Roland Td17Kvx

Roland is one of the biggest names in the world of electronic sets. The company has been on the market for a long time, making incredible sets for every need.

The best Roland electronic drum kits have something for every player. For beginners in need of cheap entry-point e-drum setups to learn new songs and rudiments, you will get it here.

Perhaps you are a pro searching for something powerful, expressive, and customizable playing in both studio and live playing; Roland will not disappoint.

And we will be looking at these sets in this guide. We will help you make an easy decision to find a perfect solution for your playing needs.

What is the best Roland electronic drum kit?

Electronic drum kits have become very popular with modern drummers and those who love music. In this case, Roland, the company that has proven this over and over.

Roland’s V-Drums TD-1DMK solidifies their claim to the throne of best e kits. If you have never used this set, this might be the best time to try it out.

There are many solutions from Roland aimed at delivering different functions.

Hence, the best way to know the best Roland e-drum kit is to define your needs. There are solutions for beginners and for professional drummers.

The company launched its V-drums kit, the TD-10, in 1997. It was considered the perfect solution for those who needed quick access to high-end e-drums.

Since then, they have pioneered everything from mesh pads and realistic cymbals to other modeling technologies. You will get some of the highly advanced electronic drums from the company, much hybrid functionality, bringing out the best of both electronic and acoustic drums.

At the lower end, there are compact and functional e-drum setups. They have coaching functions to get new drummers in the best shapes. You will also get a wide range of quality sounds and reliable hardware.

Climbing up the scale, you find more profound, more expressive sounds, advanced trigger technology, and huge customizations. For instance, the kits offer abilities like tweaking the depth of the drums or the room you would be playing in.

Whatever your needs, there is nothing Roland will not provide.

Here are the best electronic sets you can buy from Roland.

Roland TD-11K-S V-compact Series Electronic Drum Sets

Roland has never been disappointed when it comes to making functional drums sets. If you are looking for the highest quality sounds, the company has it all.

This is one of the electronic drum set that has got you well covered.

We know that there are no e-drum setups that will give you a realistic output of an acoustic kit. Most of them don’t sound anything near real drums.

Nevertheless, Roland is among the top brands trying hard to get you as close as possible.

The Roland TD 11KV is a good example of what you can get here. You will feel better using it than you would other drums at this price range.

Who is the kit for?

Roland 11-KV drums can help any drummer. It all depends on your playing level and your aim.

For instance, if you are a beginner, this would be the best recommendation. But you are a professional drummer looking for something cheap yet quality to practice on; this would be an excellent option for you.

As long as you are ok with this, you will find it useful, whether you are an experienced drummer or a beginner.

Do you want to use the kit for home studio, playing live, or practicing in terms of needs? You will find this kit very useful in all these situations.


Roland’s TD 11KV kit comes with all the features of a great-quality electronic set. The module features many pre-recorded sounds that will help you practice with ease.

A larger than average LCD on the module lets you apply the right settings at any given time. Choose your playing mode and switch between sounds without much trouble.

If the built-in sounds are not enough, you can connect this kit to your computer via the USB connection and add customized sounds. Also, there are different applications to let you edit and change the sounds as you wish.

It comes with a compact MDS-4V custom stand that is small enough to fit any room. It is also strong enough to withstand any pressure.

The snare and tom pads are made with mesh heads, which ensures better sounds. And the V-cymbals are very responsive, especially the CY-5 hi-hat.

Roland has added on a hat controller, giving it enough room for a natural swing.

All the pads offer a great response. It makes the drums sound and feel closer to natural sounds than other drums at this price range.


• High-quality construction

• Mesh pads

• Useful module

• Compact


• It is a bit expensive compared to other brands with similar features.

Roland V-Drums TD-1DMK Electronic Drum Sets

Roland’s cheapest ever mesh head kit, the V-drums TD-1DMK e kits, offers an excellent solution for modern drummers.

The kit is configured:

• 8-inch dual-zone snare pad

• Three 6-inch single-zone tom pads

• Three 10-inch dual-zone cymbal pad surfaces (choke-able hi-hat, ride, and crash)

• A hat controller

• A bass pedal pad

Hence, it has everything you will need to start playing your drums. This kit is a good choice for drummers of all experience levels.


