Shure Srh1540

Shure is one of the few companies that you can actually trust when it comes to offering the best headphones and other audio accessories.

I have been reviewing Shure products, including microphones and headphones, for many years. And every time something new comes out, you just want to be the first to get it.

Shure has a long-standing reputation for great sound in its headphones. They also understand what consumers want in terms of comfort.

In this guide, I will be looking at their new closed-back over-ear headphones. The Shure SRH1540 is no joke. Once again, Shure has proven that they are the top choice for many consumers. Even if you are not sure about the sound quality of these cans, trust the brand.

Shure SRH1540 Studio Headphone Review

This is my second Shure SRH1540 review. I did the first one shallowly immediately after their release. If you have been in the audio industry for a long time, you should already know who Shure is and what they do.

Many headphones I have tested before tend to fall between moderate and intense bass. Reviewing the $499 Shure SHR1540 is almost something new.

Also, you may have noticed that there are very few headphones that can extend to as low as 5Hz and still deliver an excellent response on the bass. The low bass does not rise too much to blow out the rest of the mix.

The build quality of these headphones is something else. I will talk about it later, but just know they are durable and very sturdy.

The sound quality is also awe-inspiring, which makes one want to wear them for long periods. These are studio-quality headphones designed to deliver high-end performance.

They are premium headphones found on the highest price tier. I received a black and silver pair featuring an ultra-lightweight aluminum alloy construction. It does not only look amazing, but very robust too.


The closed-back headphones, Shure SRH1540 come with a carry case, which is large enough to carry everything. This means you will have all your adapters, spare ear pads, and everything else in one place, with other pouches for smaller components.

Y-headphones are a good addition to these cans. They are built for durability. Also, they feature gold-plated contact elements, a strong design, and reinforced ends. You can handle them roughly, and they will still hold. The only limitation is that it’s only 185mm long.

The headphones come with excellent padding that makes them comfortable. They are closed-back but not too hot.


• Good audio performance

• Impressive design with an aircraft-grade aluminium alloy

• Comfortable

• Comes with two detachable cables


• Does not I have an inline remote or mic on the cable

• It’s not a good fit for those who want more bass

Shure SRH1540 Build and design

Shure seems to focus most of their designs on utilitarian more than flashy. You can see this from the first time you have seen these headphones. However, the SRH1540 seems to come with some extra flair, more than the common flashy looks.

It looks massive from far, but the headphones are extremely lightweight. It feels light on the head, compared to many headphones I have tested.

Alcantara covering on the pads feels expensive. This is a composite material that assures comfort and durability.

The headband is flexible and comes with sufficient padding. Both sides have adjustors, which lock excellently. Take your time to get the right fit for your head, and once done; you should enjoy their performance.

There are also visual markers on the headband. But I find it unnecessary, considering the lock is so secure and does not have fit issues.

Two detachable comes to offer more flexibility. The only limitation is they don’t have an inline remote or a mic. That means these headphones are entirely for listening to music and not for making phone calls. One cable has been equipped with a remote, and the other is not, which is common for many headphones today. It’s an odd choice, but one that works pretty well.

The ear cups are made from aluminum alloy and carbon material, which eliminates internal resonance with the neodymium drivers, giving you many hours of listening. The Alcantara ear pads ensure comfort.

It ships with earpads, a good inclusion for this price. They are comfortable and are able to block a good amount of noise.

Sound Quality: Is Shure SRH1540 has a Soundstage with Clear Extended?

The Shure SRH1540 is a combination of SRH840, Fostex TH600 and Sennheiser HD650. They deliver an interesting and highly effective soundscape for those who need a warm tonality. They promise an expansive soundstage with clear highs and warm bass.

They keep a clean, rich midrange that promises a great projection for vocals in all music types. I have listened to the TH600, and it’s these mids you will never get. Shure seems to shine more on the mids, and they have made it clear in these headphones. They are smooth and full-bodied, with a good amount of texture to feed your ears with incredible sound. Its clarity seemed a bit edged, with some grain, but good enough for your ears.

