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A hi-hat stand is one of the most important parts of a drum set. And you need your double-braced legs hi-hat stand smooth so that you can control the pressure and the sound they provide. This means you need an excellent hi-hat stand to select among the best drum cymbals.

Do you need a good hi-hat stand?

In my experience, most people don’t accord double-braced legs hi-hat stand the respect they deserve. First, some drummers don’t put many considerations into the quality of their hi-hat. And this can lead to poor performance. 

Now, even those who have the double-braced hi-hat stand seldom put any consideration in the hi-hat stand. Getting the right hi-hat stands for your hi-hat with-stand can make the difference between a bad and the best performance.

And it is not just about a good playing mechanism. I am talking about exposure to dynamics while you are playing.

But then picking the best hi-hat stand for drum set may be overwhelming. Considering challenges like lack of proper information and too many options, one may find it hard to pick a good stand. 

For a start, understand that a quality stand must come with heavy-duty tubing. And this should be echoed by integrated memory locks. This will allow you to focus on playing instead of having to adjust the height before every show or practice. 

Know your hi-hat stands

Before you go seeking for the right stands, it is vital to know the options on the market.

Hi-hats can be two-legged or three-legged. I cannot say which one of the best for you because everyone has their preferences. 

Stand with two legs are more portable. This means they leave more space for other hardware like the double bass drum pedal.

Three-legged stands, on the other hand, take up so much space. However, they provide more stability.

When it comes to a choice between the two, it is simply a matter of preference. 

There is also another option; the remote hi-hat stands. These are the more flexible and most portable stands. If you are looking for more versatile positioning of the hats, then these could be a good choice. 

No matter the case, you need to pick stands that meet your needs. With so many products on the market, you cannot miss out. 

Here, I have reviewed nine of the best choices in the best hi-hat stands. Have a look.

9 Best Hi-Hat Stands Reviewed in [currentyear]

Pacific Drums by DW 800

DW is a brand that was originally reserved for professionals. Today, they are not as they have also included beginners and intermediate players in their productions. And the DW800 offers a perfect example of this truth.

This item is based on the famous Pacific series, which introduce new standards some time ago. Drums in this series are nothing but the best quality.

But the new model comes with more affordability than other versions. Even though they come with the same overall design, they are more affordable to drummers of all levels. 

The difference in price is because they are a bit simplified and made with lower-grade materials. 

Just so you know, this does not mean they are not good. The DW800 are quality two-legged stands for professionals.

The stand is very compact but strong. And you will be surprised at how smooth the hi-hat pedal is.

Like any other DW product, expect to dig deeper into your pockets for this product. But it is not too expensive.

You will get the stand in a variety of color options. This is great because you may find a color that matches the rest of your set-up.


  • DW is a top-notch brand.
  • Two-legged and compact
  • Made with sturdy materials


  • It is a bit pricey.

Pearl H930 Hi-Hat Stand

Pearl is another renowned company in the world of drums. The highest quality construction defines every product they put on the market according to a level they are made for.

The Pearl H930 Hi-Hat stand is no different. It is based on the legendary H2000 series, but it comes as a more affordable choice. 

Even the overall design is pretty much the same. It even bears the popular demon look. 

When you set your eyes on this item, you will first notice the Demon-style footboard. And the chain drive is also very impressive. It offers effortless and highly responsive playing.

And I cannot fail to mention that a player can adjust the spring tension. This means they can alter the resistance until they get something comfortable. Even if your foot is heavy, you will still feel playing is much easier. 

The high hat stand is sturdy and comes with high quality, which makes it very amazing. And the good part is, you get all these at a mid-range price. 

But if you have less working space, you may I would not advise you to this three-legged stand. However, if you don’t play double bass drum pedals, it shouldn’t be a problem using a sturdier stand.


  • From a reputable manufacturer 
  • High quality and sturdy
  • Durable


  • It is three-legged


If you are looking for a more budget-friendly hi-hat stands, then this one should fit your just fine. Coming from Pacific Drums’ 700-series, this best hi-hat stand is very strong.

It is designed for beginners and inexperienced drum players. This means it will serve you better with a practice drum kit or as an emergency backup.

It is a three-legged stand with double-braced legs. Also, it comes with a chain drive and lightweight tubing. The legs feature multi-tread rubber feet, making them more stable.

I like its portability. The PDHH700 is very light. This also means you may break it if you abuse it a lot. 

It is specifically for entry-level drummers. Hence, you don’t want to include a second bass drum pedal. 


  • This is a very affordable hi-hat stand.
  • It is lightweight and very portable. 
  • An excellent choice for beginners.


  • This stand is not designed for studio and stage use.
  • It is not very sturdy.

Yamaha HHS-3

Yamaha is, without a doubt, one of the biggest manufacturers for drums and accessories. The Yamaha HHS-3 is a very robust piece, everything you can expect from the manufacturer.