The first thing you will notice is the compact 4-post rack that is built around a narrow H-shaped central part and carries an internal rubber bass trigger pad. This pad is big enough to accommodate a double bass pedal.

The kit is connected to the TD-1 module, which has been around for a while, and yet still packs great aids. Its coaching functions and a wide range of backing tracks.

Although the module does not pack bells and whistles, its simplicity makes it highly user-friendly. It h comes with 15 kit presets onboard that offer various playing approaches for any music style.

The heads are all two-ply mesh, responding well, and offering a great dynamic range. The cymbals are dual-zone and choke-able, making them very useful.


• Mesh toms and snare

• A good design

• Affordable


• The module is limited for some users.

Roland V-drums TD-25KV Electronic Drum Set

Climbing higher on the line on Roland drums, we find the high-quality Roland TD-25KV. Put simply, and this is a no-frills e-kit for drummers who want nothing but the best playing experience.

This is one of the most expensive kits from Roland, priced at about $3000. It is configured with:

• 4x mesh snare/tom pads

• One cloth bass drum pad

• 4 cymbal pad parts

• 18 user kits

• All connections, including Aux inputs, USB/MIDI, MIDI in/out, stereo line/headphone out

The TD-25KV is built on the basic principle of offering the end-user fewer and yet high-end sounds. It is, therefore, easier and more appealing to use.

The kit features a 10-inch PDX-100 snare pad and 10-inch floor tom pads, having a pair of PD-85 pads are rack toms. Also, it comes within a ride and two crash cymbals.

A proper VH-11 hi-hat trigger that can be mounted on a real mechanical hat stand is added to improve your experience. Also, the cloth-headed KD-9 bass pad delivers an incredible tone.

The module carries 18-kits, set in six different styles. They make it easy and possible to use Roland’s SuperNATURAL character modeling. Hence, the kit is more adaptive to your playing style.

You get sounds in categories, starting within ‘Standard’ that offer studio-style kits. These are genre-acoustic, more on the side of studio/pop. The other genre is self-explanatory, as you will discover.

Each can be accessed through the central rotary control.

Many sensors, different simples, and ingenious switches ensure a more natural response. You can playback via the USB or record new sounds to play along later.


• SuperNATURAL tech for better response

• Stylish and simple

• Recording function

• Mesh heads


• Expensive

Roland TD17KVX Electronic Drums Set

If you are looking for the most feature-packed e-drums set priced at the mid-range, then this is a perfect choice for you. This kit is designed for drummers of all levels, offering high-end features without being overly expensive.

It will cost you around $1900 to get this piece, but your investment will be worth it. It is configured with

• 4x mesh pads for snare and toms

• 1x cloth bass drum tower

• 4x cymbals

• 50 kits

• Connections: CD/MP3 aux-in, USB/MIDI, MIDI out, and stereo line/headphone out


The TD-17 e-kit comes in three configurations. We picked the KVX version, which comes with all-mesh pads (the upgraded PDX-12 snare pad that has a raised rim), and a VH-10 hi-hats pair that can fit on the traditional stand.

The TD-17 module features good-quality sounds that any player will find very useful. It is easy to change the base sounds, select a voice, and make other tonal changes. It came with everything laid out and labeled and with dedicated switches. Find useful functions like tuning, muffling, ambiance, EQ, and volume levels hassle-free.

In terms of loading samples, using the module is relatively easy. You can use the 16-bit, stereo, or mono functions to create WAV samples on an SD card before loading them onto the module. It comes with 100 user sound slots for this.

Above all, the TD-17KVX e-kit features the ability to connect smart devices through Bluetooth. Use this to play directly with Spotify.


  • Custom samples
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Responsive snare and hi-hat


  • A bit expensive

Roland TD 27 KV V Drum Kit Electronic Drum Set

Every e-kit that Roland puts on the market aims to make things easy for the user. And in this case, the TD-27 KV is no different.

