Hxw Pd705 Percussion Pad

Getting the best sounds out of your drum pads is not a walk in the park. Several factors come into play, and you must make necessary considerations all the time. The percussion pads are usually connected to a digital drum module that helps synthesize the sounds produced.

Therefore, an electronic drum kit cannot normally function without all its components, including the percussion pad and the drum synthesizer. However, most people at times think that sounds of electronic drums are exaggerated. They are wrong; we play the e-kits just like the acoustic kits.

We need to look at some of the best electronic drum pads to add to your drums to make them produce the best drum sounds. This review will help you find the right one that suits all your drumming needs. Therefore, it will be wise if you follow me through this entire piece of writing.

Alesis Sample Pad 4 | Compact Percussion and Sample Triggering Instrument with 4 Velocity Sensitive Pads, 25 Drum Sounds, and SD/SDHC Card Slot

Alesis Sample Pad 4 and Alesis Sample pad pro are the best electronic drum pads that will help you expand your performance. It allows the player to add any sound sample to their drum or percussion setup via a standard SD card. The pad also comes with a built-in library with unique sounds that will help you start playing and practicing.

It comes with 25 most commonly requested percussion and electronic drum sounds that have been selected across eight ready-to-play kits. The drum pad is made for maximum creative expression because it features four velocity-sensitive pads and dual trigger input that offers expanded performance potential.

The good thing is that you can shape your sounds by tuning and adding reverb to your sounds, then assigning them to any of the four percussion pads or the kick input. You can also enhance outstanding performance through the MIDI output used as a controller for triggering sound modules and software.

Alesis has simplified the creation and loading of your samples to the SamplePad 4. The Alesis Sample Converter ensures that your samples are formatted correctly for your product to use easily with the internal sounds.

This electronic drum pad is equipped with four responsive, Led illuminated rubber pads, a dual-zone trigger input, a powerful kick drum, and ten preset kits. The good thing is that you can load up to two samples in every pad or trigger input. Furthermore, each pad can be set to 6 Modes. In a 32GB card, you can load 89 user kits and 512 samples.


  • It is durable and reliable.
  • It offers a large storage capacity for samples and user kits.


  • It has a hefty price tag.

HXW PD705 Percussion Pad Compact 9-Trigger Sampling Multipad Tabletop All-in-one Electric Drum Set With 600+ Sounds, Built-in Metronome, Effecter, Looper

PD705 is an all-in-one compact, portable, and affordable drum pad that removes all the obstacles for players struggling with hard sonic creations to their performance. This electronic percussion pad features 9-shot multipath that includes 608 drums/percussion/effect sounds, 30 presets 20 user kits, and 8 MIDI loops.

The percussion pad also has a built-in metronome, effector, and looper that are assignable in each kit. Another fantastic feature is the nine LED lights that glow accompanying each velocity-sensitive pad, making them suitable for dark venues and clubs.

Several other fantastic functions waiting for your exploration are Mute/ AB Layer/ Linked pad/ kitchen/ Pan/ 3-band EQ, Reverb, and Limit Effects. You can expand your connection with MIDI 5-pin input and output ports and a USB-B port for computer connectivity, meaning that the recording process is simple.

The ¼ inch stereo outputs (L, R), 1/4 –inch headphone output, and 1/8-inch stereo AUX input enhance perfect connectivity. The percussion pad also features two additional drum inputs that support connection with dual-zone trigger pads and two footswitch inputs (kick-pedal or hi-hat pedal). For a wireless connection, the kit can be connected with a BM-A01 Bluetooth MIDI adapter.


  • The kit features an Extra pedal for PD705 Multipad, BM-A01 MIDI Bluetooth Adapter, two pairs of natural 5A walnut professional chopsticks, and two pairs of 5A black walnut professional chopsticks, and two pairs of 5A maple drumsticks.


  • These percussion pads are on-demand; thus, they can be few.

Offworld Percussion Invader V3RED Practice Pad Red Rim

Offworld Percussion Invader is a new and incredible electronic percussion pad with a new formulated surface. It is very articulate even when subjected to low dynamics. It is an otherworldly style and looks that attract many drummers.

