Roland Drum Pad Spd Sx

The music industry has gone far in terms of technological advancement, especially in terms of drums. I have been playing these instruments for a very long time, which is why I can bear witness to the development.

Electronic drum sets are a significant part of this revolution. They are portable, compact, and highly effective both for practice and professional work.

Roland is among the top brands known for manufacturing these instruments.

Everything the company does is aimed at achieving the best performance for modern drummers. They have a far-reaching reputation for making both electronic pads and complete e-drum sets.

In this guide, I will be introducing you to a comprehensive selection of the best Roland drum pads. It is all about understanding what the company can offer, why you want to consider their products.

Roland HandSonic Electronic Drum Pad

I have been reviewing electronic drum pads for a while now. Hence, I know an excellent pad when I see one, whether in the entry-level or a higher-end.

In most cases, Roland has remained the top brand, followed by Yamaha. Their gear may cost a fortune but is a worthy investment.

And the best part is that they cater to every drummer and percussionist. A large number of electronic kits offer a wide variety of percussion sounds.

You can play any percussion sounds on these kits.

However, sometimes percussion music demands instruments that must be played with hands and fingers. And this is where the Roland HandSonic can be a real winner.

This idea was first introduced through the HPD15, which offered dancing and singing functions. It included great features like 15 pads, a built-in sequencer, ribbon controllers, and several controls.

Then came the HPD10, which did not disappoint either. Later, the HPD20 came into play as the real game-changer. It has a whopping 850 nerd drum, percussion, and melodic sounds. It also comes with multi-effects processors and Roland’s Supernatural Sound technology.


You will first notice an excellent built quality in black color. The HPD20 looks better than the earlier versions. It has a circular design, a rubberized play area, and a gunmetal-colored hoop.

An LCD greets you before touching the surface, giving you the feeling of a professional product.

Volume control for the headphones and Main outputs reveal the main function of this pad. A large Kit button opens the display while the ‘return home’ takes you back to the main menu.

All buttons are included for ease of use.

Apart from this, the data entry and navigation control are set on the right side. It has a menu button and four cursor keys.

The pad carries a wide range of sounds for any drummer. You get up to 850 functional sounds good for any drummer. You can also connect the pad to use external sounds.


• Highly responsive

• Portable, with excellent features

• Generic and custom sounds


• It is not a rhythm machine

• No sequencing and looping options

Roland Drum Pad SPD SX

I recently received the Roland SPD-SX drum pad for reviewing, and I must admit it lived up to its reputation. It is an upgrade from the SPD-S sampling machines, which dominated the market for many years.


The first thing I loved about this drum pad is the build quality. It is housed in a sleek all-black finish and features red lights that illuminate depending on the users. It offers a great stage performance.

Use the LCD menus to navigate through different functions and get what you want. Each pad is separate from another, which eliminates cross-talk problems.

It comes with a vast playfield from nine velocity-sensitive rubber multi-pads. Each pad has real-time controls making them better performance.

Also, Roland’s advanced triggering technology is added to ensure maximum accuracy.

The large LCD screen makes it easy to read and add data.

Better sounds and better functions make it a wonderful choice for every musician. It comes with built-in multi-effects units; one is master, and two are custom.

Other great features include the wave management software and the ability to sample. You will never go wrong with such functions.

Concerning inputs, the SPD-SX features two analog ins and outs. You also get two sub outs, a ¼ -inch headphone in, and a MIDI/USB input.

There is a footswitch input and two ¼-inch TRS trigger inputs for including more pad.


• Top market quality

• Customizable sample sounds

• Responsive

• Better storage


• Expensive

• Limited external pad ins

Roland SPD-One Electronic Drum Pad

The Roland SPD-One is a new series of percussion instruments in this line. One can tell this because the first three versions are similar. Those who want customized backing tracks will find the Wave a perfect choice.


A first impression is always a good consideration when buying any product, and this piece is not different. The SPD-One Wav is made to impress, and you can start making your music right from the box.

You can tell immediately from the heft of each unit that they are pretty solid. They are designed to be played with both hands and sticks, making them highly functional.

The pad looks more like the iconic Boss pedal line. It has bright colors, good features, and a great design.