This kit comes with a sturdy configuration. The pads are from the highly acclaimed V-drums family. They are defined by pure acoustic ambiance tech. Mesh heads on the pads and trigger inputs make this kit feel and sound like a real acoustic set.

It comes with new TD 50 pads, which have everything you will need to start drumming. It is perfect for both beginners and expert drummers.

The kit is configured with:

• A 14-inch snare

• Three 10-inch toms

• One-three 12-inch hi-hat

• Ride cymbal

• Bass drum pedal tower


Apart from having a useful construction, this kit offers a great overall feel. The sounds ensure you get a diversity of music, with the ability to use an acoustic snare.

The toms and the snare toms feature high-quality mesh. They are all compact and portable, allowing you to carry them anywhere with ease.

Also, the TD-27-KV comes with highly impressive hardware that promises good performance.

The module is packed with the latest functions and features. It may not be the best from Roland TD 50, but it still has useful high-end features.

In terms of connectivity, the pure acoustic ambiance technology controls all the ins and outs a drummer would need. It features AUX in/out, SD and USB slots, USB/MIDI slots, and Bluetooth connectivity.


• Best module

• Good built quality

• High-end snare

• Double-bass pedal use


• A smaller floor tom

• Small KD-10 kick tower

Roland TD-30KV Electronic Drum Set

Even though Roland’s products are highly-priced, they offer the best functionality across the market. And you can always feel that their drums have more to offer.

One such product is the TD-30 e-drum set. Note that this kit is not sold in stores anymore, but you can find it from specific dealers.

The first thing you will notice is the more than professional look this kit displays. It all starts from the pads, which are made to mimic real drums. Hence, every aspect of the kit appears real.

It does not feature a hat stand or a double-bass pedal.

Nevertheless, the details put in this will give you the best impression. It’s configured with:

• 5 trigger pads

• 4 cymbal pads

• Mounting gear

• A module

• Cables

The trigger pads are perhaps the most impressive parts of the kit. They are built with mesh, which ensures a more realistic response.

About the module and sounds, everything tells of a high-end kit. It features behavior modeling, which is essential for most drummers. Also, it comes with Roland’s SuperNATURAL technology, which is not common in many beginner kits.

It features sampling loops, which get you new and unique sounds every time you hit the pads. The sounds feel natural.

The module comes with eight levers designed to ensure ease of use. It may be a bit complex on the interface, but this is something you can learn in time. All the sounds and connections ensure usefulness.


• Great design

• Impressive performance

• Professional appearance


• Expensive

• Not a good recommendation for beginners

Roland TD-50KV Electronic Drum Set

The TD-50KV is one of the best electronic sets from Roland. The module is done with Prismatic sound modeling and new onboard sound.

As a flagship e-drum set from the brand, it promises some of the latest tech advancements on the market. It is all perfect from the design to playability.

Also, you will find this kit 50% more expensive than other kits.

Looking at the size and price, it’s obvious that the TD-50KV e-drum is designed for professional and advanced drummers. You can use it to record and for studio production.

The kit is configured with:

• One TD-50 module

• A PD-140DS digital snare pad

• A PD-180BC tom pad

• Tow PD-128 tom pads

• A VH-14 hi-hat

• Three cymbal pads (CY-18DR ride, CY-14C crash, and CY 15-R ride/crash)

• A KD-140BC kick drum

• MDS-50KV drum rack


This kit features the quietest drums, thanks to a newly designed sound-absorbing beater, pedal mat, and sound-absorbing in RackFeet.

This five-piece e-drum set offers the best sound features on the market with great functionality. All the digital snare pads are designed for high-end use: they look and feel like real drums.

The TD-50 module has been improved with better triggers.

Generally, everything has been upgraded. And it is not only on the exceptional looks but on the sounds are well. The ultra-sensitive multi-zone triggering on the drums and cymbals ensures high-quality sounds.

Apart from the onboard sounds, the kit can support up to 32GB SD-HC. You can use this to sample custom sounds using the LED display and illuminating buttons.


