Carlsbro Csd180

The world of electronic drum sets has expanded immensely over the past few years. The number of people embracing this technology has also grown.

That should not as a surprise. We can see the challenges presented by apartment buildings and households with limited space. It makes it hard for one to practice without disturbing neighbors.

Digital drums offer the best solutions to these problems.

That’s not all; they all promise access to digitally sampled drum kits and percussion sounds. You don’t even need to tune or replace split drum heads.

Electronic drum sets could be the future of drumming. Besides, most manufacturers are stepping up their game to make these drums sound closer to real drums.

In this review, I will be looking at one product that has become very popular, the Carlsbro CSD 180.

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Carlsbro csd180 electronic drum set

The Carlsbro CSD180 is a high-quality, compact, and durable electronic drum kit. It comes with eight drum pads connected to the advanced Commander 200 sound module from Carlsbro.

There are very few beginner kits that promise similar quality to this piece. Most of them sound generic, a tune no drummer enjoys.

Theo CSD180 8-piece electronic drum kit brings you a huge collection of 458 high-quality drum and percussion voices. You also get 26 preset kits to help you make better music.

Picking the right brand is crucial when choosing a drum set. And in this case, Carlsbro has grown to be one of the most reliable manufacturers.

Even though the CDS180 electronic drum kit is designed for the beginner level, an experienced drummer will find it useful too. After all, you don’t need to invest too much in a beginner kit.

The drum kit comes with eight high-quality drum pads. You should not expect them to perform like a Roland, but they are good enough for the price.

Another factor to consider when choosing an e-drum kit is the sound. The CSD180 is pretty good in this too.

All the pads are mesh, with a dual-zone snare pad and a large bass drum pad. They offer a better response and feel than rubber pads.

Carlsbro CSD180 Compact Electronic Drum Kit (CSD180XXX)

The Carlsbro CSD180 Features the upgraded Commander 200 brain. It’s packed with an extensive collection of amazingly sampled drum and percussion sounds.


The first thing that captured my eyes was the ergonomic pads. They come with a generous playing surface that makes them feel and perform like real drums.

Most brands at this price range made small pads that bring sensitivity and crosstalk issues. Carlsbro has changed this norm to give a more realistic experience.

The pads are dual-zones, assuring an authentic articulation and versatility. Then they deliver maximum rebound and minimum fatigue, everything a drummer wants to hear.

You also get ample pad placement choices and an expansive setup. That means this kit will accommodate any player or environment.

It comes with hidden wiring for a professional look. Its EZ collapsible design is responsible for quick pick-up and easy transportation.

The kit is configured with:

• A 2-inch bass drum pad

• 8 dual-zone snare pad

• Three dual-zone tom pads

• A hi-hat controller pedal with a hi-hat pad

• Dual-zone ride

• Dual-zone crash

• A four-post drum rack and power supply cables

The Commander 200 Module

It’s the module that mostly defines the quality of an electronic drum kit. And the Commander 200 module does just that.

It allows the sue to create their own kits, in addition to the 458 high-quality percussion voices and 15 user-defined kits. A large, backlit LCD panel makes selecting the sounds easy.

You will also find setting the levels, adjusting the EQ, adding reverb or ambiance, and dialing very easy.

With the 20 demo songs, you can practice your moves at any time. Or connect the kit to your device via MIDI/USB interface and AUX/headphone output to enjoy more options.


• Affordable

• Excellent quality mesh pads

• A great module


• The whole kit does not sound natural


If you are low on cash but need a good-quality affordable drum kit, go for the Carlsbro CSD180. It is not for professional use, but it will get the job done.