Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit

I have been seeking for a long time to talk about the new-ish Alesis Turbo. And now I know what so many people are after this gear.

I have no doubt it comes with the best features and great usability. And the fact that Alesis has become one of the biggest names in the Electronic music industry makes it worth considering.

The company had dedicated most of their time in delivering high-quality beginners e-drum kits. And the Turbo Mesh is by far the cheapest you will find on the market.

Even though there is nothing that blew me away, I understand the price tag is its biggest vantage point. And it comes with quality hardware too. 

On Amazon, you will find very few products at this price range that are as quality. Most of them are junk. 

What does the Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit Standout?

Before getting to the Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit, I was looking at Carlsboro CSD130 and CSD 120. I also checked out the Pyle Pro 9-Piece.

None of these products impressed me. And I was very disappointed. 

And I have not even mentioned the tabletop sets. Which, to me, are nothing but play-toys for kids.

And this is why I found the Turbo Mesh to be more realistic. Despite being an entry-level kit, it might be the only kit with useful quality. And all these come a the most affordable price.

Of course, I am not saying it is the best e-drum kit you will find out there. But at this price range, you will have to agree this kit has a selling point.

Also, it comes from Alesis.

Now let me tell you what his means.

For many years, the race for the best electronic drum brands only had Yamaha and Roland. But you, these are brands that don’t take much consideration in beginners. 

All the kits from these brands are wonderfully created for high- end and professional use. But they are generally very excellent in quality.

Now Alesis came up as a solution for beginners and mid-level drummers. And this is the group that carries most users.

As such, the company managed to sell more kits than the other two. Alesis even compelled Yamaha and Alesis to start manufacturing more affordable entry-level electronic drum sets

There are several products in Alesis’s line of affordable e-drum kits. And the Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit it my personal pick.

About the Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit

I was never a fun of Alesis. I mean, their products are so cheap. And this made to have doubts about it.

Besides this, they built their drum pads with rubber mesh, which sounded like crap.

But since they started using Mesh heads, I become fun all together. The Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit represents this fact.


When you open the package, you will receive seven pieces and mesh drum heads in total. And as I have mentioned above, mesh heads are the new quality in electronic drums. 

Then there is a hardware frame, which is lightweight steel. It comes with easy to use and easy-to-fold features for great storage.

And the kit is highly compact. It will not take up much of your space. This makes it a perfect choice for beginners.

Also, it comes with cables, a power supply, a drum key, and drumsticks. These are all the accessories you need to start playing.

However, the kit does not come with the drum throne. Be sure to buy one for yourself because this is a requirement you will need. 

Mesh on the road

There are a snare and three tom pads, all measuring 8” in diameter. But they are all single zone. 

This is the biggest limitation I find with the kit. It would be better if the rim also produced sound.

But then, at such a price range, you cannot expect much. Besides, all pads feature a tunable tension rod. 

If you are familiar with mesh heads, you know how bouncy they are. So, you need to bring them down for than natural feel you really want.

The best part about mesh heads is that they are the closest things you will get to acoustic sounds in e-drums. Hence, being tunable means, there is a lot you can do to create perfect sounding.

What about the cymbals?

The kit comes with three 10-inch cymbal pads; one hi-hat, one ride, and one crash. Here you get both edge and bow sounds. 

They are not the best cymbals you will get on the market. But for the needs of a beginner, they get the job done pretty well. 

Do you get a pedal?

No. Unfortunately, Alesis has not included pedals in the Turbo Mesh. This is why the price is so low.

Besides, the kit features an electronic foot pedal controller. You cannot get the best feel from these, but they offer a glimpse into pedal experiences. 

Looking on the bright side, you won’t need to buy a kick pedal. Think of it as a way of saving with a better alternative. 

If you like the feeling, a real drum pedal gives, like me, then this is not the kit for you. I would only recommend it for the price.

The hi-hat controller is pretty impressive as a stand-less controller. This is a similar feature with the Alesis Surge Mesh and Nitro Mesh. Nevertheless, I cannot compare them to the quality of hi-hats that use a stand.

Lets talk about the module 

Alesis couldn’t have done anything more to make the Turbo Mesh modules simpler. It comes with only a few buttons carrying ten include preset kits. 

It carries a total of 120 drum sounds divided into cymbal, drum, and percussions. Also, Alesis has included 30 play-along songs. They provide a wonderful solution to creativity.

The module comes bears three excellent learning tools. You get a metronome, a drum coach, and 40 lessons by Melodics. 

The metronome carries signature and tempos from 30 to 280 BPM. This is pretty impressive in helping you keep up with your timing.

With the drum coach, you get five drum exercises, which is all a beginner needs to build their stamina. It helps you work on your groove and be better at the timing.


The module has all the basic inputs and outputs you need. The AUX input lets you connect your phone, tablet, or laptop. Hence, you can easily work along with your favorite songs from music streaming services. 

The USB/MIDI functionality is also included for connecting your computer. Use this to record your performance with the VST instrument and DAW. 

The sounds

I will be very honest and say that the sounds are not very great. I expected this anyway. The samples sound dull and lifeless.

However, the kit has a velocity sampling capability, which is a pretty impressive feature. This is a three-step procedure that involves tapping the drums for a softer sample, hitting for a medium sample, and cracking the drum to get a loud sample. 

Both the cymbals and the drum have this functionality. 

If you want to get better sounds, I suggest you use a drum VST instrument. Software libraries like Addictive Drums 2 prove, and EZ Drummer offers an easy way to work with your computer.


  • A compact  kit
  • Mesh pad heads
  • Numerous sounds
  • Very affordable 


  • Not recommended for professional performance 


I have no doubt the Turbo Mesh is an excellent drum kit for beginners. It is affordable too. Kids and beginners can use them to practice silently, even in an apartment. 

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