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Adrienne Davies is a drummer and percussionist of the drone metal band Earth. Davies is a classically trained percussionist with a degree in classical music from University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She has been playing drums since age 11 and picked up the guitar when she was 22.

Adrienne Davies has been influenced by classic rock, world music and African drumming. She is also a fan of Celtic and Indian vocalists and the work of Jocelyn Pook. She did some drumming for school bands in the fifth grade. Davies had four brothers and came from a real musical family. She even got her first drum set early, and it was her pride and joy. She had to keep her brothers from destroying it. It was a used kit, a Ludwig from the ’70s.

Adrienne Davies
Adrienne Davies

Adrienne Davies Joined Earth

She joined Earth in 2000 via mixer/producer Randall Dunn. Earth has a rotating lineup and the band members have included Dylan Carlson, Joe Preston, Dimitri Coats from Burning Brides/Spacemen 3, Brett Netson from Built to Spill.

Davies was featured on 2016’s Primitive and Deadly, Earth’s first album since 2012. She has been with Earth for at least 16 years. Since Earth’s triumphant return in the new millennium, Carlson and Davies have proven one of the most potent creative partnerships in rock music. Davies has stated that she was a fan of Earth before her debut.

In 2004, she started recording with Earth. In addition to drums and percussion, she also plays harmonium on some songs. She is also joined Witch Mountain upon filling in for her brother-in-law and former Earth bandmate, Nate Carson.

Davies has also played drums for the band’s Agalloch and Thorr’s Hammer. She is close friends with Agalloch frontman John Haughm, and she lives in Portland, OR. In an interview, when asked if playing with both groups presented a scheduling conflict, Davies replied:

“There’s quite a big age gap between me and the other members of Thorr’s Hammer. I’d probably be the youngest member if I was in the band, but they’ve all remained really good friends over the years. John and Jason still live here in Portland, so it works out well”.

In 2012 Adrienne played her last show with Earth at Roadburn Festival. On July 26, 2014, a new lineup of Earth was announced with Dylan Carlson as the only remaining member from previous lineups. The press release stated that “the band now features Stephen Lee Clark on guitar, Adrienne Davies on drums and Anthony Weston on bass.” Earth would go on to release the “Primitive and Deadly” album with this same line-up.

On November 3, 2016, an interview was published by The Quietus describing the departure of Stephen Lee Clark from Earth due to creative differences between him and Carlson. Adrienne Davies once again is the only member from previous lineups now playing with Earth.

Adrienne Davies Female Drummer
Adrienne Davies Performing

Adrienne Davies Achievements

Davies was included in Stereogum’s list of 50 current female drummers that are “keeping the beat alive”. Following the release of 2016’s “Primitive and Deadly”, Adrienne Davies announced via Facebook that she would be focusing on her family life.

Adrienne Davies once said that she just want to be a better all-around drummer, without losing her uniqueness under a sea of empty technique.

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