Sonor Force 2000 Set

Are Sonor Force 2000 cast metal or birch? This is among the questions I have come across on the internet about these vintage drums.

Well, I know is that they are among the best drumming solutions you can find as a beginner.  I bought mine a few years ago, and I have never replaced it for its quality. 

They may not be true vintage sets, considering they are not from the 80s, but they carry that vibe around them.

Sonor Force 2000 Drum Set

Sonor among those brands that have built a great reputation in the world of drum set manufacturing. For many years, they have been making some good solutions for drummers around the world.

The Sonor 2000 drum set is a vintage kit designed for beginner and mid-level drummers. However, it comes with a quality that can be easily be confused for a professional solution.

It is a bit hard to compare with other kids. The main reason may users love this kit is because they offer the quality and functionality of any kit from Sonor.

The snare is 9ly birch, which makes it really heavy but sturdy and useful. The one I have has been in my possession since the 2000s, and it has never disappointed me.

I play it when I want to practice new moves. This kit is quite heavy, just like any other vintage kit, which is why I have never bothered to carry it out.

The 1990s Sonor 2000 is a 9-ply 5-piece German-built drum set made from Poplar wood. There are different finishes, with mine in gloss black.

My heads are still original and intact. Germans know how to over-engineer their products, making them the highest quality. And since this was originally created in Germany, before Sonor started sourcing some components from Asia, its quality is uncompromised.

It comes in a configuration of 22 by 16-inch kick, 16 by16-inch tom, 14 by 6 snares, and, 13 by 10 and 12 by 9-inch toms. The mounting hardware is sturdy and beautifully crafted.


The sonic features of the Sonor Force 2000 are incredibly fantastic. I tried replacing the heads once, and it came out with high-end clarity.

The snares are loud and very clear. It will penetrate through any setup, allowing you to rise above other instruments.

Sonor Force 2000 Price

The Sonor Force 2000 is a beginner-to-mid-level drum set. It is no longer in production, though, which means you can only find it on special postings and certain stores.

Its price varies depending on the seller and the components that come with the set. Generally, it does not cost more than $300 for a full shell pack.

The Sonor Force 2000 comes with all the basic accessories found on a standard drum set. You get mounting hardware for the toms and the snares, as well as the lugs for attaching the shells.

Sonor Force 2000 Test

Sonor’s Force 2000 drum set is still going strong. It’s not in production and yet in high demand. This makes it quite interesting.

It delivers high-quality sounds from the toms to the bass to the snares.


If you can get your hands on this kit, I would recommend you buy it. Whether as a beginner set or for home practice, you will not regret it.

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