Akg N700Nc

I am a music junkie and a lover of gadgets, which I find very dangerous for one’s pocket. I have been reviewing a wide range of the best headphones and accessories as they have come on the market over the years. And often, that always means spending a lot to get that nice gear.

AKG headphones are among the products I have reviewed and used more than any other brand. If you understand this world very much, you know headphones can range anywhere from $20 to $2000, depending on features and functionality. And AKG has all these options.

In this guide, I will be looking at some of their most popular cans. Sometimes I even find it hard deciding the “sweet spot” from all the options. But by the end of this review; you will have a good pair of headphones for your needs.

6 Best AKG headphones of The Year

It is not hard to find high-quality products from AKG., including earbuds, earplugs, or headphones. The company is known for making all its products with excellent sound quality and durable construction.

There are many options. These six pairs are the best headphones for this year both in terms of performance and affordability.

AKG K240

The AKG240 Studio headphones feature an all-plastic construction. Everything from the suspension mechanism to the ear cup exterior is made from plastic. This means it comes at a lower price, and it’s also more comfortable. However, it also means it’s not very durable compared to metal-reinforced options. But since it’s not designed for travel, many users will not mind the durability issue.

Either ear cup comes with uniform vents, which makes them semi-open. They come with a great classic look while delivering excellent performance.

If you are not familiar with open and semi-open headphones, this could be an excellent example to learn from. These headphones deliver a more realistic sound representation and have better ventilation than closed-back cans. Someone else near you can hear what you are listening to, and hence, not suitable for crowded places.

There is a mini-XLR input on the left ear cup with a small, flat divot. It helps in locking the 3.5mm cable in place.


The AKG are not portable studio headphones. Their open-back design is only good for use in quiet and controlled environments. Music leaks from the back, which means anyone around you can hear what you are listening to.


The headphones feature dynamic drivers that replicate frequencies between 100Hz and 1.2kHz. Many users love how the sub-bass notes are well-attenuated. Anyone who loves Beats headphones may notice the lacking bass, but those who prefer instrumental and vocal music will appreciate them.

The lows, mids, and highs are clear. But it does not do an excellent job in noise isolation.


• Comfortable

• Lightweight

• Excellent vocals


• Lack of durability

• Bass is not emphasized

AKG K371 Wireless Headphones

If you are looking for more versatile and durable headphones than the AKG240s above, consider the AKG K371. They come as one of the brand’s mid-tier pro headphones at a reasonable price. But don’t let their affordability fool you. These cans deliver an incredible performance.

You can rotate both earcups upward to 180-degrees for easy transport. This is an excellent feature for DJs and sound mixing engineers.

They feature a metal bracket extending from the headband and holsters (which is plastic). The AKG 371 has, over the years, proven a sturdy and durable pair of headsets.

There is soft memory foam on the earpads, which are comfortable for all listeners. Although, it can take a little bit of tweaking to get the proper positions, especially if you have more prominent ears.

A mini-XLR input on the left differentiates a refined plastic on the ear cups. The flat divot in the circular input delivers a good lock for the cable. It comes with three different cables of different lengths and designs that connect into 3.5mm TRRS plugs.

Bluetooth headphones – Connection and sound quality

These are wired headphones, which are not as versatile in connection as Bluetooth cans. Nevertheless, they are still quite effective.

Their sound signature is incredibly accurate as it captures clear sound between the 200Hz to 1.5kHz range. This is good for all music genres.

There is a slight emphasis on the sub-bass, while the mid-bass is de-emphasized. They may seem wonky, but the combination is quite effective.


• Incredible quality

• Comfortable

• Articulating ear cups


• Not very good in isolation


With the AKG N700NC comes excellent noise cancellation features. Using the headphones is relatively straightforward. They feature intuitive controls, which means you don’t have to memorize anything. You can access virtual assistance by double-tapping the multifunction button, unlike on other headphones where you press and hold.

The headphones are crafted from polished plastic and refined synthetic leather ear pads. The earcups rotate 90 degrees and can fold backward towards the headband. This feature makes transportation very easy.

Most importantly, these headphones are designed with great noise-canceling features, which attenuates low rumbling and sounds.

Ambient Aware and TalkThru techs have been increasing in popularity. Even higher-end true wireless earbuds have it all. And now we see it in AKG’s N700NC. A Smart Ambient button is assigned to adjusting in this feature, which you can reassign to TalkThru using the headphone amp.

Active Noise cancelling and sound

AKG N700NC headphones are quite good at noise cancellation. The company boasts of offering first-class noise-canceling features. I noticed low-frequency noises are filtered effectively in these headphones than Sony’s WH-1000XM3 and Bose QuietComfort 35II.

The headphones sound great. They come with powerful bass to give an excellent tone to every kick drum. This also means it does not mask the midrange frequencies as you would see on some other headphones.

I was listening to Anderson Paak’s “Oxnard,” and it sounded heavenly. It has a good frequency response that boosted the vocals in every beat. That is not all; it comes with excellent noise cancellation is a great aid on the headphones in terms of clarity due to outside noises. They will not mask media playback.

