Church Drum Set

Church Drum Set Best Review in 2023

If you’re a worship drummer or have bought worship drum equipment, you must be aware of how exhausting it may be to choose the best church drum set. It’s because church drumming is different from the usual one. Plus, if you wish to purchase the equipment that other well-known praise drummers use, searching the internet
Eastar Adult Drum Set Blue (Eds-540Be)

Eastar Drum Set Best Review in 2023

Eastar has been a big player in the drum market for years, and its products are always top-of-the-line. So, what makes their latest line of drum sets so special? We took one out for a spin to find out. Drummers of all levels will love the features of this kit. Whether you’re a beginner just
Roland V-Drums Vad503

Best Cyber Monday Drums Deals in 2023

If you’re looking for the best deals on drums this Cyber Monday, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered a list of the best drum sets and percussion instruments on sale from top brands like Yamaha, Pearl, DW, and so many more. However, you definitely want to find the best deals, right, Monday Cyber
Sonor Aqx Jazz 4 Piece Shell Pack Black Midnight Sparkle

Sonor AQX series kits in 5 affordable configurations

It’s time to take your drumming to the next level. The new Sonor AQX series kits are perfect for players who want a top-quality kit without breaking the bank. The AQX series features five different configurations, each with its own unique features and benefits. Sonor AQX Poplar Studio and Stage Configuration The AQX line is
Pdp 805 Series Whitewhite Hardware

PDP 805 Series Drum Set Best Review In 2023

PDP is an excellent brand in the world of drums. The company has been around for quite a while now, offering good-quality drums at affordable prices. This is a company owned by PDP. Hence, you can expect their products to be excellent. They come with similar features and build standards. The only difference is that
Tama Artstar Ii 101216226.5X14 5Pc Late 80S Piano Black

Tama Artstar II Best Review 2023

Tama has been making drum sets for quite a long time now. The first drum set I ever used was a Tama. And that was years ago. After that, I was interested in reviewing every drum set they ever made. That is how I know how to choose the best drum set. When it comes
Pdp Platinum

PDP Platinum vs Concept Best Review in 2023

Finding a good drum kit begins with finding the right brand. And in this case, PDP is one name you can rely on for beginners to the intermediate drum set. Since it operates under the DW umbrella, you are right to assume its products are top quality. PDP Platinum and PDP Concept are two of
Pdp Concept Birch 4 Piece

PDP Concept Birch Best Review In 2023

Pacific Drum and Percussion has grown to be one of the biggest drum manufacturers in the world. Their products are listed with high-quality and yet affordable solutions. And this should not even come as a surprise. After all, PDP is a company owned by DW. It was started to offer more affordable drum solutions to
Pdp By Dw Cx Maple 5 Piece Shell Pack

PDP CX Best Review In 2023

Mid-range drum sets are not very easy to find. It’s not that there aren’t any. But there are too many options that finding a quality kit can be quite overwhelming. Good and not-so-great models are all bundled together. However, just like any other product out there, some brands are trustworthy, and others are not. In
Pdp New Yorker 4 Piece Shell Pack Electric Green Sparkle

PDP New Yorker Best Review In 2023

Finding a good drum set is key to achieving the best performance. And the best way to do this is to consider the manufacturer. The world of drums has been surging over the past few decades. Many different manufacturers have come up with allegedly better and cheaper options. But there are those brands you can
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