Pearl E:merge E:traditional Electronic Drum Set

If you have been in the drumming industry for a long, then you already know the name Pearl. This is one of the biggest manufacturers who have established themselves as a reliable brand.

However, many know the company for making affordable traditional drum sets. They do not know that the brand also has a line of electronic kits.

If you are one of these people and wondering whether Pearl’s Electronic drum set would be any good, you have come to the right place. We will be looking at what makes their electronic drums good.

Is Pearl A Good Drum Set?

Pearl has been in the drum-making industry for a very long time, which makes it highly experienced. Therefore, you can be sure that any drum kit is good.

A lot of drummers use their drum kits, not only because they are affordable, but because they are also good in quality.

Some of their lines compete quite well with more expensive brands like Yamaha, DW, and Ludwig.

I have been using Pearl’s drums and hardware for quite a while now. My beginner kit from the Pearl’s Roadshow series is still helping in practice, even though I have others.

I was not sure I would get anything good from the brand in terms of e-drums until I tried out Pearl’s e/Merge drum kit. It is a portable drum kit with good sounds and high-end features.

Pearl e/Merge e/Traditional Electronic Drum Set

What makes a good e-drum kit? For many drummers, it begins with the manufacturer. And in this case, Pearl is one of the most reliable and drum manufacturers out there.

Besides, an electronic kit is preferred over an acoustic one in terms of portability. You can easily control the volume on these drums to help you practice silently or play more subtle tunes.

Pearl’s e/Merge series comes with great features just like you would expect from a good set.

Coming from the manufacturer, these drums feature fusion-sized shells and 6-ply tunable PUREtouch pads. They offer great control and response that makes the drums sound as though you are playing acoustic drums.

The Pearl’s e/Merge/e/Traditional drum kit is a five-piece drum kit with good-sounding drums. The 14-inch snare drum, 12-inch, 14-inch, and 10-inch toms are all good for modern drummers.

These are sizes you would not find in many electronic sets at this price range. It gives the look and feel of a full traditional drum kit.

Pearl e/Merge/e/Traditional module

The drum kits are equipped with an easy-navigating MDL-1 module. Like any other drum module, it is designed to connect the drum pads, and record other sounds you desire.

The MDL-1 comes with 35 kits, all of which deliver real sound. They are very good and useful, enabling you to create music that attracts everyone that can listen.

Apart from this, it comes with 700 kit sounds from a new library of vintage and modern Pearl’s drum sets in combination with Korg’s many years of electronic music percussion and keyboard instruments. These sounds are more than everything you need to make good music.

Also, you get 16-GB internal memory. This lets you create your own custom kit through USB and capture live performances.

Drum pads and hardware

The set comes with great pads, made with Pearl’s Korg’s quality. The snare features Wavedrum technology, which is realistic and gentle. It is also very sensitive.

The toms feature Pearl’s PureTouch technology construction with two sensors on the rimshot. These rimshots are also on the snare, making them very sensitive.

Cymbal pads are made from standard-quality plastic and rubber. They look and feel like acoustic cymbals, one of the reasons the manufacturer is proud to present this kit.

The hi-hat and other cymbals are realistic.


• Affordable

• Quality sounds on the MDL -1 module

• Sturdy hardware


• This kit is not as compact as other electronic kits

• It is a bit expensive

Pearl ePro Live Electronic Drum Set

Pearl joined the world of electronic kits in 2010 and has been making good quality kits ever since. Their drums are good because they come with the same quality as their acoustic kits.

Pearl’s ePro Live Electronic set comes from one of the most popular lines of e-drums from the brand.


Many drummers most prefer traditional drum kits because of their realistic sounds. However, they are really loud and hard to control if you want silent practice.

Electronic drum pads, on the other hand, are not very realistic in terms of sound. But you can control their volume with ease and practice even in a silent environment.

The company brings these two features into one – the natural sound of acoustic drums and electronic kit control.

The drum kit features real drum shells with R.E.D box real electronic modules.

The drums are made with Tru-Trac E-Head, which is highly sensitive and delivers traditional drums’ true feelings.

With the modified DR-80E Icon e-Rack setting, this set in place has never been easier. It also features real hardware, making it one of a kind set.


The ePro Live drums come in different configurations. The most common one is a five-piece set with a 20 by a 12-inch bass drum, 10 by 6.5-inch 12 by 7-inch and 14 by 8-inch toms, and 14 by a 4.5-inch snare drum. It also comes with a hi-hat and other cymbals.

As you can see, these are not configurations you will find on any other e-drum sets.

This set and the electronic kit is the perfect tool for modern drumming needs. If you were having trouble controlling your sound, this is the kit you can rely on.

Pearl Electronic Acoustic Drum Set

Pearl’s ePro live drum kit can be best described as an electronic acoustic drum kit. It has all the features of e-drums as well as those of traditional drums.

The 20-inch bass drum, 10-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch toms, and a 14-inch snare are all sizes of complete acoustic drums.

Apart from having real drums, the kit is configured with metal cymbals. You will not, therefore, be dealing with rubber or plastic cymbals that use sensitive pads. Rather you have real cymbals on an e-drum kit.

In terms of the hardware, everything is real. The tom mounts, the snare and cymbal stand, and the bass drum lugs are all real. The toms also come with real mounts.

In simple terms, this is just an electronic kit by name. But in terms of function, these kits are like no other kit.

Pearl ePro Live Electronic Acoustic Drum Set Module

The revolutionary e-Pro live kit looks and sounds like a real drum kit. It comes with full-sized drums and cymbals. Their sonic capabilities march the needs of modern drummers.

Its real looks and feel start with the real drums, extending into authentic shells, hardware, and sounds.

But all these could not be possible without the module. This is the component that connects everything together.

The module features rich drum and percussion sounds. Known as the r.e.d box drum module (Real Electronic Drums module), it offers a wide range of functions that you would not get from normal electronic drum kits.

One of the most exciting features of this module is the Memory Switch. It lets you flash the memory and change with a lush, super expensive set.

Also, it comes with 128 MB RAM, on which you can store more than 1000 HD sounds. There are also 100HD spaces for user-created kits.


The real hardware on this kit offers the most realistic feeling you can ever get from any drum kit. You will never find better hardware than what comes from the brand.

These include Icon e-Rack, a 3-pipe clamp, a hi-hat holder, two cymbal holders, 3 to, holders, 4 pipe clamps, one universal clamp, and one snare stand.


• High-quality electronic kit

• Real drums and hardware

• Excellent sounds


• Expensive

Frequently asked questions

Is it OK to learn drums on an electronic kit?

Yes, electronic kits are the best for learning drums. But you should not rely on them too much.

What is the best electronic drum kit for beginners?

There are many electronic drums for beginners. The most convenient option should have all the drums and hardware.

Price matters a lot. Consider something you can easily afford.

What is the best electric drum set?

You can know the best electronic drums for your needs and the price it bears. High-end drums are expensive, but they are the best.

The best electric drum set should deliver realistic sounds and with the capability to create more tones. In this case, the Pearl e-Pro Electronic drum kit is one of the best recommendations.