Low Boy Puff Daddy Bass Drum Beater

Bass drum beaters are one of those underutilized drum sound tools. Many people stick with their default one. When performing or recording, however, your choice of kick drum beater can significantly impact your overall sound.

Why? Because your bass drum is so essential to the sound of your drum kit, it receives more attention than any other drum on your kit. As a result, understanding kick drum beater types and having a few different options in your toolkit is a great idea.

In case you are looking for a great bass drum beater, that is the right article for you. We’ve got reviewed a number of the pleasant products available inside the market and compiled a listing of our top alternatives.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Drum Workshop Two Way Bass Drum Beater ( DWSM101 )

With the DW SM101 double-sided kick drum beater, you get the best of both worlds. One side features traditional felt for general use in any style of music. When you flip the beater around, the SM101 provides a hard plastic surface that adds extra “kick” and definition to the attack.

The DW SM101 has a 6-1/8″ shaft, making it ideal for use on your kick drum. The included beater weight allows you to adjust the mass amount, giving you complete control over the feel of your pedal. Your music’s foundation is the kick drum! With the DW SM101 double-sided beater, show it some love.


  • Produces a strong bass drum sound
  • Its versatile two-sided bass drum beater makes it suitable for all musical styles.
  • The professional’s choice for bass drum beater


  • The felt side will eventually wear out.

Drum Workshop HardCore Bass Drum Beater ( DWSM105 )

This bass drum beater is DW’s flagship version, and it’s been designed with DW’s patented hard Plastic core embedded in soft foam. The DW HardCore beater offers you each the reaction of a felt beater when you play softly. The attack and effect of a complicated plastic or timber beater while you lay into it.

The DW HardCore bass drum beater is quite highly-priced. However, it is one of the best bass drum beaters on the market. It feels superb to play regardless of what fashion of song you perform and produces killer sounds from your bass drum accessories. In case you are attempting to find the last bass drum beater, this is a brilliantly designed product with tremendous weight and sense; it is perfect for all sorts of tracks.


  • Terrific experience and gambling response
  • A progressive hybrid layout provides a great sound regardless of what style of tune you play
  • Superb feel and weight


  • Costly bass drum beater

Danmar Drum Beater (DA 205A)

The Danmar wood Bass Drum Beater is a fantastic kick drum beater that fits full peals. It functions as a stable hardwood head that offers a shiny and punchy attack; This wood bass drum beater promises an extreme amount of energy to your kick drum. It produces some assault, with a gift click-on sound that works outstanding for most modern kinds of music.

The Danmar wood bass drum beater has a bend-resistant rod that won warp over time, and the beater head is permanently connected to offer fear-free and consistent overall performance for a long time.


  • Delivers a powerful kick drum sound
  • Distinctive visual appeal
  • Excellent build quality and design


  • Not versatile for all types of song

Gibraltar SC-3261 Felt Bass Drum Beater

That is a less costly bass drum beater; This is stimulated by a conventional design, producing both heat and punchy kick drum sound. The felt in construction is dense, meaning it has a sturdy resistance to put on and tear.

The beaters are heavy and produce a conventional, old faculty sound. Additionally, they experience great play, an excellent investment for each person trying to improve their stock bass drum beater.


  • A classic design is efficient
  • Sturdy resistance to wear and tear
  • Very firm and durable felt beater


  • Lacks contemporary layout

Low Boy Puff Daddy Bass Drum Beater

This kick beater is precision-made North American difficult maple, wrapped with a smooth and puffy lambswool strip that emulates the unique lamb’s wool beaters that helped forge the long-lasting jazz bass drum sound

While the Low Boy Puff Daddy kick beater is compared to traditional plastic or felt beaters, there may be a significant distinction. It creates a heat and boomy sound and works flawlessly for dynamic and lighter playing.

The iconic conical shape and strong-timber production of the Low Boy beater provide unbeatable punch and output in spite of a low playing weight. So whether you’re a rocker or a bopper, Low Boy bass beaters offer tremendous projection, readability, and control.


  • Deal for dynamic and lighter drumming
  • Produces warm and boomy sounds
  • fine bass drum beater for Jazz and Motown tune


  • No longer flexible for all kinds of music
  • Premium rate tag
  • Lambswool will put on down and needs replacing

Lovermusic Stainless Steel Shaft Bass Kick Drum Beater

The Lovermusic beater is made with a polished stainless steel shaft and base. The head is crafted from high-density plastic, which gives it an excellent sense while playing. 

This bass drum beater additionally comes with an adjustable weight system that allows you to customize the feel and sound.