Concerning the bass, SR1540s do not disappoint. You get a weighted bass that flows easily. This is what was missed on the SH840. There may be a bass hump on the SR1540, but they transition smoothly from the sub into the mid-bass. And then it flows easily into the midrange, with a more natural sound. There is less emphasis on its presence.

The bass extension and impact on the TH600 seem superior to these cans. But they are more pleasing and fuller in their sound. It’s a good middle ground.

Many of us cannot do without the peaky and edgy treble in our headphones. This lacked in the SH840. It had a nice dark and relaxed treble, but one in which the soundstage shuts when it misses enough sparkle. The SRH1540 comes in full with all these features, offering details that you might not find anywhere else. The headphone sounds more open and spacious, good for studio use.

Overall, the SRH1540 headphones are good in their sound. Extended highs and warm lows, steel drive frame, and gold plated adapter make it a great choice. Compared to the other options I have mentioned above, it’s better in almost every way.

Ear Pads: Do Shure SRH1540 have Comfortable Ear Pads?

I am sure we all have something to say when it comes to comfort in headphones. But we can agree that it matters a lot, especially for those who use them for long listening sessions.

This is one of the reasons I stopped using the SRH840. Their level of comfort is not what you want in a pair of headphones for daily use.

Coming to the SRH1540, Shure seems to have taken things several notches higher. There are not many closed-back headphones that offer this level of comfort.

The headphones feature a sleek design with a modern look that maintains a great overall shape. It features slimmer aluminum and flashy carbon fiber bits instead of the heavy moulded plastics on the other options mentioned. They are not foldable, but you get the looks and weight for every day studio applications.

The headband is the same shape as the 840s, only with reduced size and a center cutout. This lowers the weight and contact points. A minimalist approach is used on the padding, which may seem a good reason for an uncomfortable fit. But it seems sufficient enough, and the manufacturer considered it carefully. Apart from that, the headband is quite flexible. You can twist it a bit to release the clamping force when you start feeling uncomfortable. I have not seen any issue on this part.

And now to the ear pads. Shure has used a thick perforated Alcantara material on the ear pad. This makes them satisfactorily comfortable. I found them better than the thin pleather and velour pads in the 840s and 940s.

In a nutshell, these Shure SRH1540 headphones are lightweight, comfortable, and stylish. They will fit any user’s needs.

Can Shure SRH1540 improves linearity and eliminates?

One you can be sure of is that the SRH1540 headphones eliminate internal resonance quite effectively. These are phenomenal cans designed for reference listening. If you are an audio purist looking for a flat response, you will love the sound signature on these headphones.

It promises a bright, crisp, and dynamic performance that is relevant in the modern era. You will hear all the bass parts with clarity in every voice. It does not work with the artificial impression of hidden subwoofers inside their earcups.

This sound signature presents a linear performance with a lot of detail.

According to the company, “the SRH1540 steel driver frame with vented center pole piece improves linearity and eliminates internal resistance.” I was not sure if this is true since marketing claims from headphone manufacturers can say anything. But in this case, it’s true.

Is Shure SRH1540 premium closed-back headphones perfect for professionals?

The Shure SRH1540 is a Premium closed-back pair of headphones that cost a lot. And that is why it’s normal to find someone wondering whether they are a worthy bargain.

It features fancy materials in its design that are not cheap. Imagine how much it must have taken the research and development team to develop a complete product.

That is not all; these closed-back headphones are backed with a flat frequency response that you will not find anywhere easily. Unfortunately, they are not perfect if taken as a package. A relatively poor THD performance is less comfortable for many buyers.

In this digital era, we are all looking for products that offer more. And I am sure you will find that in these cans.

That said, the SRH1540 headphones are perfect for professional use. They offer studio-quality performance and look good – everything professionals look for. Although you can get a similar value with far less expensive headphones, Shure assures reliability.


The Shure SRH1540s are excellent studio over-ear headphones. They are worth the price. Many reviewers agree that there is very little to complain about them, which only means more performance and reliability. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out below.