Akg 371

AKG has been one of the best companies in the world of audio production equipment for decades. AKG has been able to create some of the most popular headphones in the industry and AKG K371 Headphones are no exception.

Several factors must be considered when it comes to choosing the right headphone for the studio or other uses. AKG K371 Headphones are designed with these factors in mind and offer studio quality at an affordable price.

This article can help you learn more about AKG K371 headphones, the features that distinguish them from competitors, how they compare to other similar AKGs models on the market today, as well as their pros and cons so that you can decide if AKG is right for your needs or not.

I have used the headphones and therefore, I understand what makes the difference in this market. This review is not about the features, but how the headphones can help you get quality audio.

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AKG K371 Headphones Review

AKG K371 review Verdict: While there are some higher-end models out there like Sony MDR750AD or Audio Technica M50x with a wider range of sound frequencies, AKG has done an excellent job in delivering studio quality for a fraction of the price.

AKG is a well-known brand of the best headphones. The AKG K 371 is one of their popular offerings. The AKG K 371 has closed-back ear cups that provide noise isolation so you can enjoy your favorite music without outside interference.

The packages also feature coiled cables that are perfect for use with devices like an iPhone or iPad, as it minimizes handling noise when you’re on the go. These AKGs have a frequency range from 18Hz to 20kHz. This means they’ll produce satisfying bass responses while still maintaining crystal clear treble performance with no distortion at high volumes.

Their neutral sound is a sign of all the accessories you can get from a good pair of headphones. It puts up a perfect soundstage that will support any performance right from the shop.


AKG offers the K371 headphones in both a straight cord and coiled cable version. From the box, you also get a carrying pouch which helps keep them protected during transport -this is something that’s usually sold separately for other brands of headphones, so it’s nice to see AKG include it.

AKG includes their handy carrying case with these AKGs too, making transportation even easier than before. These studio headphones come in black or white colors – perfect if you want something discreet at work or home. AKG K371 is a solid option for those looking to upgrade their sound quality without breaking the bank (The AKGs that have been reviewed are $199 with free shipping for any customer in some parts).


• AKGs are perfect for those who want to spend less than $200 on a good set of closed-back headphones

• AKG’s frequency range is superb

• AKG K371s also offer great noise isolation


• AKG K371 are best used as studio-quality headphones, so they may not deliver enough bass for some listeners’ tastes

Sound Quality: How does the AKG K371 sound?

The AKG K371 produces a versatile audio profile thanks to its well-balanced sound. They have a slight over-emphasis in mid and low bass which may add a bit of extra thump while the evenly balanced mids mean that they are open enough to let vocals stand out. The treble can be slightly dull for a few people, but this may not be an issue for everyone.

Base accuracy

The AKG K371 has excellent bass accuracy with a heavy emphasis on the lower end.

With a great range of frequency responses from 20Hz up to 50kHz combined with clear quality audio reproduction, there’s no doubt about how versatile these are.

Mid Accuracy

AKG K371 also has a remarkable accuracy on the bass, with a warm, rich sound. The mid-range has good detail and is well balanced for the most part while the treble sounds clear enough without being too harsh on certain notes.

This makes it perfect if you’re using these headphones to create music as there’s no need to constantly adjust tones manually in your production software just to get that right balance that these headphones can provide easily.

Treble Accuracy

Some people will notice an ever so slight dullness in trebles but not everyone may find them lacking. It could be more noticeable when used for extended periods of time though since they are a closed-back design which doesn’t allow airflow from the outside as open-backed designs do.

Build Quality: Is AKG K371 Ear Cups Comfortable to Use?

The AKG K371 headphones are made of mostly plastic and metal. It feels a little cheap and you can tell that it was built to be affordable – but not cheaply. AKG K371 is very lightweight which makes them easy to wear for long periods without causing discomfort from the weight on your head or ears. They also feel sturdy enough so you don’t have to worry about whether they’ll break if dropped accidentally.

