Sabian 10 Inch Aax Air

There is usually not very much difference between many drum sounds. But when you add in the cymbals, your kit becomes unique with more flavor. And this means you need to pick the right cymbal set.

Cymbals come in different types, with a ride, hi-hat, and crash cymbals as the most popular. Each of these cymbals has different features that define them and it’s only accessories for your drum.

Then we have effects cymbals, which play a vital role in adding flesh to your music apart from the three above. This is the group under which the splash cymbal falls. The slash cymbals add a bunch of depth to the sound of your drum.

You pick a splash cymbal based on their shapes and size, which are many too. Each size or shape is meant to offer unique qualities as they make your music more attractive.

A splash cymbal can be all you need to get more spice and style in your music. Whether you are working from a studio or playing on a live stage, this effects cymbal will make you feel great,

However, there are so many brands on the market that choosing the right one can be a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry, I will be introducing you to splash cymbals and review some of the best products on the market this year.

What Is the Best Splash Cymbal?

As stated above, there are all sorts of splash cymbals on the market today. Not all of them are worth your time and money, though. And therefore, you need to be very sure about what you are investing in; otherwise, you will only regret it.

A good splash cymbal is one that adds a unique taste to your drum setup. It does not only make your cymbal setup look incredible, but it will give you a sound that you may not have expected.

Splash cymbals fall under the category of effects cymbals because that is what they are used for – adding effects to any sound of a drum kit.

Another thing to consider when choosing the right splash cymbals is the type of music you are playing. You may have noticed that cymbals generally come with different configurations to meet different user needs.

Certain types of cymbals are made specifically for a certain music genre. For instance, you will find a lot of people talking about bright and loud splashes. These are good for rock and other music styles that require loud playing.

And there are dark and dry plashes, which are versatile. However, many people prefer using them for jazz and other music styles that require more subtle playing.

The quality of your cymbals is perhaps the most important thing to look out for when buying. And this factor comes in many shapes. It is mostly about the material used in making the cymbal.

Three materials are common in making cymbals, brass, B10, and B20 metals. As you may have already guessed, brass is the simplest material and the cheapest. For this reason, it is found mostly on low-priced cymbals.

B10 alloy features 90% copper and 10% tin. This is a material found in mid-priced cymbals, which are better than brass. Some of these cymbals are also made from B12 alloy. The best splash cymbals are made from B20 metal alloy. This is a combination of 80% copper and 20% tin.

Durability and better sounds characterize a splash cymbal made from B20 metal. This is why they cost higher than the other material.

The method of manufacturing also has a lot to do with the quality of your cymbals. Cheaper ones are made by cutting them from a larger metal sheet. They have a brighter and more balanced sound from cymbal to cymbal.

Cast cymbals are more expensive. They are made using a more sophisticated approach, which includes melting the metal and cooling it to shape.

Since there are so many slash cymbals on the market that can have these features, it can be hard sometimes to choose the right.

But don’t worry, I have made a list of the best splash cymbals to make it easier for you.

Best Splash Cymbals Reviewed

Zildjian K Custom 11-inch Hybrid Splash Cymbal

When it comes to choosing the perfect cymbal, the brand is among the best features to consider. There are so many brands today that knowing which to go for maybe a bit hard.

However, everyone in the industry knows that Zildjian is the best cymbals company. They have been making cymbals for more than 200 years now and, hence, have a great reputation.

This 11-Inch K Custom Hybrid splash is one of the top products from the manufacturer. It is a thin cymbal that delivers a lot of volumes. Its sound decays quite fast, which makes it a wonderful option for accented hits.

They have a traditional finish on the outer half and a brilliant finish on half of the inner side. This is a nice finish that makes it give out a unique dry sound. This is why it’s called a hybrid splash cymbal.

It’s also made from cast bronze, ensuring a full sound that only gets better with age. The cymbal is not overly bright or dark. You will find its sound somewhere in the middle, which proves its versatility. A drummer can use it for any music style.

11-inches is not a very common size for cymbals. But it only gets better once you start using it. It also creates a perfect solution for the base of the stack.

Well, the only downside is perhaps its size, which may feel a bit awkward.

