Anyone with a Tama drum set will tell you they offer the best performance. Tama is now a new company for many drummers across the world. They have been around for many years producing useful solutions for a wide range of drummers.

The Tama’s Swingstar was first introduced as a beginner set in the 80s or the 90s. At that time, it was a great deal for those who needed the brand’s quality but did not have enough to invest.

The Tama product is back with some new and exciting features you will find very useful. The old version was a great hit for its rate and high-end features. And the new one is even better.

I was interested in knowing just how good this product is based on the reviews I read. So, I prepared mine too.

Tama Swingstar Best Review [currentyear]

Tama’s drum set options have been used for many generations across the globe. They all come with excellent quality and useful features that any drummer will find interesting.

The old version offers an impressive tonal range. But that might not be enough for the modern drummer. That is why the version seems better.

Who is the kit for?

If you are a beginner, you may need a good-quality product that does not cost too much. However, many manufactures do not offer the best features.

Tama is a reputable brand known for making high-end product solutions. The series belongs to their lower range sets.

But it would help if you did not let that fool you into thinking it’s any less good. Were it not for the price, fueled by the suppression of a few excellent features, this set could easily enter the midrange market.

And because of its affordability, this like is best suited for beginners. Parents can buy them for their kids who have shown interest in drumming.

Intermediate and professional drummers can still use it. A drum is only as great as the sounds it produces, and these kits are excellent. Hence, you can use them for practice.

About the new Swingstar drum set

The easiest way to describe these drums is through the upgraded hardware that promises great playability and more reliable setups. The series is not better.

It comes with new specs and the company’s latest features. It’s defined by more adjustable tom holders, more suitable and easy-to-tune brass hoops, and foldable spur brackets.

It includes a Power Grid single-chain bass pedal designed for better action. The Swivel Foot hi-hat stand is a feature you can find on higher-end solutions.

The snare stand also swivels, allowing for easier adjustment with the same tilting angle. Hence, you can play the snare from any angle without feeling strained.

Tama Swingstar Drums Specifics

My set included:

– A 22 by 16-inch bass drum

– 10 by 9-inch, 12 by 10-inch, and in 13 by 11-inch toms

– 16 by 16-inch floor tom

-5 ½-inch x 14 steel snare

The sets are made from high-quality material and deliver great tonal quality. The snare stand swivels with a tilting angle.

Apart from the drums, you also get:

– A double tom holder

– Tom mount

– Tom clamp

– Boom cymbal stand

– Hi-hat stand

– Snare stand

– Straight cymbal stand

– Kick pedal

– Cymbals are not included on this one, although they come on come configurations.


The first thing you will notice about the new Swingstar set is its improved design. It can be a bit hard to believe that this is a beginner set.

Tama swing star drum set comes with adjustable tom holders that allow one to set and change the toms with ease, even when in action. Easier-to-tune kick hoops that are more stable have been added. You get easy performance.

The spur brackets can fold with the spur on. Also, the kit promises better performance than the hardware mentioned above.


Tama has never disappointed me with their products – they are made to impress. And even with this lower-end drum set, they have still managed to prove reliable.

The drums sounded professional. From their design, one must agree they are outstanding.

The legendary Omni-ball tom holder and double-braced stands deliver stability. The kick head features an O-ring muffler plus Acc-Tune hoops that assures the punch.

This also means a more balanced sound from the start. Some kits come with a basic cymbal set that allows you to start playing immediately.

The Fusion kit comes with 100% Poplar 6ply 7.5mm shells. They deliver a full warm tone and medium attack.


• Affordable

• Excellent construction quality

• Double-braced hardware


• Poplar shells

• Not the best quality shells from Tama

Tama Swingstar Drum Set with Cymbals

The only thing you will find “entry-level about the sets is perhaps the cost. If you take this off, then you have a high-quality kit with high-end features.

The complete beginner kit comes with cymbals so that you start playing right from the box. This is a wonderful deal for beginners who need something nice and easy.

It is configured with:

• 22 by 18-inch kick

• 10 by 8-inch and 12 by 9-inch toms

• 16- by 14-inch floor toms

• 14- by 5-inch snare

• A double tom holder

• Boom cymbal stand

• Snare stand

• Hi-hat stand

• Drum pedal

• Drum throne

• 13-inch hi-hat and

• 16-inch crash cymbals


The kits are back stronger and better. They feature the legendary Omni-ball tom holder and double-braced stability. These features assure a great performance with excellent sounds.

An O-ring on the bass head and the Acc -Tune hoops ensure you get a great punch right away. It looks like a useful feature.

And since they come with cymbals, you can start playing right from the box. It’s not easy to get such quality sets that have almost everything you require. Most of them only have shell packs.


Even though poor sounds define most beginner drum sets, Tama has changed that tradition. The all-poplar shells are bright and clean tonally.

Since it is one of the biggest manufacturers around, you can expect to get an awesome deal for your money. It looks like they want you to only use their items.

The Omni-ball tom holder ensures the tom ring freely. The snare stand is designed for easy adjustment.

All-maple shells have a 6ply 7mm configuration, which assures a full warm tone and medium attack. That is a characteristic of poplar wood.

Omnisphere Tom Holder assures rock-solid stability. The Omni-ball system is popular among many drummers.

Double -braced hardware on these kits is a mark of durability. They are light and yet very strong.

However, you may want to replace the cymbals as they don’t sound good.


• High-quality

• Excellent construction

• Affordable


• Cymbals are not very convincing

Tama Swingstar Snare

The company has been producing good solutions for many years, which is one reason they are reliable. The snare drums have stood the test time and are still largely played by modern drummers.

They were produced through the 80s and part of the 90s. Many professional drummers today started with a Swingstar.

During their days, the snare produced incredible music. You may hear its ring on many records from reputable bands like U2 and Guns N’ Roses.

In a nutshell, the snare gave voice to many great tunes. And it still offers the same today.

Modern models range in sizes, including the most common 14 by 5.5-inch size and 14 by 6.5-inches. They feature poplar shells on steel construction, most with 8 lugs.


Tama’s Swingstar has a reputation among many drummers. The snare drums are solid performers with a good crisp sound with a pleasant ring. Its steel body is durable, while the 8 lugs are easy to adjust.


The snare does not rise to be vintage.’ This is because its sound is good, but not great, which makes them less useful.

Overall rating, the snare gets a four-star rating. They serve very efficiently as entry-level drums, which may not be anything for professional performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tama’s Swingstar Good?

I recently came across a post on that says, “I know the Swingstar set is not top of the line, but I have a chance to pick a 4-piece shell pack used for $150… The pic looks good, but I am not sure about the build of the series….”

One of the responses states, “Personally, I am fond of mine. For what I paid ($500), I’ve found nothing that can rival it except for the Gretsch Catalinas. For $150, it not a bad deal at all ….”

Every drummer will have a different experience with different drum sets. But one thing we can all agree on is that the brand matters when choosing a drum.

This is a reputable company known for making top-quality such items. Hence, you can trust the Swingstar is an excellent kit at this price range.

As a beginner kit, it has everything you need to create good music.

What Wood Is Used in Tama’s Swingstar?

The 90’s version of the Swingstar drum kit was crafted from Philippine Mahogany, known for its superior sound quality. Despite their age, these drums can still be found on the market today for around $150.
In contrast, the newer Swingstar kits are made from poplar wood, which offers even better tonal qualities. Poplar is also a common wood used in cheaper drum kits.

The company prides itself on using only the highest quality materials for its drums. Those in the know would agree that the brand has a strong reputation for excellence.

As a result, these drums are built to last and are known for their reliability. They were great years ago and continue to be so today.