Alesis Sample Pad 4-Compact Percussion &Amp; Sample Triggering Instrument

Drum pads have revolutionized the electronic music industry, and Alesis is among the top manufacturers.

Alesis Electronic Drum Pads

Here are some of the top drum pads from the manufacturer.

Alesis V49 Drum Pads

If you are looking for a minimalist controller, you can never go wrong with the Alesis V49. At this size, it is one of the company’s most affordable controllers and of excellent quality.

You may not be sure of getting the best services at this price range, but Alesis can be trusted to deliver.

The keyboard features a 49-key full-sized setup, which covers the largest part of the entire product. It has a slimmer body, similar to the VI line, which makes it very compact.

The V49 is everything you will ever need in an electronic drum pad. It is a hassle-free MIDI controller for composition and production.


• Various programming functionalities like knobs and buttons – easy to use

• Works with any DAW for great music

• Minimalistic design

• Affordable


• It may not be the best electronic drum pad out there

Alesis Sample Pad 4

Alesis seems to have a perfect understanding of the needs of modern drummers. As such, they offer products that not only promise outstanding performance but come at a low price.

Alesis’ Sample Pad 4 is among the most popular pads from the company. It will allow you to expand your performance by adding any sample to your drum and percussion setup using a standard SD card.

The onboard sounds are all in-demand. They are 25 in total, with eight ready-to-play kits for achieving them.

It is designed for high-end creative expression, featuring four velocity-sensitive pads and a dual-trigger input for all-around performance.

It allows one to tune and reverb to their sounds. Also, you can assign them to any of the four pads or use the kick input.

Shaping your sound has never been easier. This pad comes with an LCD that allows you to view everything you are doing and set it according to your needs.

It can easily be the centerpiece of your performance. Its MIDI output allows you to use the controller for triggering sound modules. Or, you can use software to expand your music library.


• 25 in-demand sounds

• Good expansion capabilities

• Compact and portable


• Only four pads

• Limited sounds and drum kits

Alesis Sample Pad Pro

If the Sample Pad above is not enough for you, then a sample pad pro will do the trick. This is a one-in-all percussion instrument with everything you may ever need to enjoy drumming.

There is no limit to your creativity using the SamplePad Pro. It is designed with eight fully responsive and velocity-sensitive pads. Each of them has active blue LED illumination.

But that is not all. It features 100 professional and in-demand sounds and an SD slot for loading more directly. It has everything you will need in a multi-pad.

In terms of expansion, you can add on pads, pedals, and many other components. It comes with a trigger for two more pads.

Also, it has a kick drum and hi-hat pedal input. The jack for the kick pedal offers switch and trigger options.

You can transform this simple e-drum pad into a percussion powerhouse. Also, it features an optional module mount, USB MIDI, 5-pin MDI, and a 1/8-inch audio input for playing along with some of your best tracks.

It integrates easily into your current acoustic or electronic drum kit.

It comes with unlimited sound potential. There are more than 200 drum cymbal and percussion sounds, all with useful tones. They are arranged in 10 built-in preset drum kits.


• Open for sonic creativity

• Good quality sounds

• Expandable


• A bit expensive

Alesis Strike Multipad

Moving on to the higher-end electronic pads, we find the Alesis Strike Multipad. This piece delivers everything a drummer needs for expressive performance.

It is a professional item, designed to let you play in one shot, melodic, and hoops from its nine velocity-sensitive RGB lit in pads. It features a 4.3-inch display for easy use and rapid editing or showing important information.

The pad comes with a built-in looper, letting record with ease or from an external audio output.

It comes with a whopping 32GB storage carrying more than 6GB of pre-loaded in-demand content. You get loops, drums, percussion, and melodic instruments for many music genres.

Apart from the onboard sounds, the pad allows you to load samples directly through USB and customize them using the five onboard effect processors. Hence, you can refine your sound with ease.

Achieve easy tactile control by freely mapping two Alesis “A-LINK” rotary knobs to a wide range of effects. There are also many mixing controls to make your music sweeter.

It features 2 in/out USB audio and MIDI interfaces. Besides, a suitable Premium Software suite is already included, letting you create a production powerhouse.


• Premium quality electronic drum pad

• Great performance and all drummers

• A production powerhouse


• Expensive

These Alesis Electronic drum pad options are designed to meet different needs. It all depends on what you want to get and how much you want to invest.