Tz Stellar X2 Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Xlr Microphone

The U87 is one of the most recognizable condenser microphones in history. Due to its popularity, many other manufacturers have tried to produce U87 clones by copying its design or feature.

Although these clones closely approximate the physical and sonic characteristics of the original Neumann U87 microphone, they still contain a few minor differences. Some might even be said to have surpassed the high bar the original model established.

The best U87 clones will be discussed in this article. We will talk about great-sounding mics that can be used to capture vocals and musical instruments, including drums.

6 U87 Clone Best Review

The Neumann mics are undoubtedly good for recording vocals and many other instruments. No wonder most people say that it’s a versatile mic. However, if you’re considering buying the other brands, look at this list.

Warm Audio WA-47 Jr Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

Warm Audio WA-87 Condenser Mic is a superb U87 clone with outstanding performance and extraordinarily rich sonics. Any artist or producer who is looking for an alternative to Neumann U87 is recommended to own this great mic.

Warm Audio doesn’t skimp on the components used or the construction quality. This microphone has superb sound quality since it is constructed with high-quality components and has a detailed design. A microphone that also vastly outperforms its pricing range.

When comparing the Neumann U87 with Warm Audio WA-87’s response, they sound remarkably similar and cost much less. Plus, if they are compared to microphones in this price range, the WA-87’s sound is more prominent, larger, and clearer.

All in all, it’s an excellent mic for someone who works in the recording studio and produces music.


  • Versatile mic
  • The quality is significantly beyond the cost.
  • Reacts to EQ and compression quite nicely.


  • The signal strength is low.

SE Electronics SE2200

The weight of SE Electronics SE2200 is probably the first thing you will notice. Although it isn’t particularly heavy, you can still feel its weight when holding it. Fortunately, the weight is justified because the mic feels quite solid. It also doesn’t interfere with the mic stand.

The shock mount and pop filter that comes with the mic seems cheap, and the build quality of the microphone does not extend to its accessories. The pop filter poses a risk of clothing snagging due to its exposed edge.

Meanwhile, for a microphone in its budget category, the SE2200 performs admirably in the sound aspect. This mic is consistent with voices, electric and acoustic guitars, and drums. It also sounded relatively clean, and you won’t hear any distortion or other apparent problems.

The frequency response of the SE2200 is relatively flat. That’s okay, though, and it makes the mic a decent option if someone wants clean recordings with their instruments.


  • If you like a neutral sound, flat frequency response makes it ideal for recording
  • Build quality for its price range
  • Good overall sound
  • Affordable mics


  • Less color in the frequency response
  • Accessories with a cheap vibe

Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387

Although the FC-387 is a heavy microphone like the SE2200, it is strongly advised to invest in a reliable mic stand. This microphone weighs slightly more than 2 pounds, so it’s not simply heavy in the sense that it feels heavy.

However, the Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387 sound quality is considered to be good compared to other mics in its group. The fit term to characterize the sound of the FC-387 is “beautifully natural.”

Like other contemporary large diaphragm condensers, this mic doesn’t have the same tendency to be overly bright, making your recordings sound digital.

The product’s enormous degree of versatility is its main selling feature. It contains a pad/gain switch in addition to the typical pattern switches (cardioid, omni, figure-eight). Besides the 10dB attenuation, The FC-387 also includes a 10dB gain boost. This aids in increasing the gain on mic preamps, lowering or even getting rid of distortion and noise.


  • The ability to change between modern and vintage sounds is insanely adaptable.
  • It functions effectively with lesser preamps thanks to the gain boost.


  • Heavy and large mics

Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Microphone Modelling System

Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Microphone Modelling System is the best U87 clone when it comes to its unique design.

This microphone works with the best music recording software that enables you to alter how the microphone sounds, including the ability to very accurately replicate vintage microphones.

It’s a cutting-edge piece of recording gear. Using the modeling method, you may reconstruct how various mics react to an auditory environment. The Sphere plugin and this microphone have no limitations on what you can accomplish.

You may exactly replicate the polar patterns and off-axis sound features that make vintage microphones so desirable with the help of the program. Therefore, the Townsend Labs Sphere L22 mic can be used if you want the best Neumann 87 clone.


  • Good at making vintage sounds
  • Even without digital modeling, it sounds great.
  • Able to withstand SPLs greater than 140dB


  • Costly alternative to U87
  • It depends on the Sphere program

TZ Audio Stellar X2 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

It’s easy to understand why the Stellar X2 microphone is hailed as the best U87 imitation by most people. Considering the price, this item seems impressive.

Numerous professional musicians, producers, voice-over actors, and broadcasters have already embraced the TZ Audio Stellar X2. This microphone has amazing performance and builds quality.

It records very quietly and has audio that is crisp and warm.

The Stellar X2 is expertly calibrated to give a smooth sound that readily fits in any mix, in contrast to the majority of inexpensive condenser microphones with a pronounced harsh and bright tone that renders them inferior to legendary mics like the Neumann U87.


  • Produce crisp and warm sound
  • Fit with various mixes
  • Affordable


  • None in its group

Soundelux U195

Soundelux U195 is nearly identical to the U87 mics. They provide the same warm, smooth sound, and their frequency responses make them exceptional recording microphones.

However, it includes some notable variations, so the U195 isn’t just a straightforward copy-paste job. The first is the fact that it is significantly heavier than a U87. You can only use the mic in a cardioid pattern with the U195 because it lacks a pattern selection switch.

The microphone works well with various voices and makes it simple to switch between modes to either tighten up a thicker voice or provide more definition to a thinner voice.

This gear is so extremely useful to have. As a result, if a mic doesn’t work with a person’s voice or an amp, you won’t have to waste time replacing it. Just switch it to start.


  • It sounds very similar to the U87
  • Streamlined and tidy design


  • Shock mount and carrying case are not included.
Soundelux U195 Review

Is TLM 103 better than U87?

The TLM103’s capsule is based on the design of the U87’s capsules, giving it similar sounds and performances. However, in comparison to the U87, there are some differences. The TLM103 has higher output levels than a U87, which means it can be driven harder and may provide more presence at louder sound sources.


If you’re in the market for finding a U87 clone, then we hope this article is a help to you. We’ve gathered the best of the best and compared it with the original U87 mic, so you’ll have an outlook on what product you really want.

Each product has its advantages and disadvantages. That’s why it’s necessary to have your own standard for the mic you need for your drum recording or else.