Double Bass Drum Sets

Double bass drum sets, also known as double pedal drum sets, are a type of drum set that feature two bass drums, allowing drummers to play both bass drums simultaneously. These drum sets have become a staple in rock, metal, and other high-energy genres of music, providing a thunderous and powerful rhythm foundation.

With the ability to play intricate beats and patterns, double bass drum sets have become a popular choice for many professional drummers, offering a unique and exciting playing experience.

Double bass drum sets the best review

Here are lists of double bass drum sets you can choose from. Each brand has its features and advantages.

Pearl Export EXX728DB/C 8-piece Double Bass Drum Set with Snare Drum

The Pearl Export EXX is a remarkable drum kit that has launched the careers of many drummers. This latest model boasts significant upgrades, elevating it from a beginner’s kit to a top choice for experienced players.

With Pearl’s Superior Shell Technology (SST), the kit delivers a superior tone with optimized shell construction that emphasizes specific frequencies. The shells not only sound expensive, but they are also highly durable, backed by a lifetime warranty.

The new lugs improve shell resonance, while the Opti-Loc mounting system offers unlimited customization options. This impressive kit comprises Pearl 830-Series hardware and P-930 bass drum pedals, leaving only cymbals to add.


  • Superior Shell Technology (SST) enhances the tone and resonance of each drum.
  • Includes comprehensive hardware package.
  • Durable shells with a lifetime warranty.
  • Precise adjustments are possible with the Opti-Loc mounting system.


  • Subpar bass drum pedals

DW Design Series 8-piece Shell Pack with Snare Drum

The DW Design Series double bass drum kit delivers outstanding value for its price. It features the same setup as the Pearl Export EXX but with better-quality drum shells and stand-mounted rack toms. The acrylic shells are loud and powerful, making this kit ideal for larger setups where a complete 8-piece drum set is needed.

With DW’s True-Pitch tension rods, the tuning of each drum is consistent and offers a wide range of versatility. The turret lugs, a signature feature of all DW drum sets, enhance this.

The snare drum of this kit is particularly noteworthy. It’s responsive to dynamic playing and has a sharp rimshot sound that suits aggressive music styles. While the rack toms are designed to be mounted to their stands, those stands are not included in the kit and must be purchased separately from DW.


  • Relatively affordable professional drum set
  • Acrylic shells deliver powerful, loud sound
  • Easy to tune with consistent tuning stability


  • The mounting hardware for the rack toms is separate from the set.

DDrum Hybrid Acoustic-Electric 7 Piece Double Bass Drum Set

Ddrum has established itself as a leading brand in the drumming world for its electronic triggers, favored by metal drummers for decades. Recently, they have also been producing premium acoustic drum sets, delivering superior sound quality at an unbeatable price.

The Ddrum kit features twin 20″ bass drums, two rack toms, two-floor toms, and a matching snare. The bass drums and snare boast 8-ply construction, while the toms are 6-ply, all made from birch for optimal punchiness.

Unlike other drum sets in its price range, the Ddrum kit boasts a sleek matte lacquer finish with eye-catching powder-coated lugs that belie its affordable price point.

As the company is known for its triggers, the Ddrum kit includes shock-mounted Acoustic Pro triggers for each drum. These triggers offer a wide dynamic range and are built to last. And in the unlikely event that they need to be replaced, the transducers can be easily changed.

Completing this exceptional kit is a set of Mercury Series hardware, including hi-hat stands with clutch, three boom stands, and a rack of tom stands with clamps.


  • Outstanding sound quality at an entry-level price.
  • Features shock-mounted triggers for each drum.
  • Comes with high-quality hardware.
  • Stunning finish with contrast powder-coated lugs that make a statement on stage.


  • It doesn’t include pedals.

PDP by DW Double Bass Drum Set

The PDP double bass drum set provides a solution for drummers seeking a cost-effective kit with professional-quality sound. This kit features two 22″ bass drums for powerful and resonant kick tones, three mounted toms, two-floor toms, and a 5.5×14 snare drum made of poplar for a distinctive punchy sound with long sustain.

