Superlux Hd668B

Buying the best headphones starts by understanding what the market has to offer. There are so many products and brands today that buying these important audio accessories seems overwhelming at times.

However, there are those famous brands you can always rely on. I find the Superlux company one of these reputable manufacturers.

I always like my headphones to be a little extra in terms of features and comfort. And this company so far has been great in offering that.

I will be reviewing the Superlux HD668B in this guide. If you are wondering whether to invest in it or not, you have come to the right place. I want to focus more on performance than on features because that is what matters the most.

Superlux HD 668B Headphones Review

First, understand that Superlux is an excellent company. They have been making headphones for several years now, and all their products are recommended for professional use.

Today, my interest is in the Superlux HD668B, a good deal for the money. These Semi-open open headphones are built to the quality of a reputable brand.

The first thing you will notice is its incredible design. They are simply attractive, and you can already tell they are high quality.

These headphones come with significant 50 mm dynamic drivers, a strong neodymium magnet, and detachable cables. The codes are more extended than you will find on most headphones. Their semi-open design means they offer good noise-isolation functionality and are not very hot.

Large cups with pivoting movement make it easy for the user to set them in a good position. Besides, the earpads are round and large, making them easily fit into any ear.

Detachable cables offer convenience in terms of portability. Unlike many other similar headphones, the connector is a male 3.5mm end. Other headphones are mostly female.

Superlux is reputed for creating top-notch products with excellent sound at lows prices, and this one is no different. They come with incredible aesthetics and wonderful designs.

The company says the HD668B offers the same frequency curve as the DT990. But the HD668B promises a more natural and balanced tone. You can be sure of crystal clarity and a high resolution needed for professional use.

Its “fusion inspiration” design comes from Audio Technica headphones, mostly the highest models. AKG K240s inspire the cups.


• High-res drivers

• A durable structure

• Optimized pressure on the headband


• Expensive

Superlux hd668b mods

A lot of modes have been posted around for the Super HD668B. I wanted to know which ones are better, but there is not much to go by.

I had these headphones for two weeks, and they were awesome all the time. And then I decided to take out the form from in front of the driver. And then I removed the acoustic sticker. Next, I wanted to cable is with the best codes around. Although this was a bit hard, it gave me an idea to create something that would meet my needs.

I have been using headphones since I was little, and sometimes, I get crazy ideas to experiment with different setups. So, I just kept going, putting bu-task inside the casing. I removed the form from the driver before the vent on the back, took coins, and glued them there.

This setup gave me new cans that I really enjoy. I can wear them for as long as I want, and they won’t even stress me out. They had more bass boost and the mids were a bit bright.

There are other modes and better ways to keep your headphones in shape. If you like the treble, for instance, you won’t see the need for toning these cans down. Also, some user finds the bass sufficient. It’s a bit too much for me, though. In this case, you can just use EQ to increase the mids, and you have a more balanced output.

Another good mod would be to remove the form in front of the driver and increase the pad with cotton. And if you remove the damping thin black paper from the cup hole, you create more mid, treble, and lower bass. The soundstage becomes more detailed too.

Ear Pads: Is Superlux HD668B have Comfortable Ear Pads and Ear Cups?

I used the Superlux HD668B for some time, and they did not seem to bother me. Comfort, in this case, means the adjustability and degrees of freedom, pressure, stiffness, and weight. It is important to have comfortable headphones if you are going to wear them for long durations.

Comfort varies from user to user. But we can all agree that some headphones are more pleasant and enjoyable than others. It all comes down to how the ear pads are designed.

The HD668B features a lightweight design. As stated above, their headbands are inspired by Audio Technica. They are robust and with a great level of comfort.

You can easily adjust the wing headband to get the most suitable setup. That means it will fit on any head size with the right configuration.

Each wing comes with cushioning pads that deliver a soft area of contact with your head. This eliminates the pressure that comes from on-ear headphones. The pads are large and made from leatherette, providing a full over-ear fit.

Also, these are semi-open headphones. We all know that closed-back headphones are characterized by too much heat buildup in the ears. The semi-open design of the HD668B controls this fact. It allows for more breathability without letting in too much outside noise.

That is not all; the headphones feature a 3.5mm detachable cable. This allows one to use the 1m or 3m cable according to what you prefer. Or you can buy another cable as long as it’s compatible.

You can turn these cans into unique Bluetooth headphones using a BT adapter (not included). The open-back headphones will then give you wonderful natural sounds.

From the cable extension to a strong ear cup, the headphones are built for long-lasting durability – all at a low price.

