headband design makes it comfortable even after long hours of use and allows users to control volume levels easily with a single hand while playing their instruments or listening to music in comfort.

SRH840 is also very lightweight, so users can wear them for long hours without having any trouble. The mounting option of these headphones is comfortable and helps users adjust them properly on their heads for better comfort and accurate sound. The included 3m cable length is long enough for a comfortable listening experience.

The frequency response of SRH840 is relatively moderate, considering this is a studio monitoring headphone. Overall, Shure SRH840 is recommended for professional studio work that sounds great too.

Sound Quality: Does Shure SRH840 Have Good Sound Quality?

Studio recording is an integral part of music production. Most of the recordings take place in professional studios and mastering studios. The audio quality is critical, especially for music that needs to be perfectly mixed with other instruments.

In this case, you need better performance from your speakers to ensure they can bring out clear, loud, and crisp sounds without being distorted by sudden volume swings and fluctuation in frequency response levels.

The first thing you will notice when you listen to SRH840 headphones is their meager impedance value. It makes it easy for them to properly drive any audio source from your system with proper volume levels.

Professionals can adjust the treble according to the specific needs needed for each instrument or audio track they are working on at that moment. On the other hand, they also offer a primary bass control that works great if you want to adjust the bass levels of your music. The right thumbwheel can easily access these two controls on the right ear cup.

Overall, Shure SRH840 has a quality sound that helps record audio tracks for professionals and beginners alike. The headset has plenty of versatility and can be used as monitoring headphones in studios. Whether recording music with your favorite instrument or listening to your favorite songs, SRH840 will give you what you need.

Ear Pads: Does The Shure SRH840 Have Comfortable Ear Pads?

One of the essential features of the best headphones is earpads. Earpads of Shure SRH840 are made from leather and plastic, providing comfort and overall protection to your ears, especially if you spend long hours wearing them. SRH840 offers padding that is comfortable and well-cushioned yet sturdy enough to maintain its form and structure under all kinds of weather conditions.

The luxurious padding ensures that the SRH840 will be ideal for long hours of listening, even after long sessions in noisy environments. The padding also adds to their durability because it prevents damage caused by dust, sweat, or other harmful elements.

Overall, SRH840 is well-designed with comfortable ear cushions that help users stay focused on their music even after working on them for long hours at a stretch. The headset stays versatile throughout usage as it adapts well to various environments like studios, where they must remain clean and well maintained.

Does the Shure SRH840 have a Good Frequency Response?

Frequency response measures the frequency range a device will provide sound at. A good frequency response means that the device will give great sound at the correct frequencies.

The output frequency of SRH840 is extensive. The headset can provide a broader range of frequencies than other headphones in this price range and even better ones than some headphones priced three or four times higher.

Shure SRH840 Headphone Review

With SRH840, you will get to choose from a spectacular 5 Hz to 25 kHz. The on-cushion control ear cup can access the more comprehensive frequency response.

Overall, the SRH840 has an excellent frequency response compared to other headphones on the market today that have sound output ranging only between 20 Hz and 30 kHz, which are far less than those from the SRH840.