Tama Dyna-Sync Double Bass Drum Pedal

I recently saw this post on drummer world com that got me interested in reviewing Tama’s Dyna-Sync drum pedal. It says:

“I am struggling to find any Tama Dyna Sync Pedal reviews. The only staff I can find is biased Tama marketing videos. Does anyone know of even halfway in-depth and objective review on them?”

Well, if you have had a similar issue, you have come to the right place.

Tama Dyna-Sync Double Bass Drum Pedal

Tama has been developing a wide range of products aimed at offering the best services to modern drummers. Everything from their drums to accessories is particularly good in every sense.

The Tama’s Dyna-Sync double pedal is a unique product designed with a diverse set of artists. Everyone from swing players to progressive metal drummers seems to find the pedal very helpful.

In my experience, a bass drum pedal determines how good the bass drum sound comes out. No matter what they say, a drummer is only as good as the gear he/she plays.


The Dyna-Sync double bass pedal offers excellent precision, power, and balance. You may not find anything that performs as well as this pedal on the market. And that is just to show how good Tama’s products really are.

The main feature is the threefold Dynamic Synchronization System created by Tama. Here, you get an angle-aligned Optimized Transmission Design that delivers a fluid response, helping you achieve incredible speeds and power.

It also features a Dual Linkage design that connects each footboard and cam to four-point 0 with a perfect performance. And if you thought that was enough, consider the pair of non-stepped Slidable Cams that promises immediate access through the drum key screw. This helps the drummer personalize their experience with each foot.

If you have ever used any Tama Cobra pedal line, you know what this pedal can do.


• Sturdy and high-end construction

• Direct-drive

• It comes with a drum key


• The direct drive has been watered to a point where it seems like chain drive

Tama Dyna-Sync Single Bass Drum Pedal

Tama understands the importance of creating the perfect solutions for every drummer. This is why their products feature on the top market.

The Tama Dyna-Sync bass pedal is developed with a diverse group of Tama artists, promising precision, power, and balance.

The Dynamic Synchronization System is featured in the angle-aligned Optimized Transmission Design, offering a smooth response for great speed and power.

The pedals have also been fitted with a Dual Linkage design that connects the footboard and the cam at four points, assuring zero side-to-side movements. Almost no wasted motion comes from these bass drum pedals.

As if that is not enough, you will love the Slidable Cam. This feature promises immediate access through the drum screw, assuring a highly personalized experience.

These three features create something that you may never have seen before.

As a single bass drum pedal, it performs at incredible speeds, almost as if it were double. Hence, you can use this pedal without any regrets.


Enough with the features; what makes real sense here is how the pedal performs. And this pedal does a crazy job.

The conical-shaped beater hits the batter head evenly for better articulation while reducing the chances of double strokes. You will find this feature very useful under close mics.

The adjustable footboard means different drummers can use the pedal for all types of music.

Para-Clamp II Pro hope clamp offers a safe grab to the bass hoops at any angle. Also, it features Cobra-series mainstays, making it a high-end product.


• Sturdy construction

• Tama Cobra mainstays

• Adjustable footboard

• Direct drive


• It’s a bit expensive

TAMA HHDS1 Dyna-Sync Hi-Hat Stand

Tama has never disappointed me when it comes to building the perfect solutions for drummers. And now, with their Dyna-Sync hardware and accessories, you can sure to get more than what you paid for.

The Tama HHDS1 Dyna-Sync hi-hat stand is a wonderful piece of hardware that features the same length footboard and linkage connections found on the Dyna-Sync bass drum pedal reviewed above.

It aims to provide an unparalleled feel with incredible accuracy.

We all know that a hi-hat stand is crucial to the performance. If you get a weak stand, you will not play with confidence for fear of breaking it.

This piece features newly developed Spring Damper aides that reduce the contact noise that comes from the immediate release of the footboard. Hence, you get clean sounds with a smooth operation.

Another feature that I found interesting is the footboard angle. It’s the same as the one found on the Dyna-Sync bass drum pedal.

You can use this feature to get a customized and precise feel. Perhaps that is one of the reasons Tama created this product, to assure independence for every drummer.

If you are looking for a hi-hat stand that will hold to any performance, this is one that will do much more. And since it comes from a reputable brand, you can expect nothing less.


• Extreme accuracy

• Spring Damper aides reducing noise

• Solid construction


• A bit expensive

Direct-drive Single Pedal Developed by TAMA Artists

When Tama creates a new product, it’s always as if they have seen what users need. This is because they make drums and accessories with exact precision to offer nothing but the best performance.

Now introducing the TAMA Dynamic Synchronization System that assures a performance as you have never seen before. The Direct-Drive single pedal from the Dyna-Sync family is a force to reckon with.

Its features include:

• Tama artists develop it. This product has been designed by artists ranging from swing players to progressive metal players. Hence, it is suitable for all genres.

Three-fold Dynamic Synchronization. This is a new system that offers a unique experience to players.

• Dual Linkage cam connectors. If you have worried about side-to-side movement in a bass drum pedal, you can relax here. These connectors assure a smooth operation.

• No-Stepped Slidable Cam. Get a highly personalized playing experience for a greater feeling. Tam has ensured every user gets a unique experience from these products.

• Para-Clamp II Pro Hoop. They clamp safely by grabbing on the bass drum hoops, allowing you to play with ease, even at odd angles.

• Cobra-series mainstays. For those who have used any Cobra series products, you understand what it means to have a higher-end hardware piece. You get the same features here. These include Sync-Coil under the return spring, motion maximization swivel adjustment spring, and the Oilers bearing hinge.

• Adjustable footboard. This footboard is right for all playing styles since you can adjust it to meet your needs.

• A conical Dyna-Beater. This beater strikes the batter head evenly, reducing the falls doubles.

Concerning performance, this could be the best bass drum pedal you will ever use in your drumming career. Every feature mentioned above is added to improve how it feels to use any bass drum pedal. It may be a single bass drum, but it performs like a double.


• Designed for strength and stability

• Cobra-series features

• Incredible performance


• Nothing to complain about


The kind of hardware you use determines how good your performance gets. Tama’s Dyna-Sync bass drum pedals and hi-hat stand are products on another level. The best teams design them for a great experience.

If you have the money, it would be best to invest in these pieces.