Hifiman Arya

Every audiophile understands the importance of having some good headphones on. These are some of the accessories you never want to miss.

Whether it’s for a studio, home, or stage, choosing the right pair of headphones is crucial. No, there are many options out there, and I know this can be overwhelming for some people.

However, there are several factors you can consider when choosing a good pair. For me, it goes beyond the brand into the little details that make sense.

One of the best headphones I have wanted to review for a long time is the HifiMan Arya. Yes, I know it might not be a household name like Sony or Sennheiser, but it’s still one of the few brands you can trust.

And I will show you why through this review.

After so many days of waiting, I finally received my HifiMAN Arya headphones. It came just as I was expecting, and I was glad because these bad boys are designed for performance.

The packaging is similar to that of Sundara and Ananda. And by that, I mean it comes with lots of cardboard, a warranty, a user manual, and one 5ft cable.

Looking at the design, they are a lot similar to Edition X from the same company. That’s should already tell you they are good pieces. The main difference is that they don’t come with chrome grills. Instead, you get a matter-black color scheme with longer earcups.

Many things will make you want to use these headphones time and again. I would spend the whole day talking about these features, but that won’t help you.

The most important thing you should know is that these earphones are no joke. They will give you a performance of a professional pair of headphones.

What HifiMAN Arya Head Phones special

The first thing you will notice is that they are attractive. Such detail in the build quality can only come from the best gear on the market. And their price-point is truly unbeatable.

The earpads feature a hybrid leather-and-velour padding; with these, you are sure of more bass extension without making too much heat.

They come with a detachable cable, making it easy for those who don’t like bulky things when traveling. Also, this makes it easy to change the line whenever you want.

The cable will connect to both earcups, which have 3.5mm dual entry plugs. The other end connects into a 6.35mm plug.

This feature also makes it replace the cable whenever it’s damaged, instead of buying new headphones.

When I put them on the head, it was a constant reminder of why some of the most prominent sound engineers recommend this brand. If you find some other headphones too heavy and yet still need the same quality, these are the pieces you should try.


These planar-magnetic headphones come with everything good thing you can expect from a top-notch pair. They are configured with:

  • Frequency response of 8-65,000Hz
  • The nominal impedance of 35Ohms
  • Sound pressure of 90dB

With great soundwave transmissions, their headphones are something to admire.

Arya prides in a great frequency range, far beyond what the human ear can handle. This should promise a good deal of extension for those who want the best quality.

You will get the same sound signature as you would in any high-end gear. The impedance seems a bit on the lower side, though, which could require some extra juicing.

Luckily, there are other accessories out there you can use to make this work for you. Whatever your audio needs, the planar design of these Arya headphones should deliver.


  • Comfortable, with a great construction
  • A neural sound
  • And open sound stage


  • It does not have controls

Planar Magnetic Headphones, HifiMan Arya Review: Is HiFiMAN Arya worth it for your money?

The truth is, I was not sure at first whether the HifiMan Aryas were that good. But then, after taking them through a series of tests, I realized they are much better than other headphones I have used before. And here are some of the factors I looked at:

  • A reputable company. The headphones come from a well-known company. It has been operating for many years and therefore has gained the trust of many consumers.
  • Excellent sound. With proper amplification, you will get just the right amount of sound for your needs. They are neutral sounding on their own, though. Instrument sound separation is also great for
  • Comfortable. When choosing headphones, it’s always good to consider how comfortable they are. And HifiMAN has offered the best service in this regard. The headphones come with large earcups, which will fit well on your head without causing too much heat. Some may say they are a bit bulky, but to me, that is what makes them even better.
  • Controls. This could be the only major drawback with these headphones. They don’t have any controls, which could make it hard for some users. However, they have excellent detail retrieval in sound and design details. No volume control means you only use your device.
  • From the open box, you get everything you need to get an excellent sound quality. The detachable cable is a beautiful addition for ease of use.
  • Portable. They come with a detachable cable, and they are easy just to roll and store.
  • Breathable. These are one of the two headphones I have found very breathable at this price range.

So yes, the HifiMAN Arya headphones are good for the money. Besides, they are not overly expensive.

HiFiMan Arya Headphones Review: What headphone cable comes with HiFiMAN Arya?

Whenever you are looking for headphones to buy, always consider the type of cable it comes with. You want to make sure the line is designed to meet your needs regarding connectivity and functionality.

HifiMan has really tried in terms of making the good cable. These pieces are made at the same level of detail as the Ananda, which makes them recommendable for your audio needs.

The cable is designed to assure sound clarity and make the user feel right in the middle of the mix.

You get a ¼-inch to 1/8- inch detachable TRS cable. This is one cable that you can use for a wide range of applications.

