Roland Td17Kvx Review

The recent Roland TD17KVX series is more proof that the company has an excellent reputation as a top electronic drum set manufacturer. Many drummers are quickly finding this as a go-to kit for a solid mid-level e-drum solution. 

If you are a mid-level drummer looking to improve your skills, this is the drum set for you. 

There are three different versions of the new model. Even though they use the same module mount, one cannot fail to see the difference. Therefore, it is vital to understand the variations that they offer.

In this review, I will be dwelling more on the Roland TD-17 series, one of the best of Roland family electronic drum kits for drummers with a mid range budget, looking for quality and a fair price point.

About the Roland TD17KVX

The Roland TD17 series includes three slightly different models, and the TD17KVX is the best in this series:

  • the Roland TD-17KL-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit
  • the Roland TD-17KLSE V-Drum Set
  • the Roland TD-17KVX-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit

The three different kits all utilize the TD-17 drum module they all are all five-pieces, and the main differences are the tom mash pads, metal Hi-hat stand, some extra features, and, of course, the price.

The TD17KVX features

The company mantra is “we design the future”, and this can be seen in the way they use technology to change the drumming industry. But the TD-17 series comes with a bigger message “become a better drummer, faster“. The Roland td-17kvx emulates this perfectly.

They aim at helping drummers become better with compromising those who use electronic kits. In other words, they want to make e-drums sound and feel like acoustic drums. 

Best features:

This drum set is a more advanced version of their latest set. It comes with the TD-17 sound module, bigger mesh pads on the snare, and the tom. The bass drum is fantastic as well.

The biggest upgrade for this kit is on the hi-hat. It is built to use an acoustic hi-hat style and stand pedal. Hence, it feels more natural for players who prefer a hi-hat method.

The sound module

The Roland TD-17 contains sounds and FX based on their flagship TD-50. They come with 50 preset kits and 310 drum/percussion sounds from the V-Drum. It has a module for virtually any style. You can import user sounds as WAV files through an SD card.

It contains 50 user kits that you can use to blend your sounds with stock kits. TD-17’s powerful processing and effects systems allow you to edit these files more. You can use virtual tuning, muffling, virtual snare tension, compression, EQ, reverb, and many more functions for a better experience.

Also, use a Bluetooth 4.2 transceiver to stream songs and MIDI sound packs. This allows you to practice and record songs as you wish. You can exchange songs between your phone and the sound module easily.

Again, the TD-17 comes with two more ¼ inch dual-trigger inputs. This is just an addition to the multi-pin cable harness, The TD-17KVX comes with additional features, including:

  • Two crash pads
  • One ride pad
  • A hi-hat pad designed for a full complete hi-hat stand
  • Excellent mesh heads
  • Better cymbals
  • Excellent drum module

PDX-12 snare pad

The dual trigger 12 inch PDX-12 snare pad sounds more realistic without compelling a change in the way you play. Because of its size, it’s easier when transitioning to a normal size snare.

Again the snare comes with two-ply mesh heads that can be tuned. This feature allows you to tweak how many rebounds you want. It offers ranges from soft and pillowy to tight and precise.

The best part is, the TD-17KVX kit allows players to tailor their snare as they wish.

KD-10 kick pad

The TD-17KVX features a tower-style KD-10 with the adaptive playing surface. This allows for better response, just like an acoustic drum head. A player experiences more realistic feedback for strikes and playing dynamics.

Again, the frame is redesigned to reduce any movement. It is more sturdy on a rug or carpet, as it has spurs to hold it in place. 

Also, the KD-10 kick tower can take a single or double kick pedal. This means you can play any type of music and still get the best response.

VH-10 hi-hat

This is an advanced hi-hat that provides more realistic pumps, splashes, and closed-to-open contrast. Although the stand is sold separately, you can still get a lot of work done on this thing.

With the dual-trigger system, you can capture nuances that you cannot find in any other kit. Besides, the textured playing surfaces minimize the acoustic volume. So, you can practice more quietly.

