Sony Mdr 7506

Sony’s headphones have been a mainstay in the audio market for years. Sony first came out with their Sony MDR-7506 stereo headphone back in 1988 and it has remained one of their most popular models ever since. Sony designed these headphones as an affordable alternative to more expensive sets like the Sony MDR-V6 which are used by professionals in recording studios worldwide.

The Sony MDR-7506 is a closed-back, on-ear design that offers well-balanced sound and excellent comfort due to its padded ear cups and headband. With its coiled cable, these best headphones also offer extra convenience when watching TV or listening to music while walking around the house – no need to worry about a long, tangled cable getting caught on something.

I will be telling you more in this Sony MDR-7506 review.

Sony MDR 7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone with a well-balanced sound

The Sony MDR 7506 headphone is Sony’s first headphone with the Sony/Philips 20mm driver and is designed to reproduce the sound of a professional recording studio in your ear.

Sony advertises these headphones as having “more bass than some competitive models” which may be true if comparing their frequency range to other small drivers on-ear headphones but they definitely cannot compete with the bass response of Sony’s larger and higher-priced models such as their Sony WH1000XLMii Stereo Headphones.

Design and features of the Sony MDR-7506

With over 20 years of use, it is clear that the Sony MDR-7506 has durable earpads and a well-balanced sound profile. The headphone’s durability may be called into question by many users; however, there are user-replaceable parts at a reasonable price. Sony MDR-7506 has a closed-back design that blocks external noise from entering the ear, making Sony 7506 perfect for recording studios. Sony MDR-7506 may be uncomfortable with extended periods of use as they are on-ear headphones and do not swivel or fold. Be wary that Sony’s sound profile is bass-heavy so it might not suit those who prefer more treble range in their music.

Concerning durability, Sony MDR-7506 is stable with user-replaceable parts at a moderate price. Sony’s sound profile leans heavily on bass which may not suit those who prefer more treble range in their music.

Their build quality is more than you can get from other headphones at this price range.


Sony MDR 7506 has no wires and connects to Sony products via coiled cable. Sony’s sound profile leans heavily on bass which may not suit those who prefer more treble range in their music.


The sound profile of Sony products can be considered bass-heavy, which may not suit those who prefer a more treble range in their music. Sony 7506 ear pads are very comfortable with extended periods of use; however, they do not swivel or fold making them ill-suited to travel purposes. Sony’s closed-back design blocks external noise from entering the ears, making Sony 7506 perfect for recording studios.

Sony 7506 may be uncomfortable for extended periods of use as they are on-ear headphones that do not swivel or fold up. It should also be noted that Sony’s sound profile is bass-heavy so it might not suit those who prefer more treble range in their music.


  • Very comfortable
  • Sony’s closed-back design blocks external noise
  • Perfect for recording studios


  • The sound profile may not suit all preferences
  • Not Portable

Sound Quality: How does the Sony MDR 7506 have such a good sound?

The Sony MDR7506 headphone can reproduce a range of sounds that will be pleasing to the ears, with all ranges being present and clear without overpowering one another. Sony has done an excellent job in terms of isolating outside noise by making sure there is little leakage from the ear cups which also come at just about any position you want them to fit on your head.

Here are reasons the Sony MDR 7506 headphones have such a good sound quality:

Well balanced sound

The Sony 7506s sound profile is well balanced in terms of bass and treble ranges, with enough high end to give the sound a natural crispness that you don’t get from flat EQ types like the Sony MDR-V700DJ. In this regard Sony has succeeded where many other manufacturers fail miserably: The Sony’s frequency response curve extends throughout all three bands, allowing for good tonal balance across virtually any musical genre.

A good bass response

The Sony MDR7506 is ideal for recording studios, where accurate sounds reproduction and isolation from external noises must be taken into consideration. The Sony MDR7506 has been used in professional recordings and live performances worldwide because it can produce clear sound with a good bass response even on low volumes (meaning that if you’re sitting near anyone watching movies or listening to music through their own speakers, someone else nearby might not hear it.


Sony MDR7506 are closed-back headphones so they do a great job of isolating outside noise. These headphones promise a great centre stage sound for those on a tight budget, though they don’t have a foldable design.

Is Sony MDR-7506 Ear Pads and Ear Cups Good?

The Sony MDR7506 has ear pads and ear cups that are comfortable, well-balanced sound that is clear across the frequency range.

Sony MDR 7506 Headphones come with a coiled cable, connecting to Sony’s own audio equipment like players and headphones. Sony has been making quality products for many years such as televisions, computers, cameras, etc. so you can be assured their products will function properly no matter what device it connects to (if your iPod classic breaks down then just take it back). The Sony MDR7506 also comes with in-line volume control on its cord; this lets you turn up or reduce the level of music without having to go into your phone settings.

Also, the ear pads and earcups are designed from high-quality materials to prevent the Sony MDR7506 from getting damaged by sweat.

How do you connect to these on-ear headphones?

Connecting them on-ear headphones is easy. Sony MDR 7506 has a coiled cable that is about nine inches long which can be plugged into the headphone jack on your device or if you have an iPod classic, it will plug into its own input port with the small adapter provided by Sony as part of their package.

All you have to do is find the correct input port and plug the cable in. Sony MDR 7506 has an iPhone-style headphone jack on it so you can use your iPhone adapter to connect them if necessary.

If you are using Sony headphones with a Mac, then you will need aSony adapter for any iMac or MacBook Pro computers that do not have a built-in input port for Sony headphones.

Recording Studios: Are Sony MDR-7506 good for mixing?

Yes. You can use Sony MDR-7506 Sony headphones to mix tracks. The headphones have a good sound quality and are well balanced with no major spike in any range of the frequency response curve.

The Sony 7506 series are used by many professional studios as monitors because they get an accurate representation of what’s on tape without making it too bassy or bright for mixing purposes. They also offer excellent isolation from external noise through closed-back earcups that help reduce outside interference when recording vocals in noisy environments like street traffic or trains station platforms.

Sony MDR-7506 Sony headphones have low bass but you can increase bass levels using Sony DREX110S Digital Effect Audio Processor/Amplifier (Dynamic Range Expander.

Does Sony still make MDR-7506?

Sony started producing the Sony MDR-7506 series Sony headphones in 1990. They have discontinued production, but they still make Sony MDR V600 Headphones that are more than $100 cheaper and have many similar features as the Sony MDR 7506s.

Also, you can still get the MDR-7506 headphones through Sony’s Sony Corporate Authorized Resellers,, and eBay for a higher price than the Sony MDR V600 Headphones

Does the Sony MDR-7506 have a mic?

No. These are pretty basic headphones. Sony MDR-7506 Headphones are not compatible with microphones which reduces the sound quality. These headphones do not have any active features and no battery power. The headset is wired without any Bluetooth connection.

However, these studio monitors are quite versatile, good for bass guitars, cell phones, and other devices.


Sony is a reliable brand that focuses on performance and durability in its products. The Sony MDR-7506 does not cost much, but its sound is expensive. Whether you connect to your guitar or listen to music through them, this pair of headphones will not disappoint.

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