Pdp Fs Series Birch Cherry To Black Fade Drum Shell Pack

When it comes to finding the best drum kit, both beginner and advanced, one must consider several things.

Today, there are so many products on the music market that finding the right one can be a bit overwhelming. However, it all comes down to the brand.

The mid-range section is perhaps the hardest to choose from. It is the bridge between beginner and professional kits. Hence, you should expect a wide range of good and not-so-good kits all mixed.

Back to the manufacturer, PDP by DW is among the best and highly trusted brands for drum sets. Drum Workshop started the company to focus on the entry-level and budget-oriented needs of customers.

Occasionally make high-quality solutions.

A good example is the PDP FX Series Birch kit I will review in this guide. I am a PDP fan, but I will be giving my honest opinion without being biased.

PDP FS Series Birch

I was looking for some online thoughts about the PDP FS birch and found some pretty exciting reviews. Some think these kits are awesome, while others find them annoying.

One reviewer on drummerworld.com says, “decent kit, horrible snare. Pair with a DW snare, and you will have better sounds.”

Another one says, “honesty? Absolute garbage. They rank down there with Sound Percussion kits…”

Sound is quite subjective in drums. What one finds amazing may not be what another might be looking for. And that is why we have such mixed opinions.

I have owned a PDP FS birch and the out-of-production PDP CX (maple). I looked for some good heads and did some tuning; both kits sounded better than what I would have expected at this price range.

I must agree the snare was not good at all. I even tried with several heads, but it could not just come to the setup I needed.

The shells are not bad. They sound good enough for the money.

Generally, this kit is an excellent investment. If you want something decent on a budget, I would suggest you try them out.

Here are some options to consider:

PDP by DW FS 5-Piece Shell Pack

There are not many good drums you can buy on a budget. It is better to save your money and buy a decent kit from DW.

But we know that is not always the option for many people. Financial constraints make it hard for many to get the drum kit they need. Besides, as a beginner, you don’t need to spend too much on a drum kit.

But that does not mean you cannot find something decent on a budget.

The PDP FS 5-piece shell pack is a great example of such a kit. Its design and several features are typical of what DW offers.

As stated above, PDP drums are one of those brands that never disappoint. It values customer needs and is always ready to offer solutions as desired.

This kit is configured with:

• A 22 x 18-inch kick drum

• 10 x 8-inch and 12 x 9-inch rack toms

• 14 x 12-inch floor toms

• 14 x 4-inch snare drum

The PDP FS ushers in an era of quality and economy drum sets. The stunning high-quality, all-birch shells are more than what many would expect at this price range.

Birch is known for producing a dry, more controllable sound. It is excellent both for studio and live stage performances.

The kit comes with a smooth satin oil finish that stands out in any environment. The included Remo heads complete the setup for excellent sonic potential.

Cymbals and hardware are not included. But you can buy them too at an affordable price so that you can start gigging immediately.


• Excellent finish

• Affordable

• Great sound


• The snare does not sound good

• The factory heads are disappointing

PDP FS Series Birch Cherry to Black Fade Drum Shell Pack

What should you consider when looking for a drum kit? For me, it is the brand that matters the most. With it, you are assured of excellent features.

PDP by DW is a brand that is known for making high-quality, affordable kits.

This PDP FS Series Birch Cherry to Black Fade finish drum shell pack offers incredible sonic performance. It is a kit designed with DW features to make the drummer feel powerful on the throne.


The first thing you will notice on this kit is the excellent construction. The design and some of the features are all part of what DW promises.

Fundamental accuracy-sized toms (FAST), all-birch shells, and Suspension Tom Mount (STM) are some of the features you find on higher-end kits. They are not only for looks but for enhanced performance too.

True Pitch Tuning makes it easy to set the kit in position for the perfect sound. The Remo heads, on the other hand, ride through any setup with clarity of their sound.

Birch is known for its bright tones. And yet, it’s still warm and projecting. This makes them excellent for drum making. The 7-ply configuration on this FS kit tells it all.

Included in the package is:

• 10 x 8-inch rack tom

• 12 x 9-inch rack tom

• 14 x 12-inch floor tom with legs

• 22 x 18-inch bass drum

• 14 x 5-inch snare


• High-quality, affordable kit

• Excellent sonic quality

• Versatile


• The factory heads included are not good.


You will love playing the PDP FS drum kit. But you will need to change the snare. Everything else about the drums is on point.