Simmons Sd600 Electronic Drum Set

The brand you choose when buying a drum set determines the quality you get. But with so many options out there, this could be a bit hard.

Luckily, there are some manufacturers you can always rely on. And Simmons is one of them.

I have been playing drums for many years now to know a good kit. Sometimes the value is never in how much you pay for the kit but how good you play them.

Simmons drums kits are mostly on the budget side. That means you should not expect to get higher-end products.

But that is not to say you can’t get real value from your drums. If you take your time to establish your skills, any drum set should do.

Nevertheless, I still had to review the Simmons SD600. Is it a reputable brand?

Let’s find out.

Simmons SD600 Electronic Drum Kit

In this Simmons SD600 review, I want to focus more on what the kit can do and who should buy it.

The kit comes from the mid-level line by Simmons, one of the first brands in electronic drums. This kit is compact and quite versatile.

It comprises mesh heads on the drum pads, a full kick tower pad, and a kick pedal. These components are connected to a decent drum module packed with 35 various drum kits.

Simmons is known for making nice-sounding samples. Their drum sets offer good dynamics, which is why this product should be a good recommendation.

• Should you buy the Simmons SD600?

The SD600 drum kit by Simmons is quite affordable. Its setup is more beginner-oriented, but it will serve an intermediate drummer quite fine.

It’s a compact kit with adjustable drum/cymbal pads. Its rack allows you to create a setup that meets your needs.

There are also enough sounds on the module to give you many hours of great fun. Even an experienced drummer will find the kit handy for practice purposes.

The kit is configured with toms, the snare, the bass drum, the cymbals, a module, and hardware. It’s constructed from a standard pack on 10-inch, dual-zone toms and three 8-inch toms mimicking the snare.

I would say this is pretty a good deal for a budget buyer. It’s tunable drum pads and an intuitive module; what more could you ask for at this price range.

Benefits of The Simmons SD600

Simmons SD600, like many other electronic drum set, is a compact kit that promises great performance. Hence, you can carry it anywhere you want and use it in a wide range of applications.

Apart from that, here are more benefits you can reap from this fantastic e-drum kit.

• Practice in silence

Acoustic drums are quite noisy when you play. This makes it hard for one to practice, especially in a place where many people live.

We, as musicians, may love the noise, but our neighbors may not be too thrilled.

A small footprint and noise suppression might just be all the solutions you need. And the Simmons SD600 has got you covered. The rugged steel rack is just perfect.

The kits promise unimaginable customization and flexibility, allowing one to create a wide range of sounds that one wouldn’t otherwise find on traditional drums.

• A mid-level drum set

There are noticeable differences between different levels of drum kits. They can vary from sound quality, construction, ease of performance, comfortability, and response, among features.

The SD600 is an excellent bridge between the entry-level and professional drum sets. Every drummer wants to know this about their drums. Its dual-ply snare works better than you would expect.

So, the kit is useful for any drummer, no matter your experience. There is something you will good on the kit.

• A useful sound module

The module or the brain of electronic drum kits mostly determines the value of your kit. The SD600 comes with a decent module carrying 336 sounds and 35 preset kits.

Also, you get ten user kits to manipulate as you wish. You can use a single multi-pin connector and the TRS input to connect different media players.


  • Affordable electronic drum kit
  • Customizable response and sensitivity
  • Hi-hat trigger pad
  • Crash cymbal with choke function


• There are no significant flaws at its price. However, the pedals tend to slide.

Simmons SD600 vs. SD1200 Electronic Drum Set

Simmons has remained a precious brand for those who need affordable drum kits. The company makes different kits for specific users, and they work on improving every product.

Although the SD600 is an excellent drum set with great features, it’s not enough for many users. It’s a bit low less attractive right from configuration to performance.

The Simmons SD1200, on the other hand, is a complete and higher-end drum kit. It comes packed with all the great features you would expect from a top-notch electronic drum kit.

• Pads

The SD1200 drum pads are much deeper and more realistic. They are designed to mimic real drums both in looks, feel, and performance. The ride cymbal, hi-hat, and crash all offer excellent sounds. The choke allows you to place different sounds.