The headphones reproduce excellent music. They are all a perfect option for everyone ready to get wonderful music. But you will have to sacrifice long battery life for noise-canceling features.

Unline in-ear headphones. this pair is quite breathable. Even with a high volume, your music is heard with clarity.


• Great noise cancellation

• Good design

• Ambient Aware


• Expensive

• No aptX


The AKG K72 is a step in the monitoring quality of the company. These closed-back headphones feature large 40mm drivers that reproduce a full sonic range. You are assured of deep bass and airy highs with every music you played.

I have always loved AKG headphones for their comfort, and the AKG 72 is no different. It comes with a self-adjusting headband that makes wearing and using very easy.

The cans are great both for listening and monitoring. Their high-quality components and replaceable earcups make music reproduction easy.


It is hard to imaging getting studio-quality headphones at this price. But AKG has done it here. They are one of the most comfortable and budget-friendly headphones I have tested so far. They come with a spacious sound, which is sophisticated and bassy enough for lovers of low sounds.

Their large 40mm drivers assure an excellent sonic reach. Whether you are listening to music or watching your favorite movie, this pair of headphones will deliver.


• An open and airy performance

• They are durable and comfortable

• Affordable


• There is nothing not to like at this price


AKG has been making affordable headphones for many years. They have spent the last five years growing and delivering top-notch products for the modern market.

Their K52 is among the latest addition to their budget cans. You will find them on the lowest side of the line behind K72 and K92.

These headphones are designed for home use. They don’t fold and have an in-line remote control, making them suitable for the average user.

Build quality

These over-ear headphones are lightweight. They may have a low price tag, but every part of the headphones is sturdily made. You can feel their durability too, something not very common at this price.

The earcups are large enough to cover your ears completely. And they feature ample padding around them, which is soft and does not create too much heat in your ears.

They will clamp firmly on your head but not exaggerated. They come with a 2.5m cable that fits in a 3.5mm plug. It also features a 6.5mm adapter to use directly with your hi-fi system.

Sound quality

When I started testing the AKG 52s, I first wanted to ensure there were no open-back headphones. I did not expect them to deliver such an airy performance.

I could feel a lot of space between the high notes, while the mids and the lows are well-harmonized. The vocals in “Shelter” by Birdy flourished with a solid foundation.

The cans are evenly balanced, and you can listen to them for hours without feeling tired. The basslines are clean, with no bright edges.


• A clean presentation

• A good rhythm

• Durable and comfortable


• Nothing to dislike at this price


AKG has been on the market for several years now, creating award-winning headphones. Their K range offers some of the most affordable and yet high-quality headphones. I was tempted to think the K52s above are the best affordable studio-quality headphones I had ever tested. But when I met the K92s, everything changed.

They are at the top of this three-strong range. It is still affordable, but with better construction and sound quality, enough to justify why you should spend your money on them.

Build quality

The gold accents are the first difference you will notice on the AKG K92 headphones from the all-black K52s and middle-ground K72s. This gives them a pop of color, setting them aside as leaders. It’s not top-notch gold, but it’s enough to provide you with a high-end impression.

Everything else in the construction is pretty much similar to the K52 headphones. They are built with durability in mind, and they feel sturdy.

The self-adjusting headbands and large, airy over-ear cups make them very comfortable. Their leather padding cushions your ears without too much heat build-up, even with long listening hours.


These headphones are designed for home listening. You will be happy with the big and open sound that comes from these cans.

As a fan of Dave Grohl, I enjoyed his “Sound City” album the whole day without taking them off. They deliver a well-balanced frequency response. The mids and the lows are well articulated too.


• An enjoyable sound

• Lots of detail

• Good and comfortable construction


• Not very versatile

Is AKG a good headphone brand?

Absolutely. AKG is one of the major players on the market of headphones. The company makes both high-end and affordable gear for studio and home use.

AKG Acoustics manufacturers headphones, mics, and other audio accessories. It was founded in 1947 in Australia.

Most of their headphones are meant for professional use, and they do a great job at it. You can always count on their durability and sound performance.

Does Samsung own AKG?

The South Korean electronics giant Samsung recently purchased the US-based auto and audio brand Herman.

Herman owns companies like JBL, Lexicon, and AKG.

That means you will be buying Samsung AKG headphones. The move aimed to help Samsung achieve its goal to enter the smart home and car market. AKG Headphones Samsung

Is JBL or AKG better?

JBL and AKG are all brands under the Herman umbrella. The auto and audio maker has been creating high-end products for many years.

However, they both come with different quality products. Your choice and value depend on what you want to invest.

For instance, compare AKG N700NC and JBL Everest Elite 700. The AKG features better cushioning and doesn’t feel as stiff as the JBL. Also, they deliver a more neutral sound. On the other hand, JBL is great at isolating noise, which means they are slightly better when commuting.

In short, both brands are good. It just depends on the product you want to buy and how much you are willing to invest.

How much does AKG cost?

AKG offers a wide range of products at different prices. Most of them are more affordable compared to what other brands on the market offer. The K-series cost less than $60 and yet still promises professional quality.