Maschine Standalone 3

Native Instruments is not a new name for music lovers. They have been making high-quality instruments for quite a long time now.

Their Maschine range is a line of ‘beatmakers.’ They are a great technology to make music production much simpler.

The technological advancement witnessed in the music industry recently is quite impressive. Such machines as this make it worth investing in good music.

Standalone machines are production hubs made to create and flesh out music tracks in a simple workflow. Instead of having so many instruments, you only need one, which takes control of everything.

Some standalone don’t even require a laptop to work. But today, they can function on their own.

Maschine is the ultimate example of an excellent standalone. Native Instruments made them durable and of professional quality.

Is Maschine standalone good?

The simplest answer is yes. Maschine is really good.

Recent developments have made them even more useful. At first, the units required a laptop to work. They served as highly detailed MIDI controllers for the Maschine software.

But the new changes on the Maschine+, a standalone version of the MK3 Maschine, make things more interesting.

The new Maschine works just like the other Maschine controller. It’s in-depth, offering much easy use that users don’t even have to glance at their computers all the time.

Another great advantage of this is that it assures completely computer-free installment, sporting access to the whole NI library of plugs. But then, that comes at a price.

Construction quality

The build quality of the Maschine+ is impressive. Metal coating on the top and bottom plates make it more durable.

Looking at the pads, you can tell they were built to withstand high pressure. They are similar to the Akal pads.

All-rubber buttons come with a sweet click on them. Besides, there are eight touch-sensitive knobs on the unit, which are unlike anything else.

The unit comes with a decent connectivity aspect. It features a single ¼in headphone out, ¼in in master jacks, two 1/4 in footswitch connectors, a USB-B port to use with your comp, and two USB-A units for audio interfaces and controls.

Can I use Maschine without a computer?

The Maschine Standalone is designed to allow for the easy creation of music tracks. They simplify workflow.

Previous versions of Maschine units could not work without a laptop. They operated like software, which explains why it was a must to have a laptop.

However, recent developments have improved things. The Maschine+ is a standalone version of the MK3. It’s not different from other Maschine controllers in terms of functions. They are in-depth, which means the user does not have to focus on the computer’s screen.

The biggest advantage is that you can do installations without using computers or other drum accessories. Also, you get access to the whole NI library of plugins and packs.

However, if you are concerned about price, this may be a good option. The new features have made them more expensive.

MASCHINE was originally built with internal Maschine software. It’s, therefore, an integrated system. This gives you the best of both worlds, allowing the user access to the latest computer technologies. At the same time, you get an intuitive tactile control of the hardware.

Maschine+, on the other hand, allows you to do everything right from the hardware. That means you may not need a computer as you do with the software/hardware combo on your comp.

Is the Maschine MK3 standalone?

When the Maschine was released in 2009, it was the best thing ever. At the time, there are all sorts of physical samplers. Native Instruments took the idea and combined it with the software on a computer. The company has continued to release several versions of the hardware/software hybrid. The best example is, the Maschine Mikro, and Maschine Studio.

The MK3, which has been around for some time now, is the latest update of the core controller for Maschine. One can use them in music creation as well as in live performance.

You can use the software part without the hardware. But the whole idea is to use it in tandem.

Also, it’s not possible to purchase the software as a standalone. The hardware is designed for use with Maschine software.

Nevertheless, you can use it in conjunction with other DAWs. Connect to Ableton or Logic Pro, and you are good to go, with a little adjustment.

If you are not familiar with this type of technology, you can check how Native Instruments describe it. That the Maschine site is designed for ‘groove production.’ That means one records sounds assigned to pads and then chooses the right effects and uses other functions to create the perfect music.

Do I need a DAW with Maschine?

It depends on how you enjoy working. You can use Scenes/Patterns to accomplish everything. But that will be a very hard job.

The idea behind Maschine is to make things much easier when creating music. It does not make sense if you have to go through difficult steps to finish your work.

The Maschine is not really a DAW. It’s a loop-based sequencer/software used to link the Maschine line of controllers. That means it’s useless on its own.

It’s ok to use Maschine just for creating loop-based music. For other DAWs, you have to make everything from start to end. But in this case, one makes everything in looped clips and then pieces them together. Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle.

It’s not possible to record audio in it without a sampling pad.

That means you need the right DAW to mix, polish, and master the final output. The DAW must be designed with the right knowledge and understanding.

Maschine has always used a part of a studio somewhere. It’s along with other gear and software.

Therefore, if you wish to make it much easier, it would be best to use it with DAW. The Maschine alone.

The Best Standalone Music Production Hardware Under $500

The Maschine+ is an incredible music production combo. It comes with a wide range of features that will make your workflow much easier and more convenient.

However, this kit’s price is something to be concerned about if you are buying on a budget. You may therefore require something cheaper and more affordable.

The best standalone music production hardware you can get for under $500 is the Maschine MK3. Although the price may vary, it does not go very far.

For those who understand their music product, this piece can be your first drum machine. It’s easy to learn and even easier to use.


The MK3 is a beautiful piece of hardware. It’s compact and with a slightly sloped profile. It comes with a black matte blanketing everything. All the buttons that were previously white on the previous version have been changed.

Native Instruments has always been keen on improving its products. And this piece is no different. They have increased the size of almost every button.

The new version comes with two large, high-resolution LEDs. They are quite easy to use and very visible.


The MK3 has seen significant updates. It is more powerful, an all-in-one unit that beats its predecessors. Thanks to it, the Maschine hardware now comes with an I/O setup.

In a nutshell, this piece will make your workflow easier and better. It’s cheap, and it’s filled with some great features.


• Intuitive interface

• Welcoming and approachable – good for beginners

• Easy to use


• Previous versions do not have I/O

Final thought

Maschine+ is one standalone device that every music producer would love to have. It comes with a new level of functionality in a single unit.

While different users may have different experiences, it’s generally a product worth considering.