Nuraphone Headphones

The world of headphones is quite versatile. And the technology for these accessories keeps improving.

You will be surprised at just how many different types of headphones are on the market right now. And they vary in price from a few to thousands of dollars.

So, when it comes to choosing not only the best headphones but also the right ones for you, you must be very careful. You don’t want to spend your money on something that will only disappoint you.

I, for one, never want more than one gaming pair of headphones at any given time. Hence, I am very particular about my choices.

The nascent audio firm Nura has proven quite capable of delivering the highest quality in this industry. Their headphones, Nuraphone, are unlike anything you may have ever seen before.

Let’s see what it brings to the table.

Nuraphone headphones review

From the first glance, you will already tell that these headphones offer the highest quality. They are designed in a unique manner, which makes them stand out from the rest.

Nura has offered something different here. My order came with a pair of the best headphones and earphones in the same package. And it’s no secret that they look strange.

In terms of sound, I had never experienced anything so supreme and phenomenal. The feature is a personalized audio tuning feature that allows self-tuning, letting you hear and feel the purest sound. If you think I am pulling your legs, try them out yourself.

Those earbuds inside the earcups make you feel like there is something else on your head. It felt a bit weird putting them on for the first time. But it takes only a few minutes to get used to it.

I will talk about the design later. For now, let me tell you about that personalized tuning feature.

Well, it’s not easy to gauge whether they work or not. This was my first time using “tuned” earphones before.

However, I can tell you that there is something in Nuraphone that no other pair of headphones can offer. You can create your own hearing profile, and the music will be a boom.

For gaming

The in-game sounds or the Nuraphones headphones are crisp and clear. They support software-emulated 3D audio in PS5 and on every PC. There is no head tracking or customization of that sound, though. Their gaming microphone and battery life are all excellent.

Let your teammates adjust their audio balance if they are using a different set. These may not be as loud as other headphones you have ever used.

For music

Nuraphones are hybrid headphones, which means listening to music in them feels great. The quality of sound you get is phenomenal. It leans towards mids and lows more than the sparkling highs. Nura did their research to present what most people want.

The bass is particularly strong. Besides, you get the best noise isolation and cancellation functionality.


• Excellent personalized sound

• Top-notch construction

• Useful cables


• The in-ear drivers get a bit uncomfortable

• Expensive

Nuraphone’s Setup and Features: Can you buy Nuraphone without a subscription?

It takes some time to set up the Neurophones when you pull them from the box. They have a special technology that lets them tune themselves to your ears.

The headphones achieve this by trying out different sounds over a specified period. This allows them to detect how sound moves in and around your ear canal. They can also detect how sensitive your ears are to different tunes.

After finishing the setup, you should hear something different from what came out of the box. They should sound better after tuning. Flicking a toggle button in the application allows them to adjust themselves easily.

There is a slider that lets the user adjust how much on this specialized effect they can hear. I liked how it becomes easy to find the right setup that brings the house down. And they did work perfectly afterward.

I cannot go without mentioning that mapping social media mode to a button is not possible. So, you will have to boot up the app if you want to turn noise cancellation on and off.


The following specification characterizes the Nuraphone:

• Dimension – 190 x 170 x 88mm

• Weight – 329g

• Connectivity – Bluetooth aptX HD, Propriety wired lightning, USB-C and micro-USB, analog connection, a charging cable, and gaming microphone.

• Up to 20 hours of battery power

• Active noise cancellation and dual passive isolation

• Made from Japanese steel, aluminum cups, bio-compatible, soft-touch silicon

• External mic for voice calls and separate attachable gaming mic

You get the Nuraphone, an analog cable, USB-A charging wire, a soft carrying case, and different ear tips from the box. It’s a full package for all your listening needs.

Nuraphone’s Design & Build: Are Nura headphones worth it?

The most outstanding feature of the Nuraphone is the design. At this price, anyone would expect more on the build quality. And I was very impressed with what Nura is offering here.

First, you will notice a stealthy black style. They come in only one well-made color option.

These headphones look amazing. The headband is made from stainless steel, while the padding features silicon material. They then meet aluminum earcups that feature a flash of silver on one end.

Due to their unusual design, they are both over-ear and in-ear headphones. That means you don’t have to buy two pairs of headphones for these options.

You will need to locate the in-ear part when putting on the headphones. This can be tricky at first but becomes easier once you get hung on it.

One of the biggest problems I had was getting them in the best position for sound isolation and comfort. But Nura has added several features to make this part work well.

The in-ear part settles on a cone that becomes lost when you push into the main earcup. The tip fits in all setups, which might pause and issue fitting in your ear canal. Tweaking the earcups, which move on the headband rail easily, makes this setup very easy.