The pads are bigger. Also, they are set on a high-quality rack. These are not features you will find on the SD600.

Apart from that, the snare drum pad is standalone. It allows for better positioning according to the drummer’s needs.

• The Sound Module

There are more sounds on the SD1200 module and even more user kits.

Also, it comes with more ¼-inch inputs and Bluetooth capability. This makes it easy for users to connect the kits wirelessly.

If you have the money, go for the SD1200. But if you just want an affordable kit with decent quality, the SD600 should be good enough.

Simmons SD600 vs. Alesis Nitro Mesh

I have a wide experience with electronic drum kits. Alesis and Simmons are on the same level in terms of product quality. I know this because I have played drums from both sets.

In truth, I like the Alesis Nitro Mesh more. It could be because Alesis is more popular. But that is not all; I think they offer more value for your money. Its tension-able dual-zone snare pad is quite intriguing.

I have read several complaints about the Simmons drum pads breaking too soon. And when it happens, a replacement could take months to come.

The Nitro Mesh has not had many complaints so far. And if there are any, they would be of much concern.

Alesis, as a brand, offer better quality than Simmons. It’s not the best on the market, but certainly above Simmons.

In the list of best electronic drum manufacturers globally, Alesis is among the top five, which is enough to tell you it’s a reliable brand.

• Performance

The Alesis Metro Mesh comes with a mesh head on every pad, which makes them better than other products at this price range. They are quieter and promise a more realistic feeling.

The ride cymbal, crash cymbal, and hi-hat pads come with three zones of playing, with a choke function. Hence, you can tune your music in any style you want, and they will be good.

You get a more realistic feel, better dynamics, and rimshots from the Alesis. Not so much from the Simmons.

Both will not sound like acoustic drums though and have mesh pads. But Alesis has a more variable attack response.

Verdict: if you are faced with these two options, pick the Alesis. This kit will give you a good performance. The Simmons is much cheaper, and it puts up a worthy fight. If you consider brand popularity, Alesis is still the winner. The choice remains yours.

Are Simmons electronic drums good?

Simmons Percussion is a drum brand that was established 40 years ago. They have been offering excellent solutions for modern drummers by producing good electronic drum kits.

The company is one of the pioneers of electronic drums. Hence, their products are reliable.

Due to this experience, Simmons remains one of the leading makers of high-quality electronic drum kits that offer a realistic feeling.

Simmons has a list of notable users backing their products. Drummers like Queen, Depeche Mode, NIN, Pink Floyd, Genesis, and Van Halen have or still do, used Simmons drums.

Just like most drum companies, the company offers a wide range of options to meet specific needs. For instance, the Simmons SD300 for beginners, the SD600 for intermediate drummers, and the SD1200 for those who require more professional sounds.


Even though Simmons is a reputable company, it does not lack flaws. Some of their drum kits seem to raise too many complaints.

Compare the SD600 to the Alesis Nitro Mesh; for instance, many users have complained the Simmons pads don’t last long. The Alesis seems to tick all the right boxes.

Verdict: Yes. Simmons drums are good. You may experience a few issues, but that is normal with any drum company.

How do I pair my Simmons SD600 Bluetooth?

The Simmons Drum App allows users to edit and save drum sounds on their devices remotely. But it’s only for iOS device users.

You can use its Bluetooth compatibility to get more services with this application. It’s a limitation to android users, but there are other ways to get more value from the drums.

The SD600 comes with a built-in Bluetooth wireless MIDI. It’s not Bluetooth Audio, though, which means you can only connect through the app instead of “Settings.”

This is how you do it:

1. Launch the App. You will see a “Welcome Drummer” message on the screen with a button to the SD600 – press it.

2. Press the BT button on the SD600 brain and select the specific drum set.

3. “Let’s connect your device.” When this message comes up, select the SD600.

4. You are connected.

If the “Welcome Drummer” message does not pop up, press on “Gear” on the home screen. This allows you to rest the dialogs before restarting.

You are now connected and ready to do more.


The Simmons SD600 is an excellent choice for budget buyers. It’s packed with great sounds, good for any player.

You may not get that nice acoustic feel, but it’s good enough to get the job done. You should check it out.