Sound quality: Does Superlux HD668B have a Good Sound Isolation?

The Superlux HD668B headphones deliver excellent sound. They have a semi-open design, which means their sound isolation is remarkable.

Lows – bass boost

These headphones feature 50mm dynamic drivers and neodymium magnets in the cups, which promise well-balanced lows. They deliver the fullness and body of their natural sound.

You get an extraordinary measure of punch from the mid-bass. Adding EQ makes them even better as the sub-bass gets deeper.

Mids and Vocals

Cozy, inviting, and warm mids make the Superlux HD668B an incredible choice. The higher mids are not too crispy, and they don’t fall forward or sound too harsh. I liked the clarity of the vocals. But you may have to boost them a little to get ultra-clear low vocals. Both upper mids and lower mids are well detailed, especially in the bass guitar. Pink noise is present, but no harsh sound.

Highs and treble

You get a bright sound with a great amount of detail from the highs. Piercing peaks are pretty uncommon in this case, but they appear in certain songs. One can use the EQ to get more brightness and detail. Even at high volumes, you still get clarity. And the cables provided promise with a clean transmission.

Sound isolation

Sound isolation is not effective in open-back headphones. The HD668B is semi-open, which gives them fair sound isolation. They are not as strong as closed-back designs but good enough for any user.

These headphones are in demand by even professional recording studios for their neutral sound.

Is Superlux HD668B dynamic semi-open headphones Designed for the studio?

Yes and no. I like the general design of the HD668B Superlux headphones. They are more like the AKG K240 in their design. They come with paddles instead of fabric straps to cushion the headband. Also, you will notice an odd-looking male audio cable input instead of the traditional female jacks.

But the rest of the design looks too cheap. Talking about the design, the semi-open ear cups do not do a very good job in sound isolation.

Most studio headphones are closed-back because they must promise a good amount of noise cancellation and sound isolation. For this reason, I would not recommend these cans for the studio.

Nevertheless, they are still excellent headphones for listening to music. If you must use them in the studio, consider finding the right mods for the same.

On the other hand, their design doesn’t make them something you want to use outdoors. They are like a cheaper version of the K240s. But again, that depends on individual experience.

Are Superlux HD668B studio monitoring headphones a good choice, even a professional recording studio?

The Superlux HD668B is a popular semi-open dynamic headphone with excellent sound quality. Many professional recording studios use them because of this. Also, it comes with a durable and sturdy construction that makes them good for any use.

I have mentioned already above that Audio Technica inspires these headphones. You should already know that this is not a company that jokes when it comes to delivering high quality in their products.

Their semi-open design gives them a unique appearance and performance. It might not be very impressive, but it gets the job done. They have a patented sturdy construction, and the headband’s lightweight feature offers critical listening service for long periods, with a great frequency response from any sound source.

The headphones are somehow lacking in their overall function. Fortunately, they are comfortable, which means you can wear them for long hours without feeling like they are pressing too hard. The headband’s optimized mechanical pressure and long-lasting durability are a good addition to the overall sound quality.

Superlux says these headphones are designed for studio and professional use. The clamping force on the headband is strong enough to hold on even in the most challenging conditions. They are somehow good. But don’t expect them to deliver a mind-blowing performance.

Superlux HD668B vs Samson SR850

Superlux and Samson are both great audio companies. They make high-quality headphones that you will find in a wide range of studios around the world.

I had a problem choosing between the Superlux HD668B and the Samson SR850. These headphones are similar in very many ways. Some users assumed that the SR850 is just HD668B rebranded.

However, much they may seem similar, there are certain aspects that set the two apart. We can all agree it’s hard to decide, but you should not have any issues again once you make a clear comparison.

The HD668B semi-open headphone has a slight edge, making it perfect for professional monitoring applications. This is where accurate sound quality meets build quality.

First, the driver magnets and the impedance are different. The SRs deliver 32O hms, while the HD668B is 56O hms. The Samson is a bit louder, too, if you set the volume at the same level.

I found the HD668B to have better amplification with the right tuning. The SR headphones are flat.

Concerning sound, the Samsons seem slightly drier and edgier. The Superlux, on the other hand, is warmer, especially in the midbass. Also, there is a slight difference in the treble.

Both headphones use EQ for the treble. But there is more timbre accuracy on the Superlux. It’s also more natural than the Samson.

The Samsons come with more comfortable velour pads. They have a pleater headband instead of wings. But the Superlux beats it in sound.

In conclusion, the differences are very small, especially when you consider we both have different tastes. So, just choose whatever you are more comfortable with.