The sleek design of this kit is enhanced by all-black lugs and hardware and Remo drum heads, making it performance-ready straight out of the box. Add your desired hardware and cymbals to complete the set.


  • Affordable yet superior sound quality
  • Bass drum heads feature Kickports for increased impact and clarity
  • It comes equipped with premium Remo drum heads


  • No hardware or pedals included
  • Limited 3-year warranty

TAMA Imperialstar 8 Piece Double Bass Drum Set

Tama, a renowned brand in the drum world, presents the budget-friendly Imperialstar double bass set that includes everything you need for a stage-ready setup. The set consists of two 22″ bass drums, three rack toms, two-floor toms, and a 5″ snare drum, all made with a 6-ply 8mm poplar configuration that provides brightness, punchiness, and depth.

With this kit, you’ll have everything you need to play right away, as it comes with Tama’s premium hardware, kick pedals, and a drum throne. To top it off, the kit includes a complete Meinl HCS cymbal set with 14″ hi-hats, 16″ and 18″ crashes, and a 20″ ride, making it easy to launch into a powerful performance as soon as your kit is set up.


  • Complete kit with all necessary components included
  • High-grade hardware and kick pedals included
  • Affordable, unbeatable value for money


  • Tones are difficult to tune due to harsh overtones
  • Smaller floor toms are a drawback

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Styles of Music Need Two Bass Drums?

Double bass drum sets are commonly used in various heavy and hard rock genres, such as death metal, thrash metal, and progressive metal. They are also frequently used in certain punk rock styles, alternative metal, and industrial music.

In addition, double bass drumming is used in certain styles of drum and bass, jazz fusion, and modern progressive music, where the ability to play two independent bass drum patterns is desirable.

However, it’s worth noting that the use of a double bass drum set is not limited to these styles and that drummers can use the added capability to enhance any music they play.

What is double bass in drumming?

Double bass drumming is the technique of playing two bass drums simultaneously with both feet, as opposed to playing just one bass drum with one foot, as is typical in most drumming styles. Double bass drumming is commonly used in heavy metal and hard rock genres, where the ability to play fast and complex rhythms is highly valued.

Using two bass drums in drumming allows the drummer to play two different patterns or accents, adding depth and complexity to the rhythm section. This style of drumming requires a high level of coordination and skill, as the drummer must be able to control both bass drums independently while also playing other elements of the drum set.

Can electronic drum sets use double bass?

Yes, electronic drum sets can support double bass drumming. Many high-end electronic drum kits come equipped with two bass drum pedals, allowing the player to simulate double bass drumming. The sound produced by the electronic bass drums can be adjusted to match the desired tone and volume.

In some cases, players may need to use additional equipment, such as an external trigger or a splitter cable, to connect both bass drum pedals to the drum module, depending on the brand and model of the electronic drum set.

It’s important to note that while electronic drum sets can support double bass drumming, playing the technique well still requires a high level of skill and coordination, just as it does with an acoustic drum set.

Can a beginner drummer play a double bass drum set?

While a beginner drummer can learn to play a double bass drum set, it typically requires a higher level of skill and coordination than a standard drum set. Practicing regularly and taking lessons from an experienced drummer can help develop the necessary skills.

What should I look for when buying a double bass drum set?

When buying a double bass drum set, consider the size and quality of the bass drums, the type of hardware, the type of heads, and the overall build quality. It is also important to ensure that the set is compatible with your existing drum hardware or other instruments you may have.


In conclusion, double bass drum sets offer drummers the unique capability to play two bass drum patterns simultaneously, adding depth and complexity to their playing. These sets are commonly used in various heavy metal and hard rock genres and other styles of music where the ability to play two independent bass drum patterns is desirable.

While playing a double bass drum set requires a high level of skill and coordination, electronic drum sets offer an alternative for players looking to experiment with double bass drumming without needing an acoustic drum set. Regardless of the type of drum set used, double bass drumming remains a challenging and rewarding technique for drummers of all levels.