Pearl S930 Snare Drum Stand

Pearl has been one of the most trusted brands for drums and hardware for a long time. They make good quality products and this is one of the reasons the company has stayed on top.

Apart from high-quality construction, it is also very affordable. To some extent, Pearl makes products with the aim of bringing high-quality features to the lower market.

It is, therefore, no wonder that they have taken the market by storm.

One such product is the Pearl snare stand. There are many different categories of the stand, but they are all defined by the great quality and functional features.

Pearl Snare Drum Stand

A snare stand is one of the most important components of a drum set. It is used to hold the snare, and sometimes the hi-hat.

And the snare is also a fundamental part of many drum sets. For this reason, it is important to have a good quality stand.

If you are a drummer who plays the snare a lot, you will need a sturdy, durable, and functional stand like many drummers today.

You can get these features in a Pearl snare stand.

Pearl Marching Snare Stand

Pearl marching snare stands come with high-quality features and strong construction. They give you the road-worthy ruggedness common in high-quality stands.

It is strongly built and features double-braced legs for stability. Even though a marching snare does not need the stands mostly, it is still an excellent addition to your gear.

Pearl snare drum stands reviewed

Pearl S930 Snare Drum Stand

Pearl’s S-930 snare stand comes from the popular 930 hardware line. These products are defined by their high -quality and functional features that you cannot find anywhere else at this price range.

It, therefore, assures the road-worth ruggedness found in the entire series.

The first thing you will notice from the construction of this stand is its sturdiness. This comes from the strong material used in its construction.

Also, it is very silent. This means you can play your drums for long without getting distracted by squeaky sounds that come from some stands.

It is fully adjustable, making it ideal for both stage and studio use. It comes with streamlined pipe joints that bear Pearl’s new “clamshell” collars.

Each stand’s bass has been upgraded with a new double-braced Trident Design tripod. This protects the pipe from excess-torque damage.

If you are looking for a great snare stand that is affordable, this Pearl S-930 could be your answer.


The S-930 snare stand comes with height adjustability ranging from 18.11-inch to 25.59-inches. The basket is adjustable to take 10-inch to 14-inch drums.

A Uni-lock tilter and Air-Suspension rubber arm tips give it the functionality of a high-end snare stand. Double-braced legs and rubber leg tips assure a sturdy performance.

In a nutshell, the Pearl S-930 snare stand hardware offers Pearl quality at the best price. It is designed to make your life much easier.


• Sturdy double-braced construction

• Pearl quality

• Affordable


• It is not durable

Pearl S1030 Snare Drum Stand

High-end features and great performance define Pearl’s hardware. The company is known for making some of the best snare stands, and this S1030 stand tells it all.

It is Pearl’s premium, professional-quality piece of hardware. It features a Gyro Lock multi-axis, gearless bucket tilter for easy setting of your drum’s position.

From the box, you will notice that this stand is very sturdy and durable. It is double-braced to ensure you never have to worry about things falling apart in the middle of a performance.


When I first bought the S1030, I was not sure if it was the right tool for the job. I had been using some low-quality stand that could not withstand intense playing.

After some time, I realized it was what I needed. Many people would doubt the quality of this stand at this price range, and yet, it is real.

It features a Uni-lock tilter, which ensures and smooth basket position. This gearless process is easy and quick.

The basket can be adjusted to accommodate 10 to 16-inch snares or toms. Anything you want, this snare drum stand will hold.

It is built for high-impact drumming. This means it’s a perfect tool for gigging drummers who need stability in their drum sets.

The wide Trident design tripod delivers high stability. You can play strong and for long without worrying about your drums falling on stage.

Completely insulated pipe joint keeps them strong. They will hand all the pressure that comes with high-impact gigging drummers.

It comes with rubber contact tip grips, which hold down the stand and everything on it. It comes with Patented Air Suspension hoops that hold to the bottom of any drum. This keeps the grip of the basking from restricting tone and resonance functionality.

Also, you can use any mounting angle, thanks to the UniLock tilter. There are not very many stands at this price range that come with this feature.


• UniLock tilter

• Sturdy

• High-performance


• Expensive

Pearl S830 Snare Drum Stand

Pearl’s S830 snare drum stand is another hardware piece that offers high-end gear’s function and function.

It comes with high-impact stability in a lightweight box. This makes it ideal for gigging drummers who must travel all the time.

The Unilock in the snare basket tilter is gearless. Hence, it is easy to set your tom or snare at any angle.

This is one of the most durable and good-quality snares stands from Pearl. However, it is not recommended for advanced drummers or professional work.

If you are a student or an advancing player, this is the snare stand for you. Its affordability makes it ideal for those buying on a budget.

The adjustable mounting basket can accommodate snare drums ranging from 13-inches to 14-inches in diameter.

It has a sturdy double-braced tripod that keeps the stand in position throughout the performance. You can play for long without feeling the stand will break.


• A high-quality snare stands from Pearl

• Adjustable basket

• UniLock technology for easy angle adjustment.


• It can only accommodate 13-inch and 14-inch snare drums

• It’s not for advanced drummers

Pearl S930D Snare Drum Stand

At the mid-range of Pearl’s hardware quality, you will find the S930D snare drum stand with great features and a great price. Its height can be adjusted from around 15-inches to about 22-inches. Hence, it can fit the needs of many drummers today.

It is constructed with high-quality features to ensure durability and good performance. This snare stand is made for advanced drummers.

The snare basket is fully adjustable and can hold snare sizes of 12-inches to 14-inches. It is not very expandable, but it’s still a functional unit.

UniLock technology ensures that you can set your drum at any angle you want, and it will still perform excellently.

It comes with suspension rubber arm tips for a strong grip on the ground. No matter how hard you hit your drums, it will still keep them in position.

Pearl has given a lifetime warranty on this product. That’s how confident they are about its quality and functionality.

The new streamlined pipe joints are a common feature on the 930 series. They offer great performance, apart from the amazing looks present.


• New double-braced Trident design tripod

• An adjustable and functional basket that can hold deeper drums

• Affordable


• It is not the best quality hardware from Pearl


Pearl’s hardware is good. The snare drum stands reviewed above are therefore reliable and worth your investment.