At 5-ft (1.5m), this cable is long enough to work in any environment. The cable connects to both earcups through 3.5mm dual entry plugs. The end goes into a 6.35mm plug.

In terms of durability, this cable is designed to withstand a lot of pressure. It should be good enough for those who like coiling and stretching.

It assures and audio clarity that can only come from well-engineered headphones. Well, they may not be long enough for everyone, but they are a good start.

HifiMan Arya Ear Cups: Is HifiMan Arya has comfortable headphones?

The HifiMan earcups are quite comfortable. You can get that clear right from the first glance. These headphones promise a good fit, and the earpads are designed from a comfortable material.


It’s not easy to imagine wearing triangles on your head. I found the headband a bit hard to adjust when wearing the cans. However, once I got it right, they stayed secure enough.

You can even forget you are wearing them. There is leather on the sides and fabric on the top, which makes a nice plush. They are not obstructive either, which is another feature worth noting.

Note also that the earcups are fully rotational. That means you can set them in any position you want until you feel comfortable enough.


I have noticed when wearing many headphones that there is always an issue with breathability. HifiMan seems to have invested a lot of time in handling this issue to give you top-notch performance.

They are not fully breathable but good enough to allow you to wear them for a long time. They come with an open-back design which helps in air circulation.

Unfortunately, they still carry large planar magnetic drivers. These can trap heat over time and make you feel uncomfortable.

You will not sweat too much as you would with closed-back headphones, but they may not be perfect for a workout.

Verdict? The HifiMan Arya headphones are comfortable enough for any user today. They are designed for use in a wide range of applications too.

Sounds Quality: Is Hifiman Arya has Good Sound Quality?

Yes. These headphones are actually good in terms of sound. I was not expecting to get such quality.


You get a driving and magnetic performance in the low end. I noticed a lot of detail, but with an energy that is common with Edition X.

They are warm without being too bass. They feature a good sense of weight in the bass. You can also feel a sense of depth and precision. This contrasting nature gives you the perfect balance of low frequencies from in your chest.

Give it a good impact, and the bass will remain crisp and clean. It never goes wild. Also, one can get an extra blast with a bit of emphasis here and there.

The Mid

The midrange promises great detail and excellent fidelity. They are not forward-leaning as such, just a better upgrade from the Ananda.

Once gets just enough emphasis to improve the low end. It does not surpass the bass, which creates a nice balance between the two. As a result, you get a full and articulate sound. It’s not too sterile and unengaging like I have seen with Ananda.


For those who love clean vocals, you will enjoy the detail of these headphones, which were a little bright at the time. These are high-end features that ensure you enjoy your vocals to the fullest.

The vocals sound incredible. But you will feel the real presence of these headphones with the instruments. The strings come out with solid clarity, quite breathtaking—a perfect tonality for enjoying your music to the fullest.

You can feel a strong sense of fidelity through the details.

In a nutshell, the HifiMan Arya headphones are good sounding. You can count on their tonality. And they are good-looking too.

Build Quality: Is HifiMan Arya Balanced?

Yes. The HifiMan Arya are well-balanced. Perhaps this is the one thing that sets them apart from other headphones.

It all starts from its design and stability. These pieces have just the right stability. They are not for physical stability, so don’t expect them to engage in any physical activity when you are out there.

However, they should maintain a good posture during normal listening lessons.

In terms of tonal balance, the Arya is much better than the Ananda. You will get an impactful well-designed bass. It does not lead forward too much, but it has a depth that holds properly on the inside. It does not sound too reverberating; rather, it offers a certain dryness and a textured punch that makes the listener feel good. For those who love pop music or anything with bass, there are your headphones.

The mids are present and very well-balanced. You get an equal play from the low and high-mids, giving full potential to rock music in fullness and warmth. You can hear the vocals clearly throughout the music.

For the highs, you get smooth tones. You may not be blown away with the transparency, but this range of good enough, with some nice details too.

Sound wave transmissions

It also comes with a well-balanced cable for proper sound wave transmissions.

This balance makes you feel good with every piece of music you listen to. It never feels like you have had enough.

Are the HifiMan Edition the Best Headphones to Have?

It is no secret that HifiMan is a good brand. They have been making some of the best products for the longest time possible.

With that, you can expect HifiMan Edition headphones to give you great performance. I recently order the HifiMan Edition S headphones to see if they live up to the standard. And they did not disappoint.

The Edition allows you to choose between closed and open back options, which I find very helpful.

As you may already know, HifiMan made their name in the Planar Magnetic headphones. But they have tried out headphones that have dynamic speakers too. And the result is great.

The Edition S comes as portable cans for audiophiles. It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure, but there are many good things to say about them.

In short, these are good dynamic speaker headphones, but they are not the best you can have. There are better headphones out there.