You can play the pads with sticks, hands, or feet, which makes them good for any drummer. If you like them mounted, the pad comes with hardware that clamps each pad on the tom holder.

Concerning sound, I have never used another e-drum pad that sounds this good. It allows you to relax while playing, delivering the natural feel of V-drums.

The pad comes with useful factory tunes from 808s and 909s by Roland. You can also find a few more sounds like a gong, timpani, and wind chime.

The effects of this pad are all in the right place. The dedicated knobs allow the drummer to create new and exciting sounds.

The WAV Pad’s main difference is that it promises more playing options, allowing you to add up to 12 custom tracks.


• Easy to use

• Excellent sounds

• Top performance


• No line-in

Roland Bass Drum Pad

When it comes to creating the best solutions for electronic drums and technology, no company does it as well as Roland. Their bass drum pad offers the best functionality, ensuring excellent performance for every drummer.

I have been using the Roland KD-120 V-kick trigger pad for a long time now, and it has never disappointed me. It delivers a natural triggering response and can support double pedal use.

This bass drum pad has been time-tested, and hence, can withstand a lot of pressure. Many drummers who have used it agree that it’s one of the best performing pads on the market.


The first and perhaps most important thing you will notice is the sturdy construction of this pad. It is a 12-inch kick drum pad/trigger designed with a super-natural and adequate rebound. As such, you can be sure of a natural acoustic drum feel.

It is fitted with a mesh drum head, which absorbs all unwanted tremble. In the end, you get a superior and noiseless performance.

And the best part is that you can use this pad with any standard beater kick drum pedal. It is just amazing how the world of electronic drums has grown and that Roland is at the top of it all.

One can use this pad with double-bass pedals, which makes it feel more real.

As if that is not enough, the pad comes with a four-leg stand. This makes sure that the setup does not slip during aggressive playing.

This is one reason the Roland Bass drum pad is recommended for all music genres.

It is compatible with all TD- Series sound modules. And you can also connect to a wide range of other electronic percussion modules, making it very useful for all drummers.

Generally, this 12-inch V-Kick drum pad promises a natural and comfortable bass drum feel. Using it with a double bass pedal means it allows you to play fast with aggressive music.

One can adjust the head tension to create the right feel.

Also, the legs are made with rubber tips with hidden spikes. They ensure more stability for any music style and drummer experience.


• High-end performance

• Acclaimed mesh drum heads

• Can be used with double bass drum pedals


• Expensive

Roland SPD drum pads

Roland has been making sampling pads for many years. Many drummers only know the SPD-One, which is among the most popular products on the market.

The work of a sampling Pad is to sample. For example, a user can trigger audio sounds by hitting the pad. It also comes with some external triggers that can be used for specific purposes.

Roland’s SPD drum pads fall under this category. Many drummers around the world use them to augment their drum kits.

And it’s not only a tool for drummers and percussionists. A lot of DJs use it to achieve various effects on their performance.

This is among the reasons these instruments have become extremely popular.

If you are wondering which Roland SPD drum pads are good for you, consider the following.

Roland SPD-SX Percussion Sampling Pad with 4GB Internal Memory, Black

Roland is not a new name for many drummers. The SPD-SX percussion sampling pad is a perfect example of what they can do.

This is a unique sampling pad designed to deliver high-end performance. There is no other product like this one anywhere, which puts it in high demand.


The first impression is always the first feature when buying any product. And Roland has made sure you are attracted to this product.

It has a sleek design with good-quality pads for excellent tonal performance.

It comes with 4GB of internal memory. As such, you have about 720 minutes of sampling without the need for external memory. This means you start playing right from the box.

Nine velocity-sensitive rubber pads on this pad are built to work with any music. It also features two external dual-trigger inputs.

Using the pad is straightforward. You can capture and assign your audio data with ease through the Multi-Pad sampling function.

Also, the SPD-SX features three units of multi-effects built-in. Two real-time control knobs and four dedicated effects buttons make using the pad even easier.

You can read the audio-level situation and pad status using the pad dynamics indicators on each pad. This makes it easy to know the one in use, eliminating crosstalk issues.