It is constructed from aluminum material, which means they are extremely durable. It also offers incredible stability because of its thicker diameter. It comes with non-slip rubber feet and easy set-up.

It weighs 4.8lbs, which can be quite limiting to some specific music styles. Punk and metal are among the sub-genres that are played very aggressively. Hence, I wouldn’t recommend for aggressive drummers.

In summary, this is a versatile strand and a good choice for beginners. Due to the micro-wing nut design, you can make quick adjustments during a performance. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Easy setout
  • Wingnut design.


  • Not for aggressive playing.

DW 5000 Series

Drum Workshop promises quality hardware. And the DW5000 bears the company’s and industry standard for the highest quality. It comes under medium-weight products. 

It gives you a great balance of weight, durability, road-worthiness, and excellent production.

The stands if created and built with high quality, just like you could expect from DW. It has every feature for improving portability and performance.

It saves a lot on space because of the uni-body folding footboard. And with its bearing link connector, you get a more focused playing response. Every confident and firm action produces a ‘click’ sound.

These best hi-hat stands are my personal favorite. It is sturdy and is constructed with quality material.

The stand comes with an SM379 locking clutch, which is excellent for easy set-ups. This means you won’t spend too much time setting it up.


  • Best on the market 
  • Mid-weight
  • Smooth
  • Durable construction


  • A bit pricey 

DW 3000 Series Hi-Hat stand

This is another best hi-hat stands that deliver excellent performance. It is the little brother of the DW3000, hence more affordable. 

The DW 3000 series is a tow legged hi-hat stand that is very affordable. And this means you will be playing your double bass pedal more comfortably.

It features a fixed steel baseplate that makes it sturdier. Also, the footboard comes in excellent and hefty construction. It feels really enjoyable to use. 

It may feel light, yet it works just as great at the DW5000. You get a smooth playing response as well as great stability.

It is among the greats in its price league. 


  • Great value for money 
  • Solid footboard and baseplate
  • Uni-body folding on the footboard.


  • It is not as excellent as the DW5000.

Yamaha HS-740A

If you are looking for flexibility in tension adjustment, then you should consider the HS-740A. This stand by Yamaha features medium weight legs. These legs are also single-braced legs and chain-linked. This means you can easily set it in the most appropriate position with these two legs.


  • A lightweight stand with legs
  • Flexible and adjustable
  • Sturdy and durable 
  • Smooth acting.


  • The clutch is weak

DW Drum Workshop 9000 series, 9500D

If you are looking for a higher-standard hi-hat stands, consider the DW 9500D. It comes with some of the market-brilliant features, including a lateral cymbal seat that is an innovation on another level and flexible legs.

It comes with adjustable locking spring tension and clutch, which makes resetting easy. It also features a reasonable price.

Important features include a lateral cymbal seat, locking clutch, double eccentric cam, adjustable locking spring tension, and plastic tube insulators. 


  • An excellent lateral cymbal seat
  • Heavy-duty chains
  • Short/long rods
  • Highly flexible.
  • Affordable.


  • Requires constant adjusting 
  • Not as rigid as you would expect. 

Gibraltar 5707

The price of this hi-hat is perhaps the most attractive feature. It is the cheapest on this list, but it delivers the sturdiness of a three-legged hi-hat. 

It is quite heavy, meaning it can withstand any punishment. And its operation is relatively smooth.

I would recommend it for those looking for the most affordable quality hi-hat stand.


  • Quality and sturdy construction
  • Budget-friendly
  • Reliable brand 
  • Highly responsive


  • Not two legged
  • Bulky.

Hi-hat stand buying guide

As stated in the beginning, some drummers don’t take the hi-hat stand with the seriousness it requires. It may not be the most lavish or the most expensive hardware, but it is worth investing in a quality one. 

When buying, consider the following features:

  • It must be of a solid but flexible built.
  • High-quality components.
  • Heavy-duty tubing with integrated memory locks. They should also feature secure threads.
  • Super smooth in performance.

 Why Two-Legged Hi-Hat Stands?

I have already mentioned a two-legged hi-hat stand and why you should have it. These stands are becoming very popular today. They are more desirable and were traditionally reserved for the most expensive highest-quality hi-hats. 

Other reasons to have it include:

  • They are more portable. These stands don’t take up much space and are easier to travel with. 
  • They are perfect for playing double-bass pedals. These pedals need more space at the foot, and a three-legged stand will only create obstructions.
  • You can adjust the angle you want to hit the hi-hat cymbals from.

Final thought 

Now that you know what you need in a hi-hat stand, it should be much easier for you to choose the right one. On this list, the DW9500D is the stand that will meet any drummer’s expectations. But you can check out the more affordable options if you are running low on budget.

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