These closed-back headphones provide excellent noise isolation thanks to their ear cups with good padding and the design itself. Even though these are light, there’s still plenty of clamping force when adjusting the headphone size just right for comfortable use since this build quality doesn’t allow much give like some other models with a lighter design.

The headband is adjustable and while it’s padded, you may need to wear them for a little bit before the pressure from its snug fit feels comfortable. However, there are only two sizes so if your ears can’t reach around these headphones to rest in their cups then this isn’t an option. The ear-cup padding has some give but they’re tight enough that they won’t slide off without effort or loosen over time with use.

A coiled cable on these headphones delivers a better user experience than a straight cable. And it’s not something you will easily get at this price range.

Studio Headphones: Is the AKG K371 good for mixing?

A good studio mixing headphone should have a flat frequency response that does not color the sound in any way. AKG K371 headphones are closed back and have a coiled cable, which can be good for mixing because these features help to reduce outside noise and leakage of audio from your headphone’s speakers into microphones or other sources.

The bass is also said to be quite good on this model, but there may need to be adjustments made when you want more treble as it is lacking here. The ear cups are comfortable and offer some isolation with their soft foam padding so they could work well if you’re trying to make an accurate mix without hearing anything else going on around you at all times while wearing them.

AKG K372 pro studio headphones take the same design principles found on the AKG K271 MKII and put them into a closed-back design with upgraded sound isolation.

The headphones offer a frequency response of 18 Hz to 20 kHz, which is quite good for studio work.

These are also excellent for audiophiles too as they have an ear-cup size that will fit most people comfortably no matter their head size or shape, making these headphones highly versatile in terms of buyer satisfaction.

All these features describe a pair of headphones you can rely on for your studio mixing and your on-the-go listening.

These headphones are a fantastic option for those who need an upgrade from their current studio gear and at the same time want something highly durable that can take as much abuse as they do during all times while wearing them.

How do you connect the headphones?

You can connect the headphones via Bluetooth, which is a wireless technology that connects to your phone or other devices wirelessly.

Alternatively, you can use an audio cable and plug it into either end of the headphone’s coiled cable so that you could listen without having to worry about any battery life. The sound quality will not be as good but still acceptable for most users unless they’re using these in a professional setting where high-quality audio is required all the time.

Connecting to your computer

The AKG K371 headphones work well with laptops, desktops, and tablets.

Plug the audio cable on one end into your device’s headphone jack or USB port to get started. You can also plug it in via Bluetooth if you have an adapter for that which could be found online or at a store near you.

Then, connect the other end of the coiled cable to either side of your headband so that they’re resting around your ears properly as shown below:

Connecting your smartphone

Simply plug in the mini XLR cable into either side of your device’s headphone jack, or via Bluetooth if you have an adapter for that which could be found online or at a store near you.

Then, connect one end of the coiled cable to either side of your headband so they’re resting around your ears properly.

Studio Connection

The K371 is a high-end headphone, so it requires the best sound possible. This means that you need to connect them to your computer or other devices with an XLR cable.

It’s not exactly wireless but when using Bluetooth you should know that the range on these headphones isn’t as reliable as wired options. You may experience interference from walls and other objects between your phone and earphones while trying to use them wirelessly.

AKG K371 vs AKG 275 frequency response, which is better?

The AKG K371 has a frequency range of 15-20,000 Hz and the AKG 275 ranges from 16 – 20,000 Hz. The difference between these two models is that the lower frequencies are more pronounced on the K371 headphone (more bass). This means if you’re looking for something with heavy low-end sound then you should go with this option.

Just to keep it simple: AKG headphones offer quality connections but they don’t compare well to competitors at their price points like Sennheiser or Audio Technica. They have great noise isolation which makes them perfect for recording studios.

When choosing between the two, consider what you’re going to be using the headphones for. If it’s just listening to music then the cheaper K271 is a good option but if you need something durable that can handle professional audio recording and playback, go with the K371.


AKG has an impressive range of products at various price points, making them one of the top manufacturers in this category. They make many different headphone models depending on your needs, ranging from studio-quality sound equipment to sports earphones. I hope this AKG K371 review has been helpful in assisting you to make a good decision.