The company has added features like touch-sensitive controls on the outside of the cups. But don’t expect them to work well in the rain.

Added connections via BT, USB, and analog cables are quite handy. You can customize them any way you want to make them perform even better.

Nuraphone’s Sound Quality: Are Nura sound good and have active noise cancellation ANC?

I find the Nuraphones headphones to be more than just your everyday headphones. They feature superior technology that makes them perform better. The self-tuning feature offers you a more personalized sound.

We all have different hearing for the same sound. It depends on several factors, like the shape of your ears or if you have been close to speakers for too long. The app will use these factors to create your personal listening profile.

You have your own unique hearing profile, fit for your needs. Also, you get a representation of a frequency suited to your needs.

Their dual design is the reason these headphones sound so good. The in-ear part offers the largest chunk of the sound, but it does not work with the low-end. You get the bass from more significant drivers in the earcups.

Your ear is sealed off from the earbud, bringing out a unique sensation from the bass mode. It feels as though you have a subwoofer tied to your head. The Immersion Mode lets you adjust how much bass you want to hear.

This combination of features delivers a sound quality that will make you smile. And they offer and active noise canceling (ANC) functionality. Many consumers are looking for this. A Social Mode is part of this noise-cancellation system, which allows in some sound around you in case you want to pass some information out.

Nuraphone Gaming Headset Review: is Nuraphone is Good at Gaming Performance?

The most significant thing you will notice about these headphones is their in-game performance. Note that these are gaming headphones, which only makes sense that they perform better.

Their sound is crisp and clear – everything gamers ask for. They come with software-emulated 3D audio, the same feature found on PS 5 and most PCs. However, it does not offer head-tracking features. You will also not be able to personalize these 3D sound effects. I wish they had this capability, as I have seen in Audeze’s Mobius and Penrose.

If you are using different headphones with your teammates, ask them to adjust their audio balance. The Nuraphones are not particularly loud like other headphone mics. Or perhaps that is just my experience with them. Some of my team members said it sounded as if I was across the room away from the mic.

But they will not work well on PS4 because of their poor 3D audio. Also, not that these headphones work pretty well with PC and PS5. Nura does not come out clean on this issue.

Nuraphone’s Music Performance: Is this Headphone also Good for Music Performance?

Like I mentioned earlier, Nuraphones are “hybrid” wired/wireless headphones. That means you will love listening to music in them.

The quality of sound I got from these headphones is beyond anything I had ever imagined. They focus more on the mids and the lows. Many people don’t like sparkling highs anyway, which only makes sense that you would want to use these cans for music.

If your music is powerful on the bass, you can literally see the air around you moving. Inside, the earcups bring out vibrations from the external low-end drivers, making you feel every beat from the deepest part.

These headphones made me laugh when I put them on for the first time. The music experience was something out of this world. Nura has done a fantastic job in delivering on its promise of immersive listening.

Then comes the noise isolation and cancellation functionality. It’s near the top of the list and the best I had ever seen. They are not as good as Sony, Bose, and Apple, but they are in the same category. They are worthy of praise, considering how high these other brands have set their stands.

Nura did a fantastic job in helping music lovers. These headphones will make you want to put them on forever. That is how good they are at a music performance. These closed-end headphones sound great.

Ear Cups: Is Nuraphone Headphone has Comfortable Ear Cups?

I have to be honest here; the Nuraphones are not the most comfortable headphones on the market. It could have been because of the size of my head, but that should not be the case in such high-priced cans.

Nevertheless, I liked the earbuds and the headphones separately. Together, they have a serious limitation that is just hard to ignore. I prefer those little buds pressed resting gently on my ear canal. Instead, they are pressed into space by the headband’s force.

Nura has tried making the connection and the inside of the cans soft, but there is still a certain amount of pressure that would make you feel uncomfortable fast. I wanted to take them off after just 20 or 30 minutes.

Those who like gaming competitively for many hours may have a hard time with them. Also, the headphones are quite heavy, which would not have been an issue with any other design. They rest easily on the head and don’t feel too bulky.

We all have different experiences with such products as the Nuraphone. However, if you have experienced earbud comfort issues before, I would recommend buying these.

Besides, they are closed-back headphones, which means heat build-up is inevitable.

Don’t worry, though; they are manageable. With their features and level of detail on performance, I am sure anyone can work with these cans.

Is Nuraphone a gimmick or a good pair of headphones?

The Nuraphone is a fantastic pair of headphones. It’s designed from high-quality material, offers a unique design and an incredible sound output. It comes with all the best connectivity features you can expect from good headsets.

It does not luck a few limitations. Every product out there has pros and cons, and Nura’s headphones are not different. But that does not mean it’s a gimmick.

Most of us want the best gaming and music performance with our headphones. The Nuraphone can deliver that and much more.