Other features 

With this kit, you will also find 3 PDX-8 toms. These toms capture better performance on both the head and the rim. You can assign different sounds to each section of the toms.

You also experience an improved performance of 2 CY-12C crashes. They give a natural swing and optimized sensitivity, adding extra realism. The dual trigger zones let you capture the emotion as you perform.

The CY-13R ride is another V-Cymbal ride’s three-trigger zones that give a more emotional response that drummers strive for.

MD-COM Drum Stand and accessories

You can set your TD-17KVX much faster and securely. This is due to the included MDS-COM, a rack-style stand that holds everything stable in place.

What to look for in an electronic drum set

Are you trying to buy an electronic kit, but you don’t know where to begin? Well, there are a few things of great importance you should look out for, especially if you are a beginner.


First, you need an e-drum set that is filled with great sounds. All electronic sets come with several in-built sounds for playing along. But they may not be to your taste.

Great sounds may be all the inspiration you need to become the best drummer. For instance, when I plug my kit into an amp or my favorite effects processor, I just nod for several minutes involuntarily.

This is how drums should make you feel.

However, you may be limited to a beginner price range, which may not include what you want. But many offer a lot more than you could imagine.

Second, consider a drum kit with plenty of sounds. Several drummers prefer the flexibility of different sounds.

But this is a factor that does not matter much, especially if you have found a kit that you like. But then, you might be the type of player who requires a variety of sounds.

Drum pads that offer a natural feel

The truth is, electronic pads never look or feel like real toms, snares, and bass drums. This is especially true when referring to drums in the beginner price range.

But that does not mean you just pick anything. You should find something that sounds inspirational.

This means you have to try out the pads prior to purchasing.

Compact Kits

Well, all electronic kits are compact and portable. This is a big advantage because you can carry them and play from anywhere.

However, this does not mean you will just be fine picking any set. Go for one that has the highest portability.

You want a quiet Kit

One of the reasons many beginners like electronic kits is because they are very quiet. One can practice in their rooms without disturbing the neighbors.

But this also varies from one kit to another. There are some that sound louder even when just hitting just the pad. That may mean they don’t have a great response.


The best thing about e-drum sets is that there is a solution for everyone. They range from cheap drum sets to more expensive products. 

Price consideration depends on your level of expertise. For beginners, investing in high-end gear may not be a good idea. But for a professional, you need the best e-drum kit money can buy.

Alternatives to the TD-17KVX

If you feel like the TD-17KVX is not for you, there are other alternatives in the same price range. One of my personal favorites is the DTX562K Electronic Set.

Yamaha DTX562K Electronic Drum Set

Yamaha is one of the best brands in the drum industry. So you can be sure this kit will be outstanding.

Roland TD-1K Compact V-Drum Kit

There is the TD-1K Compact V-Drum Kit. Well, if you have already used the TD series, then this should be an excellent set for you.

Donner DED-200 Electric Drum Set Kit Electronic

The Donner DED-200 Electric Drum Set Kit Electronic is another solid drum set in this price range. In terms of hardware, nothing can beat this kit, especially considering the price. This five-piece kit comes with everything you need to start playing. Even better, it is even more affordable than most drum sets in the same category.


Roland has become a world leader in the drum industry. And the TD 17set great evidence of how far they can stretch to give drummers what they need. You can count on the TD17KMX for its quality and hardware stability.

Even though it is a mid-class product, there are a few improvements that are quite interesting, even for a professional. And since they are affordable, many drummers are using the kit more and more for practice and even performing.


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  1. Roland TD-17 is such an amazing piece of drum set! I bought it for my kids, and I’ve found it expensive, but she is happy, so whatever! Good Review!

    • Hey Bea, nice one. Buying a drum set as a present for your kid has been a really good idea. Nice job, I hope she will like it and practice a lot because there are a lot of benefits in drumming, it’s fun and it’s amazing for body and mental health!

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