Yamaha Dtx430K Electronic Drum

Electronic drum kits have, without a doubt, taking the world of music to a whole new level. And Yamaha is one of those brands making this a reality.

Yamaha is now for making high-quality drums. They use the latest technology to ensure every user gets what they deserve.

The Yamaha DTX430K is a good example of what the brand stands for. It is a good quality drum set from the DTX400 line, designed with high quality and technology, and yet remains very affordable.

I was compelled to review this kit because I have seen it in action.

Yamaha DTX430K Electronic Drum Set

The electronic drum set is often not the best when it comes to delivering classic sounds. Even the lowest quality acoustic drum set can sound better than an e-drum. And it’s worse with cheaper kits.

However, Yamaha has tried to change this perspective with their DTX430K. This is a drum kit designed to bring quality and high technology to an affordable level.

It comes with the DTX400 module, which has the features of a high-end product. It is generally one of the best dealers a modern drummer can get in a cheap electronic drum kit.

If you are a beginner looking for a cheap option with good features, this is probably a good kit for you.


The first thing that captured my attention was the DTX400 module. I have seen it in many kits, and I know it’s not a bad one.

It comes with 169 onboard professional acoustic drums and percussion tunes. The Accent Articulation feature ensures dynamic expression.

Apart from this, you get up to 10 play-along songs with ten customizable spaces to create your style. These are all of good quality, and they sound very useful.

Also, the module comes in a practice mode. A beginner will find the interactive training functions with Voice Guidance very useful.

In terms of connectivity, the module comes with the right ports for connecting pads and other external components. There is a USB port, audio in connection as well as a MIDI connection.


Every component on the kit is designed to deliver a good performance. At this price, there are very few electronic drum sets that can reach their level.

The pads include a big 10-inch ride, a hi-hat, and crash cymbals. They are big enough to give you the feeling of playing on a real drum set.

There are 7-inch drum pads, which have been recreated to deliver greater playability. They also sound authentic and last longer compared to others at this price range.

In terms of the hardware, Yamaha has tried to ensure you get everything you need to start playing. The kit comes with a Yamaha FP6110 belt-drive kick drum pedal and a KP65 bass pad. With these features, you can feel a more realistic experience of an authentic drum.

It comes with a remote HH65 hi-hat controller pedal that allows for half-open” hi-hat tones. This is an expansion feature you will find on a more expensive setup.

The kick pad is quite responsive.

Then there is more on the hardware. Everything is set on a steel rack that promises a solid framework to ensure efficiency when playing the drums. They will stand strong in place and will handle all the pressure of intensive drumming.

Yamaha DTX430K reviews

I was going through some online reviews on this kit and was impressed that most users found it a good deal. Most of them said it sounds good and that there are very few cons, especially if you consider the price.

One says, “this one had a kick pedal, where the other deal listed here on the slickdeals for $299 did not. Bought for my niece.”

With everything considers, this is a good electronic drum kit. It has the sounds and the features to help every beginner.


The entire DTX 400 series of drums from Yamaha was made for new drummers. Both the Yamaha DTX430K and the DTX450K fall in this series, and they come with a DTX400 sound module that is useful for training new musicians.

The 400 series were first released in 2012, which gives it a few years to prove how good it is. This electronic drum kit came to the market in 2013 with some improvements on the module.

For instance, it had space for adding one more pad, and it comes with a real bass drum pedal. Yamaha was using it to create a real-drum experience in e-drum sets.

The pads give a nice feel, which makes it easy to play for long without getting tired. However, these pads are not able to perform rim shorts.

The module on the DTX430K is all push buttons. It does not have an LCD screen and has ten onboard kits. They are not much, but you can overwrite them by downloading new ones via USB.

You will also get 165 real percussion sounds, which you can use with the training module to improve your skills. The ten play-along songs and the metronome are an added advantage.

It’s easy to set up the DTX430k as you don’t need to tighten the clamps. Easily attach everything and start playing.

The DTX450K

Yamaha takes things a notch higher here. The Yamaha DTX45K comes with a 3-zone snare pad, on which you can play the rim shorts. This is a crucial feature for many musicians.

Apart from this, it comes with an adjustable throne, drum sticks, and JVC headphones. It is, therefore, a full kit with everything you need to start playing. You will play without waking up your neighbors.

Aside from the added features, everything else is the same as the DTX430K.

Both kits come with a one-year warranty from Yamaha.

Yamaha DTX430K manual

Yamaha includes a user manual in the package. This should make things easy for you when setting up the kit. But if you don’t find any, you can always download it from the company’s website.


• High quality and affordable

• The onboard drum kits on the DTX 400 can be overwritten

• Easy to set up

• Useful training programs

• One-year warranty


• You cannot perform rim shorts

• As an entry-level e-kit, it has very few useful features


Are you new to drumming or looking to pick up from where you left? Then electronic drum kits could be a good investment. The Yamaha DTX430K is cheaper and has decent sounds. But it would be better if you went for the full-size setup of the DTX450K. It allows you to practice rim shorts, which makes it a better option. The DTX400 offers good features of any electronic drum kit.