Akai Professional Mpd218

The Akai Professional MPD218 is a portable USB MIDI controller with 16 pressure and velocity-sensitive pads, four assignable faders, and four knob controllers. It also comes with six footswitch inputs for added control options. The MPD218 is powered via USB or an optional AC adapter and can be used with a Mac or PC.

Akai Professional MPD218 Best Review

The brand new and progressed Akai MPD218 is a responsive, light-weight MIDI Drum Pad Controller with established USB connectivity that builds at the success of the MPD18.

16 MPC-style backlit drum trigger pads with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch

The original MPD series was a massive hit with beatmakers, live musicians, and music producers worldwide. Because of their simplicity, user interface, and responsive MIDI input are ideal for almost any music creation application.

The mythical hip-hop and house grooves that made the MPC well-known are actually quickly executed from a plug-and-play USB controller, which capabilities the maximum immersive and responsive drum pads to be had on a MIDI Controller of this size.

Key Features of the Akai MPD218

  • 16 Thick Fat Backlit MPC Pads with Velocity and Aftertouch 
  • 48 assignable pads accessible through three banks.
  • There are 18 assignable 360-degree potentiometers accessible via three banks.
  • Whole Level and MPC Note Repeat
  • The Camera Connection Kit makes iOS devices compatible (sold separately)
  • 16 programmable presets
  • Ableton Live Lite is included (works with all major DAWs and Software Titles)
  • There is no need for an AC adapter because the device is powered by USB.

LED Pads with Responsive Backlight

The MPD218 includes an upgraded set of 16 ‘Thick Fat’ MPC-style drum trigger pads with LED backlight feedback while retaining the original MPD18’s velocity-sensitive feel and dynamics. You can map an extensive library of virtual sounds to the MPD218’s 48 assignable pads across three pad banks for live performance or seamless studio work in your DAW.

MIDI Advanced Functions

Other useful features on the Akai MPD218 include Note Repeat and Full Level modes for easy drum machines programming. Note Repeat and Full Level modes, found on some of Akai’s most iconic MPC models, allow you to create more complex MIDI sequences while speeding up your workflow. 

Mobile Compatibility

Akai Professional also includes an expanded control set to maximize the user’s available sounds and effects. Then, iOS compatibility via the Camera Connection Kit and over £200 in free software like Big Bang Drums and Big Bang Cinema from Sonivox.

Furthermore, the MPD218 is powered by using USB Bus, so you can join it to a pc, computing device, or mobile device and make beats at the move.

MPC Beats – Making Beats Begins Here

  • The new MPC Beats software is also included.
  • This loose software is based totally at the legendary MPC workflow and enables you to achieve incredible results in your home studio quickly.
  • This software consists of everything you need to create first rate-sounding beats fast.
  • You’ll find MPC Beats to be incredibly intuitive and inspiring when it comes to creating beats.
  • Over 80 audio FX plugins are included, allowing you to customize your sound however you want, and VST/AU compatibility will enable you to expand your sound.


  • The pads are susceptible and responsive
  • The potentiometers are assignable to a variety of parameters
  • The unit is bus-powered and class compliant
  • It comes with a comprehensive software bundle


  • Accidental pad triggering continues to be a problem.
  • A flimsy and mild chassis
  • A few windows seven compatibility problems
  • The knobs are a tad too narrow.
Akai MPD218 Review

What Is The Akai MPD218 Used For?

The MPD218 is a MIDI-over-USB pad controller perfect for manufacturers, programmers, musicians, and DJs. Its intuitive combo of MPC controls and technologies mesh with clean USB connectivity to carry the texture of classic beat making into the arena of pc tune production.


The Akai MPD218 is an excellent all-around MIDI controller that is perfect for those who want the classic MPC feel without all the bells and whistles. It is simple to use and comes with a comprehensive software bundle that includes everything you need to get started making beats. The only downside is that the pads can be a bit too sensitive and may require adjusting to get the perfect feel. The Akai MPD218 is an excellent choice for those who want a reliable and easy-to-use MIDI controller.