Akg N60Nc

Everyone wants headphones that give them an excellent listening experience. With the right headphones, high sound quality can you achieved easily. The AKG N60NC headphones can be your choice if you want great headphones at a friendly price.

There are two popular types of headphones: over-ear headphones and on-ear headphones. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but some people prefer on-ear design over-ear design because of its smaller size and lighter design. That is why AKG N60NC is popular among music enthusiasts.

They offer excellent sound quality, with crisp highs and deep bass, as well as an impressive active noise-cancelling capability.

In this article, we will review the AKG N60NC headphones and discuss their features, advantages, and disadvantages, so you’ll have more outlook before getting one.

AKG N60NC Review

The AKG N60NC wireless headphones offer great noise-cancelling that is tailored for travel. You also can find the AKG Signature sound from this headphone, which is rich in the mid-range and deep in the bass.

Plus, not only does it work with Bluetooth and active noise cancellation turned for up to 15 hours on a single charge, but it also sounds fantastic in passive mode. You can control all music playback with a button on the ear cup, and its Bluetooth offers you wireless access to all your music.

The best part is that these noise-cancelling like Hearprotek Noise Cancelling are perfectly ready to go whenever you want. It’s all thanks to their flat-foldable design and thoughtfully provided accessories, including an airline adapter, a tangle-free fabric cord, and a carrying case.

These closed-back on-ear headphones are adaptable for daily use. They boast a sound quality that is better suited to bass-heavy genres, and their ANC feature, which is fantastic for commuting, suppresses an astonishing amount of background noise.

The noise isolation performance of these earphones is outstanding, making them great for use in quiet environments. Its superior studio-quality sound is also the thing they are proud of.

Although they lay on your ears, some prefer over-ear designs since they are less uncomfortable.

In addition, if you’re someone who likes to listen to music while exercising, these Bluetooth headphones won’t fit you. The fact that they wobble when you move too much makes them unsuitable for sports. On the plus side, their battery life is respectable and will last you an entire workday, which is up to 15 hours of battery life.


  • Great noise-cancelling performance
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Long battery life
  • Great noise reduction


  • Not good on bright tracks.
  • The unusual design of the control method.
AKG N60NC Review

Most Frequently Ask Questions

Does the AKG N60NC have a microphone?

Yes, AKG N60NC wireless headphones have an integrated microphone. However, it has mediocre recording quality. The recorded/transmitted speech is noticeably thin due to the LFE of 289Hz. The 2.8KHz HFE is subpar and suggests muddled undetailed speech.

How do I enable noise Cancelling on AKG N60NC?

By activating the power button on the headphones, you can use the active noise reduction feature of the headphone. Meanwhile, the audio cords connecting the headphones are illuminated by an LED light on the noise control.


Overall, AKG N60NC wireless is a great Bluetooth noise-canceling on-ear headphone. It has an awesome noise-canceling feature, which works very well and is adjustable to fit your needs. The battery life is also great, with up to 30 hours of use. The headphones can be folded for easy storage and have physical buttons for volume control.

If you’re thinking of getting AKG headphones with an uninterrupted listening pleasure experience, consider purchasing this type. 

It’s an excellent choice for someone who wants to have a great experience listening to music or playing instruments with their best headphones.