This pad caters to the needs of the marching world and represents the apex of rehearsal tools. The most desirable thing with the pad is the signature ‘DarkMatter’ playing surface. The advanced polymer used in making this electronic drum pad is a custom material that comes close to replicating the feel of playing on a Kevlar-style marching head.

When this electronic drum pad is placed on various surfaces, it displays a non-slip reaction, and it can be used at extreme angles and on surfaces unlike any other pad of the same kind.

The drum pad is the ultimate in rudimental drum pads because it is carefully designed to replicate the physical functionality of a rudimental snare drum. Also, it is sized to fit perfectly onto any 14-ich snare drum or snare drum stand.

This electronic drum pad features a 360-degree rim, which is rarely found on most other practice percussion pads; thus, shots, pings, cross-sticks, and countless other effects are all easily achieved.  Another fantastic feature of this electronic drum pad is the abrasion, and the weather-resistant nylon body makes it durable.


  • It is durable, versatile, and reliable.
  • They produce high-quality drum sounds.


  • It can be challenging for amateurs.

Roland SPD-SX Percussion Sampling Pad with 4GB Internal Memory, Black

Roland SPD-SX sampling pad adds powerful sample creation and playback under your sticks with creative audio capture features, expressive playback, three multi-effect engines, and much more. SPD-SX is a perfect complement to any acoustic or electronic drum kit, percussion setup, DJ booth, or keyboard rig.

This is the best electronic drum pad that takes more of the proven concepts of the early age pads and elevates them to the next level. SPD-SX is loaded with the recent technology and tools to get the job done with speed, precision, and comfort. You can shoot single-shot samples, looped phrases, or audio playback tracks with this incredible kit.

The electronic drum pad comes with nine highly sensitive rubber pads with two independent knobs and four dedicated effect buttons. The company’s shooting technology ensures the ultimate precision and offers dynamic performance.

The large backlight LCD offers easy-to-read data in all varieties of environments. Every pad is fitted with a complimentary LED that lights up to show the status of the pad. During the activation of sample phrases, the LEDs stay lit to indicate the percussion pads in play and those that are not.

The LED displays change the intensity of illumination according to the audio level activity. The SPD-SX try to meet the expanding requirements with essential features like single click output routing, dedicated volume controls, individual sub-output, and block check function.


  • It offers an extensive line of functions for the player.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It features a hefty price tag.

What is the best sample pad?

You can use a sample pad to extend your existing drum setup or use them as standalone instruments to record own custom samples and other drum samples. The good thing with sample pads is that you can load your electronic sounds. You can also load custom samples from the electronic pads Therefore, you need to get the best sample pad that can accommodate several own custom samples.

Also, you should find a sample pad that can be connected directly to an amplifier or PA system because they produce internal sounds. However, my top pick when it comes to sampling pads is Roland SPD-SX.

Most drum pads are made by advanced musical instruments companies. Therefore, it can be easy to get a mini drum kit, external pads, wav pad, drum machine, and any other drum pad that you need. The drum synth allows you to play sounds even with a few pads.

It is the industry’s top sample pad because it provides reliability and outstanding performance. Alesis Sample Pad Pro is another incredible pad that we cannot assume. The pad has a new Alesis strike Multipad that provides excellent performance.

Are electronic drum pads any good?

Many people thought that the best electronic drum pads are for lazy people who could not play acoustic drums. However, I realized that the electronic drum pads are a good option for people who need to drum at home or office and do not need drums that take up a lot of space. Electronic sounds

Also, electronic drums are good for people who need to practice in their apartments. They have minimized noise and do not take up ample space in your bedroom. It also requires less capital to acquire. You can record your own samples with the electronic percussion pads.

What is a percussion pad used for?

Drummers playing grooves with their electronic percussion trigger synth lines, and those using backing tracks with their bands use the percussion pads. They offer the drummer a lot of expression and flexibility. Electronic drum pads allow you to make your own sounds and add taste to the percussion sounds.

The electronic drum pads are very convenient because you can use them anywhere due to easy assembling and disassembling. Also, the percussion pads are used in much quieter places. You can practice with such an electronic drum set in front of your television during commercial breaks.