Sabian HHX 10-inch Evolution Splash

In terms of quality products, Sabian is one of the few brands you can trust. The HHX line of cymbals is one of their best-selling. They were developed with the assistance of Dave Weckl, one of the best drummers in the world.  

This line has been going strong for several years. And therefore, you can rely on the popularity of the 10-inch HHX Evolution splash.

It is a bright cymbal with a sharp, penetrating sound. It, therefore, offers a high-pitched sound that will easily cut through the mix.

This loud cymbal is made from B20 bronze, and hence, highly durable. Apart from serving you for a long time, this cymbal offers the best features on the market. Its brilliant finish delivers a smooth and clean look. You will always love having a good-looking cymbal in your setup.

If you are playing in a high-energy band, like a rock band, this cymbal could easily be the best choice for you. It’s made for metal, rock, and gospel, with a full volume.

On the negative side, it is not one of the most versatile cymbals you can get.

Sabian 10-inch AAX Air

Here is another splash cymbal from Sabian, one of the top cymbal brands on the market. The AAX Air is a very bright cymbal that comes with a quick reaction and little sustain. Because of its brightness, it’s a highly pitched cymbal that will clearly cut through any mix.

And the best part is, this cymbal is made from B20 Bronze metal, making it bright and durable. It features symmetrical holes that ensure a trashy sound. Well, trashy is a great sound in for cymbals.

It’s bright and trash, and therefore, good for high energy music styles like rock and metal. It is endorsed by famous drummers like Ray Luzier from Korn.

Perhaps the only downside of the cymbal is its high price. But if you have the money, it could be a good idea to invest in this piece.

Meinl 8-inch Classics Custom Dark

I have been using Meinl cymbals for a very long time, and they never disappoint. You can therefore expect to get the best features from this 8-inch Classics Custom Dark splash cymbal.

A lot of drummers have well appreciated the entire Classics Custom Dark series. It comes with a special finishing process that makes them look dark, with a bright sound. Deep traces from hammering can be seen on its surface, which makes them more explosive.

The 8-inch splash is loud, good for high dynamics, and therefore recommended for a heavy hitter. It will cut through any mix with great intensity, making you feel like you are in control.

It is the brightness of this cymbal that makes it famous among many drummers.

The only downside is that it’s made from B10 alloy, which makes it less durable. Also, it does not respond impressively to subtle music.

Wuhan 10-inch Splash 

Even though Wuhan is not a very famous cymbal company in the world, it is the biggest in China, known for making affordable cymbals. Their products compete well in the low-tier market, and this 10-inch splash cymbal is not different.

Wuhan 10-inch splash is perhaps the best sound cymbal among all the products at this price range. It delivers crisp, quick accents, making it a wonderful choice for effects. It is a good sustain, which is not very common with splash cymbals.

This cymbal is also very versatile and will help you in a wide range of music genres. It responds well to playing, and it will project well when you hit them loud.

It will crack your sound sooner than most cymbals. But Wuhan Cymbals are not very reliable in terms of sound. If you have to Wuhan cymbals, they will not sound the same. And this is one of its negative sides.

What Size Splash Cymbal Should I Get?

Splash cymbals come in different sizes. But then, there are some sizes that are not good for some music styles. In my experience, the best splash cymbal measures 10-inches. With this size, you can play any music style.

Some people may not be comfortable with this size, in which case, 8-inch splash cymbals will still be a good idea.

What Is the Difference Between A Splash and Crash Cymbal?

Crash cymbals are one of the main cymbals in any drum setup. They are meat for single accents to punctuate important moments in your song.

The main difference between a splash and crash cymbal is how they are used. Crash cymbals are effects cymbals, while the crash is for accents.

Also, splash cymbals are smaller than the crashes. A splash measures between 8-inches and 10-inches, while crashes are at 16-inches to 18-inches.

What Are the Best Sounding Cymbals?

The best sounding cymbals are made from the best quality materials. And in this case, B20 bronze alloy, and made through casting.

Cheaper cymbals made from brass are not very great in sounds.

Best Cheap Splash Cymbal

Splash cymbals can be a great way to add fun to your music. But this does not mean having to spend a lot of money buying them. But there are some great products that are not overly costly. 

Meinl HCS line has such cymbals.


If you are looking for the best sounds, you have no option but to invest hugely in your cymbals. And therefore, if you have the money, go for the top splash cymbal.