This kick beater has a bit less boom than others on the list, but it still packs a punch and sounds great. It’s also one of the more versatile beaters on the list, as you can use it for various genres.


  • The adjustable weight system allows for customization
  • The stainless steel shaft is durable and looks great
  • More versatile than other beaters on the list


  • It doesn’t have as much boom as some other beaters

PDP PDAX101 Two-Sided Bass Drum Beater

This PDP bass drum beater offers exquisite price for money, and it’s an excellent bass drum beater to shop for on finance. It’s miles advanced to another kick drum beater in the entry-degree price range. It feels amazing to play, and it comes prepared with a versatile-sided beater head, permitting you to choose between a traditional felt aspect for a softer sound or a company plastic facet with a brighter punch.


  • Two versatile gambling surfaces included
  • First-class bass drum beater on a budget
  • Stable and reliable production


  • Felt sides will be put on down

Tama Accu-Strike Bass Drum Beater

The Tama Accu-Strike Bass Drum Beater is a contemporary and innovative kick drum beater that has been designed to be the fine bass drum beater on the market. This kick beater is Tama’s pinnacle-of-the-range beater that offers advanced performance and has an awesome lifespan – lasting plenty longer than the competition’ kick drum beaters.

This kick beater makes use of a butadiene rubber effect material with a purpose to no longer wear down like traditional felt beaters are expected to. The precise cloth also produces a first-rate level of attack and punch from the kick drum while supplying a steady and responsive bass drum feel.

The Tama Accu-Strike beater is an incredible invention by way of Tama, and it has the appropriate stability of strength and punchiness, mixed with a great degree of resistance to put on.


  • Butadiene rubber cloth will not wear down like traditional felt beaters
  • High-quality bass drum beater for assault and punch
  • Speedy and responsive because of the smaller floor region upon impact


  • Handiest one beater head fabric
  • Potentially too mild for all players’ tastes

Trick Drums Dominator Bass Drum Beater

The Trick Drums Dominator Bass Drum Beater is a pinnacle-price, all-metallic kick drum beater constructed of strong aluminum for a perfectly balanced and powerful sense. This kick drum beater feels heavier than different options and very sturdy too.

When you have never played a kick drum pedal with a metallic beater, you may be pleasantly amazed by how top they feel to play. It feels solid and balanced, and it delivers a strong impact; this is one of the high-quality bass drum beaters that I individually love. It gives a heavy feel while nonetheless being supremely playable. It looks and sounds remarkable and has the proper stability of velocity and strength.

One issue to note is that steel bass drum beaters are more excellent at risk of destructive bass drum heads, so you’ll want to buy a bass drum patch to ensure you don’t smash a drumhead mid-gig!


  • Machined aluminum production
  • Stable effect and powerful assault
  • Great construct quality


  • Steel beater can break thru drumheads simpler

Yamaha BT-910A Felt Bass Drum Beater

The Yamaha BT910A bass drum beater is a felt alternative mallet on a metallic shaft. Ideal to be used on an acoustic or electronic package. The Yamaha BT910A beater has a plastic sleeve that fits over the post to offer protection from put-on and tear.

This beater is double-sided, with one facet supplying a softer feel for delicate passages and the other providing a more complicated sense for the more excellent attack. The Yamaha BT910A mallet is one of the most versatile kick drum beaters on the market, and it is a perfect choice for players who need a bit of everything.


  • The felt head provides a softer feel
  • Different playing surfaces for increased versatility
  • The plastic sleeve protects the shaft from wear and tear


  • It May be too soft for some players’ tastes
Bass Drum Beaters Review

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bass Drum Beater made of?

Bass drum beaters may be made from various materials, including plastic, rubber, fiberglass, felt, and timber. Beaters can be single to quadruple-sided and are available in numerous distinctive shapes like spherical, rectangular, or triangular.

Do bass drum beaters make a difference?

Rubber bass drum beaters have a more defined attack than felt beaters, with a touch of extra fatness compared to plastic or timber. They supply an excellent midrange slap after they make contact with the drumhead, allowing your kick drum strokes to face out nicely.

Where should the beater hit the bass drum?

Ensure the beater moves as near the middle of the head as possible because this will give you the correct tone and assault. For electronic drums, positioning them within the center will produce more consistent triggering as correctly.

How long is the bass drum beater?

The bass drum beater should be long enough to reach the bottom of the drum from where you are sitting. It should also be able to rotate quickly so you can make slight adjustments to the angle and position of the shaker.


The best bass drum beater will depend on your playing style and preferences. If you are looking for a softer feel, a felt or rubber beater may be your best option. A plastic beater or wood beater may be the better choice if you are looking for more attacks. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which type of beater will work best for you.