The Pylepro Pted01

One thing is sure whether you are a beginner or a professional drummer, you need a digital drum kit as a practice tool. And the PylePro Portable Drums Kit PTE01 may just be what you are looking for.

While you need an affordable gear digital drum kit, quality must never be compromised. 

And for some time, I have wished to review this item. Come with me, and let’s see what Pyle offers here.

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About the PylePro Portable Drum machine kit

The world of electronic drum pads has really evolved. There are so many digital drum kit products and brands that finding the right digital drum kit on a budget can be overwhelming.

Pyle drum electronic pad is one of the most reputable companies in the industry today. They have been creating an ideal 7 pad digital drum kit for drummers of all levels. 

And although the PTE01 7 pad digital drum kit belongs to the lower-end electronic drum pad market, it has exceptional features. It is an entry-level tabletop drum kit with all you need to start drumming.

And just so you know, this is a 7-pad digital drum kit with seven hitting surfaces. These electric pad drums come with advanced touch-sensitive technology making it easy to respond accurately. 

It is an all-in-one set carrying 25 onboard presets. With this feature, a drummer can create their own customized sounds with a 7-pad digital drum kit. Connect to computer software, and you are good at creating amazing music. 

It comes with a MIDI connection port compatible with MAC and PC. 

This is it if you are looking for a 7-pad digital drum kit that is extremely compact and portable. You can literally carry and use it anywhere you wish. 

And you don’t even need to connect speakers as it comes with onboard solutions. But if you need more power, the external speakers should be a great choice. 

Key features of the PylePro Portable drums 

You get two drum pad pedals with the Pyle Pro Portable tabletop drum kit. This makes it feel like you are playing real full-size drum pads. In other words, the drum set feels like you are working on a real kick, a real kick tabletop drum kit, and an actual hi-hat drum pad. 

Imagine having a full drum set in a small space all to yourself. Well, that is what this kit offers.

The preset drum kits are fully programmable. These preset drum kits allow you to tap into your creativity and create some of the most incredible sounds.

The drum kit USB/MIDI connection means you can connect to any computer. Nothing will stop you if you have a computer application for recording sounds.

Also, the PylePro Portable electronic Drums pads have a beautiful LED screen. This display offers easy access to all options and settings. 

In summary, the kit features:

  • LED display
  • Kick and Hi-hat pads
  • DC output
  • Two voice metronome system.
  • 25 onboard kit and five user spaces.

Let’s look at some of these features in detail.

The display 

Sometimes it is great for a drummer to see what they are working on drum kits. And for this, nothing is more important than an LED screen.

The LED on PylePro Portable drum kits is not as advanced pads as those you will see in more expensive products. However, the drum pads work just well in delivering the most desired results. 

It is small but good enough to help you monitor your music on the drum pads. It has an excellent lighting system that lets you work well, even without much light.

As you create your sounds, you will see what you are doing the display, in which case you can always tell where you need to improve. Also, you can see the metronome’s speed and the time signature. This makes it easy to follow your playing.

An excellent collection of percussion tunes

One of the essential things to look for in a quality e-drum set is the number of onboard music. For a beginner, you need these sounds to play along and build your skills. 

PylePro Portable drums come with 215 percussion voices. This may not be the most extensive collection. However, you can always count on them for beautiful playbacks. 

Given its price tag, you shouldn’t expect much. You will have to invest in more expensive choices if you need more.

There are 25 built-in kits in this device. They will help you learn in the fastest way.

Also, the kit is customizable. It comes with touch sensitivity and 5 user drum set. This feature lets you create your own sounds and save them here. It may not be much too; for the price, I could not complain about this.

Inputs and outputs

Well, there is no doubt you need such a device as the PylePro Portable drums set because you need a way around an extensive working surface. 

And this kit will give you that.

It comes with USB and MIDI connections with headphones. With these, you will be able to transfer your sounds from the computer to the pads.

Besides, using computer software can record your own music and keep it onboard. It is about creating your own little library in a home studio.

In addition, the pads come with a ¼ inch headphone jack. You can use this touch sensitivity to play silently without disturbing your neighbours with headphones. 

Onboard speakers

You can connect these e-drums to external speakers for more powerful output. And the headphones can also be great in getting more dedicated sounds.

You also have the option of using the internal speakers with headphones. These can come in handy where you don’t have external sources, or you don’t want to carry so many things in your tour. 

Well, this is another reason that makes this device highly portable pads. Since you don’t even need to connect external speakers, you can set it in any area and start playing.


As stated above, this is one of the most portable electronic drums you will get in the market. And if you are not yet convinced about it, consider the following reason.

Extremely portable

When it comes to practising the drums, you need a highly portable pad product. This will allow you to play anywhere and anyhow you want.

The PylePro Electronic Drums kit comes with seven greatly sounding drums. It also has foot pedals. 

But the best part is you can simply place it on the table and enjoy the features of a full electronic drum set. The onboard speakers mean you don’t need to carry audio output devices everywhere you go.

Powered through batteries

This is an extension of how portable pads this device has. And its power source simply proves its versatility.

You still have the option of connecting to an AC adapter. But if you are in an area without a suitable power source, you may want to carry some batteries. 

Basic setup 

The fact that it is easy to use makes it an excellent choice for novices. You will be happy to know that it does not require too much setting as you don’t get too many buttons and such staff.


At such a price tag, you cannot expect it to be too perfect. Here are some bad.

Slow response on the drum edges

This is its primary problem. It can be very difficult to get great responsiveness. And if that is what you need, I would recommend more advanced alternatives like the RockJam Portable MIDI Electronic and the Roland TD-11K.

Very few sounds

If you are the kind who wants a whole bunch of sounds, then this is not the device for you. In this case, the Yamaha DTX522 could be a better option. 

What does drumming teach you?

Drumming is an art. And contrary to what many people say, that anyone can learn to drum, I find this wrong.

I have seen many people try and give up because they discovered drumming is not just simply hitting the drums. There is so much to it than meets the eye.

Some of the lessons I have learned from drumming include:


You see, a drummer is the most important member of a band. Even though they seem to be always invisible, you will never find a band without one.

They keep the tempo and time signature of the gig. If they go off, then the whole band goes off. 

For this reason, the drummer must listen to what he/she is playing, what other members are playing, and the metronome. Such a task requires the highest level of coordination.

This is why you will find that most drummers are also the leaders of their groups. And they can take the same to the outside world.


If you are not ready to learn the most important listening skills, then drumming is not for you. Since you will be listening to everything around you, this skill also applies in real life.


There are times when a drummer carries the whole band. And they can play alone, just to add some juice to the who performance. 


As a drummer, you can never try outplaying other band members. Lead guitarists and solos can do this. But for a drummer, you always have to play it cool and in coordination with the rest of the team. This is a good skill, even in real life.


Owing to the simplicity and price tag of the PylePro Portable drums, I would recommend these drums it for beginners. It may lack all the cool features of higher-end products, but it sure serves the purpose. 

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