Wiktoria Bialic, Story of The Genius Drummer

Wiktoria Bialic, a Poland drummer, has been making waves in the music world with her exceptional drumming skills.

Born and raised in Poland, Wiktoria has been passionate about drumming since a young age and has honed her craft to become one of the best female drummers in the country. Her impressive talent and hard work have not gone unnoticed, as she has recorded drums for numerous local and international artists.

This article will delve into the story of the drumming queen, Wiktoria Bialic, and explore her journey to becoming one of the most sought-after drummers in the industry.

Who is Wiktoria Bialic?

Wiktoria Bialic is a young and talented drummer who fell in love with music at the age of 6.

By attending music school for 12 years, she has developed her craft to a professional degree and has gone on to share her talent with the world by producing amazing sounds from her drums.

Wiktoria Bialic has played the drums on recordings for Grammy award-winning musicians, including Ondre J. Pavic, as well as for producers and artists from countries like Britain, India, Scotland, America, and Puerto Rico.

Wiktoria Balic’s musical journey

Wiktoria Bialic’s musical journey has been one of incredible exploration and growth. She began her journey by loving and studying drums at six.

Her hard work resulted in her winning some drum competitions, such as the Percussive Arts of Society Drum Set Competition 2020 and the Hit Like A Girl contest 2020 & 2021.

Her determination and passion also earned her the admiration of Grammy-winning musicians who helped her develop her skills further. With their guidance, she has gone on to work with British, Indian, Scottish, American, and Puerto Rican producers and artists.

Her talents landed her an endorsement deal with Zildjian cymbals, enabling her to pursue her dreams even further.

Wiktoria Balic’s setup


Wiktoria Balic has loved music and drums since she was young. In her early days, most of her favorite drummers used Gretsch drums.

Thus, she chose the brand as her first professional drum, and her parent bought her the Gretsch Renown as an 18th birthday present.


Wiktoria is one of the drummers who uses Zildjian cymbals. Her setup is 1.22″ K Light Ride, 2.18″ K Dark Crash Medium Thin, 3.14″ K Custom Dark HiHats – Pair, and 4.14″ A Avedis HiHats – Pair.

However, her favorite is a 14″ A Avedis Hi-Hat because of its vintage and old-school sound. Plus, it mixes great with all genres.

Wiktoria Bialic, The Hit Like A Girl 2021 Champion


Wiktoria Bialic is proof of perseverance, passion, and talent.

Wiktoria’s journey has been inspirational, starting with her beginnings as a young drummer in Poland and becoming one of the most in-demand drummers in the business.

Her extraordinary drumming abilities and commitment to her craft have produced an amazing sound that has mesmerized audiences all over the world—a great drumming queen and an example to aspiring drummers everywhere, Wiktoria Bialic.

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