Madden Klass, Best Touring Drummer for Mike Doughty

Madden is a New York drummer who has quickly gained a reputation as one of the best touring drummers in the industry. With a diverse background in heavy rock, hip-hop, and pop music, Madden Klass has proven to be a versatile and skilled musician.

She has been fortunate enough to tour and do projects with renowned artists and bands like Mike Doughty and Space Junk is Forever. With them, she has received praise for his dynamic and energetic performances. Madden Klass stands out in the touring drummer scene, and fans of Doughty’s music will not want to miss the opportunity to see him in action.

Who is Madden Klass?

Drummer Madden Klass
Drummer Madden Klass

Madden Klass is a New York drummer known as a multifaceted and vibrant player. She’s a versatile player who fits in any genre, but her root lie is genres like hip-hop, heavy rock, and pop music.

Madden decided to play drums when she was fascinated with the Nickelodeon TV show, The Naked Brothers Band. She aspired to form her own band, write music, and play the drums just like they did. Thus, Madden attempted to form a band in elementary school, but she could not get any dedicated members immediately.

As a drummer, Madden has a list of drummers who inspired her, and each player has their own sound, making her a fan of them. For instance, Stewart Copeland for his wacky cymbal accents and dexterous hands, and Matt Garstka for his ludicrous precision. However, Madden also cites other drummers, such as Aaron Sterling and Benny Greb, as influencers on her playing style. She is constantly striving to improve and develop her sound.

She has done many projects and works with other artists. One of the most known one is when she became the sole drummer on the Mike Doughty/Wheatus USA tour. With the band members, she performed the acclaimed Soul Coughing record, Ruby Vroom. Her subtle yet unusual parts add a unique flair to her drum sounds, making the song more interesting to listen to.

Music career journey

Madden Klass Is Playing Drums
Madden Klass is Playing Drums

Madden Klass began playing drums when she was a child. She started to be serious about music when she participated in various musical projects with different bands.

Madden spent most of my time working on a band called Space Junk Is Forever. This prog band is dominated by keyboards and incorporates Hammond B3, Rhodes, and technically challenging drum parts, focusing on melody in the cymbal arrangements. The band’s sound is heavily influenced by classic prog rock bands and has gained a dedicated following among fans of that genre.

Besides Space Junk is Forever, Madden also did projects with other groups, like performing in the alternative/indie rock band Raavi & the Houseplants with some of her exceptionally talented fellow musicians. She even participated in the group’s debut LP.

In addition to performing with her bands, Madden also had the opportunity to work with various other artists as a session drummer. One of her most notable collaborations was with the acclaimed soul-infused rock band Soul Coughing, for which she recorded drums on their record Ruby Vroom.

Album discography

Madden Klass is performing Confront Thine Enemy

Most of Madden Klass’s album discography comes from her band Space Junk is Forever. With the band, she has five albums released between 2018 and 2022. Those albums are: Space Junk is Forever (2018), Ascension (2018), Sjf2 (2019), The Lovely Lonelies (2019), and Duo Junk (2022).

Playing tips from Madden Klass

Madden Klass The Female Drummer
Madden Klass, the Female Drummer

The Moeller Technique has entirely shaped Madden’s playing. It improves her flow and frees up a lot of energy she can now devote to small details and odd sticking.

She said that when she was young, her teacher made her watch a DVD about the science of the Moeller Technique that Jojo Mayer had produced. It requires patience and close attention to your every action. But once you’ve done it, it sticks with you. It’s a method that has been of great assistance to Madden Klass.


Madden Klass Is Setting Up The Cymbals
Madden Klass is Setting Up the Cymbals

Madden Klass is an excellent drummer for Mike Doughty or Space Junk is Forever, her most-known works. She provides an ideal backbone for the band’s sound.

Her playing is tight and precise, and she always seems to know the right beat to lay down at the right time. Her contributions to the live show are essential and greatly enhance the overall performance, making her one of this generation’s best female drummers.

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