Yamaha R S202 Integrated Amp

Growing up, Yamaha is one of my go-to brands for many electric consumer devices. The company is dedicated to offering the latest cutting-edge technology across the globe. The R-S202 stereo receiver is among the most incredible receivers I have ever come across.

There are so many modern consumers looking for the latest, high-end multi-channel receivers. Features like Dolby Atmos and bass management systems have become increasingly popular. These features help to enhance the overall musical experience. 

And in this area, Yamaha has never disappointed. Since my college days, I always used to see the brand racks at major audio outlets. Back then, stereo rocked the world, and CO2 tape decks were all we could think of. Today, we have the R-202, which carries on the company’s range of affordable best stereo amplifier. And it has been updated to include Bluetooth streaming.

About the Yamaha R-S202

As stated above, Yamaha has a way of delivering something more than just what the consumer is seeking. The number of features an amp has is not as important, but how the user can get the most out of them. This is the best description of the Yamaha R-S202.

Yamaha r-s202 stereo receiver is aesthetically designed and delivers 100 watts per channel receiver along with other amazing features. When I review a receiver, I often ask how easy they are to set up and use. With the Yamaha R-S202 stereo receiver, all you need it to get a pair of high-quality speakers, and you are good to go. And if you are the kind of individual who uses sources like Blu-ray player or game consoles, this yamaha r-s202 stereo receiver has it all. But it is how unique and straightforward this receiver is that mesmerizes me.


The Yamaha receiver comes with:

  • 100 watt per channel into 8 ohms power output.
  • 40 stations on AM/FM preset tuning
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Two speaker system setups
  • Made by Yamaha

The Build

The world for receivers has developed. For audiophiles, there is a long list of products to choose from that promises nothing but the best experience.

Given the amazing sound quality and release of the Yamaha R-S202, I believe now is the best time to review this stereo receiver. I mean, there are just so many changes around. There is no DAC, no bass management, no distance leveling software, no video processing, or all other things you can think of, just stereo. And that is what the R-S202 is. A simple device that comes with the most straightforward features you can think of.

The first thing you will notice immediately when you open the box is an aesthetic 100-watt-per-channel stereo receiver. It is a top-rated product among modern consumers because of its far-reaching simplicity and functionality.

The product also includes large push buttons for tone control, which are convenient and help to improve sound quality. Other buttons like input selection, presets, tuning AM/FM mode, and memory and speaker selection are also on the front panel.

A faceplate is made of black brushed aluminum on the front providing it with a clean finish. Above the buttons is an LED that shows the function you are using at the moment.

There is nothing else on the front plate that will confuse you. As long as you know what the buttons are for and how to use them, this stereo receiver will make a lot of sense.

Yamaha has been careful in building this product, just like they do with all their products. It comes with a volume dial, and decorative finish, which cater well for the mass market.

I will be honest here, though; the R-202 does not have the mass-market appeal. This could be why many people have not had a chance to use it, especially those who consider outward looks over function.

Nevertheless, it comes with a range of features that cater to this. The Bluetooth receiver is, without a doubt, the most important one. Compared to other products in the same price range, I would pick the Yamaha anytime.

The front panel also features a headphone jack. This means the receiver comes with a headphone amplifier for private listening.

The inputs

The Yamaha R-S202 carries all the necessary input of any stereo receiver. Apart from the headphone jack mentioned above, you will find your RCA inputs around the back.

If you are seeking a phono input for connecting a turntable, or a bunch of digital inputs, you will find none with the Yamaha. But if you play LPs, you don’t have to worry. There is always a way to add a separate phono preamp. It will mean additional costs, but that is only if you must play pieces of vinyl.

However, if you want a phono stage or phono preamp set on your stereo amplifier automatically, you can consider purchasing Sony STRDH190.

There are two bundles of speaker outputs on the R-S202 (A and B). Besides, these are the bass and treble controls accessible through a remote or the buttons on the front panel.

I noticed that the spring clip speaker wire connectors do not offer a secure grip on the wires. This means they may quickly come out if you accidentally tug on them. This is normal for budget-end receivers anyway, so I cannot say that this makes the R-S202 any less good or bad.

The r-s202 comes with a dimension of 14 by 43.5 by 32 cm and weighs 6.7kg.

The built-in FM/AM radio receiver means you can listen to live news and enjoy music from anywhere. This feature and the DAB digital radio are all intact. The American version comes with a DAB tuner.

The r-s202 outs are all perfect for four stereo RCA inputs and one line out found on the backside. Everything else is just for a typical stereo amplifier.


It is important to emphasize that the Yamaha R-S202 comes with Bluetooth functionality as an updated feature. Setting everything up, including wireless streaming, is pretty basic. First off, it’s amazing that this product comes with free shipping and bookshelf speakers.

If you have used a stereo receiver before, you will understand the joys of listening to music on two channels. You don’t need any specialized knowledge or connection, but just enter your music into the receiver, and everything else falls in place.

In my setup, I connected it to my new Elacs Debut, B5s, and they paired as though they were made for each other. It will also work well with other bookshelf speakers like Pioneer SP-BS22-LRs, and Zu Audio Cubes, among others. But these will come if you have the coin.

It only took me a couple of minutes to get the R-S202 up and running. Wiring up the spare speakers did not take me much time, either.

And then, I started streaming music almost immediately. I tried pairing my iPad, and the stereo receivers yamaha quickly picked it.

Such simplicity gives you a certain sense of liberty since you don’t have to set speaker levers and distances. You won’t be struggling with fiddling bass management or connecting and auto-EQ programs. And once the speakers are in position, you can sit on your favorite chair and enjoy the flow from your powerful yamaha stereo receiver.


A receiver may have all the features in this world, but it will not make sense if it sounds crap. This is why Yamaha makes a lot of sense. It can reproduce a full range of audio. I listened to the bass, and it made my heart shake with joy.

The middle range came on full without too much emphasis, whereas the treble was warm and sweet. When finally hooked up Revel F12 speaker, I never missed the familiar sound quality,

When I played the songs’ Rider on the Storm’ by The Doors, and the ‘The Glory of Gabrieli’ by Giovanni Gabriel, the thick bass line, the wider music thunder, and the clear vocals were all distinctively bright. And with this yamaha rs202, I can say the R-S202 has won my respect.

Good for:

  • A smooth and meaty presentation
  • Bluetooth function
  • Relatively music
  • Offers free shipping and rights reserved
  • Amazing frequency response and 40 station available
  • Ideal for home theater
  • Includes two RCA or phono connector

The bad

  • It does not have a phono stage
  • It’s quite a beater for timing.


The Yamaha R-S202 stereo receiver may not have the best timing, dynamics, or organization, but it offers good sound at an affordable price. If that’s what you’re looking for, Yamaha R-S202 is a great option. Overall, Yamaha stereo receivers offer many benefits, and we hope this review has helped you understand them better.