Carlsbro Csd120 Electronic Drum Set

Carlsbro is not well-known like some of the big companies like Yamaha and Roland. However, Carlsbro is the best brand that makes advanced technology drum kits with ease of use in the electronic drums world.

Carlsbro makes an extensive line of portable, affordable, and durable musical instruments; hence, creating a buzz in the music industry. Many people do not want to use a lot of energy playing drums; thus, they opt for electronic drums, that sound like acoustic drum kits.

Carlsbro Company has been in existence for a couple of decades, and they know what drummers need. They are rising to the occasion, so fast and they will soon take over the drumming industry. The Carlsbro CSD120 Electronic drum kit is one of the few fantastic electronic kits in the world.

Therefore, we will look at some of its features in this piece of writing.

Carlsbro CSD120 Electronic Drum Set

One of the most incredible electronic kits that you can search and find in the market is Carlsbro CSD120 Electronic Drum Set. It has some of the unique features that every drummer needs. This electronic drum kit is suitable for practice through headphones or playing live at venues with limited spaces via a powered amplifier.

This drum kit is also ideal for an amateur and a professional player in need of a no-nonsense easy-to-use kit with excellent sensitivity on all pads. The kit features pads “real feel’ touch that is close to an acoustic kit because of the specially selected rubber/silica used for all CDS models by advanced players.

This electronic kit features 20 user drum kits, 20 preset drum kits, reverb effect, 120/130 sound modules, 20 demo songs, and 250 voices. The voices will help you learn and record your sounds in an easy way. This CD120 kit comes with a foot-trigger bass drum pedal. However, it is designed to lower the vibrations to a minimum to cater to players using the kit in their apartments.

The kit has an AUX input jack that allows users to play mp3 audio songs via their phones. Also, the rack used is light, but that doesn’t mean that it is unstable. It allows the kit to be folded for easy storage and transportation.

The kit contains a bass drum controller pedal, a hi-hat controller pedal, and three single-zone cymbals for hi-hat, ride, and crash. It also features a stereo line output and MIDI in/out.

In terms of price, the kit is affordable, and search it on the internet. Ensure that you go through the reviews on the website for this product and related products. Every review from a customer plays a vital role in your decision.

This set comes with:

  • A dual-zone snare pad
  • Three single-zone tom pads
  • One crash cymbal pad
  • One ride cymbal pad
  • Kick drum trigger pedal
  • Hi-hat cymbal pad
  • Three footed-stand
  • Hardware
  • Power supply
  • Cable harness
  • Cable management strips
  • Drum sticks
  • Drum key
  • Drum module


  • It comes with a wide range of hardware parts.
  • It produces world-class sounds.
  • All players can use it.


  • It is on-demand; hence, it can run out of stock.

Are Carlsbro drums any good?

Before buying any drum kit, you need to ask yourself this question. It is crucial because it will help you think before making the mistake of buying the wrong kit. In general, electronic drums have turned to be a good choice for drummers because there is no exposure to the noise of an acoustic kit. Pads have minimized the noise in Carlsbro electronic drums.

The good thing is that Carlsbro offers various affordable electronic drum kits with high-quality sounds. The good thing with these electronic drums is that there is something for every player starting from the beginner to the pro player.

Most of the Carlsbro electronic drums are easy to use, but they also come with a user’s manual. You can use it anywhere, even in venues with limited space. The most fantastic thing about these drums is that you can use them in your apartment. They feature a headphone output port that helps you fix them.

Carlsbro electronic kits are undergoing several advancements with advancements in technology. You can now connect them with your smartphone and play mp3 songs. You can get reviews from customers and a good review will be helpful.

How do you set up a Carlsbro drum?

The current Carlsbro electronic drums come in a collapsible design that makes it easy for drummers to store and transport. Therefore, before starting your setup, it is good to know the design of your drum kit. The quality of material that Carlsbro use goes hand in hand with the sound of the kit.

All Carlsbro drums come with a manual that helps us in setting up the drum set. It is easy to use the user manual to complete your setup. Before setting up your small electric drum set, you are given the safety measures and how to maintain the kit for extended use. The drum module should be placed well.

First, set up the drum stand. The stand consists of several parts that need to be joined together to form something like a tower. The user manual has the full image of how the stand should appear. After fixing the drum stand, you need to place the long cymbal tube, short cymbal tube, and the L-shaped pad rod into the drum stand.

The cymbal stand should be higher than any other item in the setup. Fix the pads, cymbals, and the module to their relative positions. The crash cymbal and the ride cymbal should be on the long tubes, while the drum module should be below the hi-hat, which is at a lower position of the cymbals.

The hi-hat control and kick drum pedal should be on the floor. The toms should be placed just below the cymbals, while the snare and the kick drum should go below the toms.

Carlsbro cSD120 vs CSD130

Carlsbro CSD 120 compact electronic drum kit and CSD130 are incredible electronic drum sets that come with unique features. CSD130 is a slight improvement from CSD120, but they both work perfectly. They both come with 250 high-quality percussion sounds and 20 preset kits.

The good thing is that both drums are suitable for live performances, and they can be used in venues with limited space, including your apartment. However, CSD130 has a quieter snare zone snare pad while the kick pedal and the trigger unit require assembling before use. This is not the case in other electronic drum sets, including the CSD120.

Both CSD120 and CSD130 have an excellent user interface and MIDI in/out. You can use a USB in these electronic kits and your smartphone in playing mp3 songs. Also, you can record your sounds as well as play-along.

They are easy to set up, and professional players and amateurs can use them. You can take a short period to learn its settings and to play. The good thing is that noise has been minimized in both kits, and you can take your time to practice anywhere.