• Premium model

• Superior sounds

• Big pads for a realistic feel

• Maximum playability


• A high price tag

Roland TD4 Electronic Drum Sets

The TD-4 line is among the newest addition to the TD 4 family of Roland electronic sets. This does not surprise many since modern drummers are always looking for a new thing, and Roland is always ready to deliver.

The first thing you will notice is the sturdy construction of this kit. We all want something sturdy when buying electronic sets, and this is one product with a guarantee of such.

Besides, the natural and accurate response that comes from the pads is something worth considering. This kit can withstand the pressure of aggressive music like rock and metal.

For those who understand Roland V-drum solutions, this should be a kit you will love. These are drums that come with top-notch sound with access to incredible sounds you can get at any price range.

From the drum pads to the cymbals, everything is set to deliver great performance.

It is configured with:

• A strong kick drum toms pad

• Three toms

• A snare pad

• A kick-snare pad

• A hi-hat and FD-8 hat controller

• One crash and ride pad


The first thing you will notice is a well-designed, versatile, and portable kit. It does not take much to set up, yet you improve your playing skills with ease.

The TD-4 drum module features virtual tuning and muffling for the kick pad. It also has a coach mode, with 25 kits carting 125 instruments.

It lets you customize sounds and use features like reverb, volume tempo, and more. Connections include AUX in/out, USB/MIDI, and USB.


• Portable and compact

• Easy to set

• Affordable


• It is a bit limited for some players

Roland TD-4KP Electronic Drum Kit

Roland always seems to have something new for the world of electronic sets. You will be exposed to different levels of satisfaction with every product you buy.

The Roland TD-4KP is a perfect example of the quality this brand promises.

Generally, this kit features:

• 25 drum kits with 86 instruments on the module

• A single zone snare pad (15-inch)

• Three cymbal pads

• A hi-hat with stand

• Four mesh heads

• Hardware

The kit comes equipped with everything you need to start playing. The percussion sound module, the cymbals, and the drum pads feature a nice coaching module.


The TD-4KP comes with all the features of an average set. First, you will notice a portable design for easy folding when you need to move around.

It has several onboard sounds and rubber playing surfaces. However, the racks may not be something you are used to. It does not make a normal frame. Instead, it takes up very little space.

One thing you will love about this kit is the sound. This kit is, without a doubt, the best in this price range.

As it comes from the top of Roland’s drums, it’s designed to look and feel like traditional drums. And all come with top-end portability.

The TD-4 module on this kit is interestingly easy to use. It comes with 125 sounds arranged into 25 present kits.

It does not have onboard songs, which is disappointing for those who want to play-along songs. But you can use external storage.

Concerning connectivity, the module features headphone connectors. Hence, you can still play along with your favorite tunes.


• Portable

• Excellent responses

• Affordable


• Lack of wide playability and onboard sounds

• It does not sound realistic

Frequently asked questions

Is it OK to learn drums on an electronic kit?

Yes, electronic sets offer great portability for a beginning drummer. They are also silent, which is suitable for practicing, even in crowded areas.

Another good thing about e-drums is that they come with onboard songs that you can play along. You don’t need to use other sources of sound.

However, e-drums, especially beginner sets, do not feel or sound realistic. This can make it hard for you to transition to acoustic sets.

As such, it is not advisable to rely on an electronic kit to learn. Try mixing with real drums.

Which is better, Roland or Yamaha electronic drums?

Both Roland and Yamaha are top manufacturers of electronic drums. Before Alesis, they were the only two main brands.

It’s hard to decide which one is the best, considering they all have a reputation for high-performance kits. All their drum sets come at almost the same price.

However, if you must choose, go for Roland. Their solutions are more expensive because of the high-end build quality they present.

Why are Roland drums so expensive?

Roland’s drums are the most expensive on the market. Roland will always be higher if you compare a Roland beginner set with any other brand at the same level.

It is first because of the quality of these drums. The brand has a reputation for making sturdy and high-performance sets.

Also, they are expensive because Roland is a renowned brand. That is what happens with products from any giant manufacturer.

You are assured of top-notch functionality and features.