In terms of connectivity, the feature expanded USB functionality, including mass storage, MIDI/audio, and memory.

Roland has included the Wave Manager software, making it easy for the user to import, assign, and organize samples.

A large backlit LCD allows you to view the status of your pad or its current performance.


• Excellent performance

• Unique features

• Sturdy with 4GB memory


• Rubber pads

• Expensive

Roland SPD-1W Percussion Electronic Drum Pad, WAV

Roland has always been my favorite brand for electronic drum sets. So far, everything they have made has been impressive.

The SPD-1W electronic drum pa is one of their sampling pads you will always love to have. This sampling pad is made to withstand intense performance while delivering great musicality.


Roland’s SPD-1W is a light, compact digital percussion pad that is very useful for modern drummers. You can play it using drumsticks, hands, or feet.

It is this versatility that makes it an exciting choice. You can play it in any manner you like without feeling left out.

Another feature I found useful is the onboard storage memory. Not many products of this kind have a 4GB internal drive. This means you can get up to 360 minutes of stored audio without external storage.

Besides, the instrument allows the user to edit and control their sounds. There are four knobs on the face of the pad for this, ensuring ease of use.

If you don’t want to use direct power, put 4 AA batteries in the device, and to are good to go.

Portability is a key aspect of buying electronic drum pads. And this pad can be mounted on the floor, the table, or fitted to drum hardware and microphone stand. It comes with a mounting adapter for this.

Top Features of the SPD-1 WAV pad include:

• A digital percussion that can be played with sticks, hands, and feet

• Ability to import songs, backing tracks, and clicks

• Play click tracks simultaneously and in synchronization, which backing tracks too

• It lets one create audio files and customize their sounds with ease


• Excellent performance

• Good memory onboard

• Sturdy and useful


• A bit expensive for the features

Roland SPD-30 Octapad Digital Percussion Pad, Black

A percussion pad is often confused with a sampling pad. Percussion pads are tools specifically for drummer and percussion players. It promises a lot of pro music,

The Octapad is reputed in this category for offering the best beat. And in this case, the SPD-30 Octapad portable V-drum digital percussion drum pad is all you will ever need to produce nice beats.

Sound triggering can be done by hitting the pads, hands/fit, or an external trigger. It carries many different virtual kits and individual instruments for inspiration.


Roland’s SPD-30 Octapad comes with the latest pad-sensing technology developed for V-drums. This feature delivers even and accurate pad triggering, with top-notch isolation between the pads.

It comes with four dual-trigger inputs. This is echoed by a hi-hat controller, which lets you add pads to create a mini kit. Or, you can use it to connect acoustic drum triggers.

Roland’s innovation and approach to creativity are seen in this kit. It comes with phase looping, which inspires many drummers and percussionists into creativity.

You can record your playing in real-time and overdub up to a 3-layer setup. There are very few instruments of this kit that allow for such function.

The pad features USB connectivity. Use this to connect and create MIDI tones through your computer or to access memory storage.

It comes with a double-braced support stand and a black CB-BOCT series carryback (both sold separately.


• A re-invented octapad

• Great onboard kits,

• Large backlit LCD and pad indicator lights

• A rugged and portable design


• Expensive

• Stand sold separately

Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between a sampling pad and a percussion pad?

There are two terms used interchangeably by many drummers. And it is easy to confuse them because they look similar and perform related tasks.

Sampling pads are explicitly used for sampling. A player can trigger any sound they want, and it can be used by DJs as well.

A percussion pad is a specific instrument for the drum and percussion players. It is used to expand one’s music.

Why are Roland Drum pads expensive?

Roland and Yamaha are the two main players in the world of electronic drum sets. Hence, it’s natural that their products would be higher in price.

Also, Roland’s products offer the best performance and features on the market.

Is it ok to learn drumming on an electronic drum set?

Yes. You can learn drums on electronic drum sets. They are easy to set up, quiet, and portable enough to offer unlimited access to practice.

However, you should be careful not to put in all your focus. It can be hard to transition to an acoustic drum, especially because e-drums do not sound or feel natural. It would be best to find an e-kit that is set close to a real drum.