Alesis Transactive Drum Amp

Alesis is one of those brands you will never stop hearing about in the world of electronic music instruments. They have been making high-quality and yet affordable products for many years.

Having an Alesis drum amp guarantees quality and durability. The company’s reputation exceeds many on the market.

If you wonder whether it’s worth it getting this amp, you have come to the right place. We will be reviewing drum amps from Alesis with a focus on a few specific products.

Who makes Alesis drums?

Alesis drums are designed, made, and marketed by Alesis. The company is known for making electronic musical instruments, digital audio processors, audio mixers, drum amplifiers, drum accessories, amplifiers, digital audio interfaces, and many other products.

The company is based in Cumberland, Rhode Island, as an inMusic Brands company. The products from Alesis are made in the USA and manufactured in China.

Generally, Alesis has revolutionized the music world with its ground-breaking instruments. Everything they make is aimed at offering the best features at the most affordable prices.

Hence, Alesis has remained a serious contender for many years, fighting giants like Roland and Yamaha.

Alesis TransActive Drum Amp

If you are looking for a great drum amp, you should consider the Alesis Transactive amplifier. This is one of the most popular products from the company, and it’s easy to see why.

It lets you play along with your favorite audio wireless from Bluetooth devices. It is created for the modern electronic drummer.

The TransActive Drum amp is your perfect companion if you own any electronic drum set. Using a wireless Bluetooth audio reception is a clever way of letting the user play alongside their favorite songs.

You can use the amp during practice or any other session without requiring too many wires.


One thing that captures every user on this amp is the innovative design. It works great as a stage amp, monitor, or practice amp.

It comes with recessed handles that allow easy transportation and a metal grille for more protection. The front is well angled to offer an excellent monitoring position for any drummer.

Almost all connections are at the backside. This means the top-mounted controls remain clean and clutter-free. You will easily access them during a performance.

Notable features

The TransActive Drum Amp from Alesis comes with unique features. Apart from the Main and inputs connection for wired devices, the amp allows for stereo reception from any device with Bluetooth capability.

Also, you get a uniquely powerful practice aid for all drummers. You can download rudiments and lessons to use with this amp.

The amp delivers a nice sonic boom from its 100 Watts of power. The sound comes out through a 10-inch low-frequency driver, with assistance from a 1-inch tweeter.

These parts work together to handle the rapid transients from electronic drums.

At the top, there are easy to access and use controls to be used during a performance. Tap into the bass, mid, and treble controls for a detailed tonal shape.

Use the master volume to keep the sound in check. This will allow you to practice from anywhere.

The rear comes with main left and right ¼-inch inputs. It also has a pair of stereo aux inputs with an RCA jack. It lets you use a sampler, mixer, or other audio components.

You can use wireless amps with a stereo configuration on this amp through the Stereo Link system.

Apart from the ¼-inch jacks for connecting with PA or recording interface, you can use a headphone jack for muted practice.

Last but not least is a handy 5V/1A USB charging port. This will keep your devices charged while you are using them.


• Great construction

• Bluetooth capability

• Powerful audio output


• It may not be the best amp on the market

Alesis Strike Amp 12 2000-watt 1×12 inch Drum Amp

The 2000-watt personal drum monitor and stage reproduction system from Alesis allows you to get the most from your electronic drum setup. You can use it in practice and on stage.

This amp delivers massive energy from the bass drums, punchy snare, and enveloping tom drums. You can also be sure of detailed cymbals and FX, thanks to the two-way 12-inch speaker setup.

The sound will remain extremely clean throughout the performance, with full output. It can handle a full band or acoustic drum kit with a lot of natural sounds.

It features a wedge or pole-mounted design that lets you run it as your stereo monitor rig. Or, you can beam them directly out to your audience without taking up too much space.


This amp is compact for personal use and with loads of output. Get the best sound from the massive 2000-watt peak power.

It promises clarity and headroom at all listening levels.

The molded side handles, dual XLR ¼-inch combo inputs with level controls, XLR out, and contour switch dips ensure great functionality.


• Clarity and power in sounds

• Compact with loads of inputs

• High peak power


• A bit expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good amp for electronic drums?

There are so many electronic drum amps on the market today that it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. However, certain features create all the differences.

A good amp should be easy to use and powerful enough to handle your kit. Brands like Alesis, Roland, and Yamaha are known for making such products. Consider them.

Can you use a guitar amp for drums?

Generally, it may not be wise to use guitar amps for electronic drums. This is because they are not designed to handle the power from drums.

Hence, the amp will wear out quickly, and you may not get the best sound.

It would be better to get a specific amp for the drums. You can use it to play out loud without wearing the amp.

Do electronic drums need an amp?


Electronic drum pads trigger sounds that are produced through the module. E-drum modules do not have speakers; hence, you need an amplifier or headphones to get the sound out.

A bigger drum amp is required when performing live to an audience.

Final thought

Alesis drum amps are suitable for all drummers. They are made for high-quality performance, which makes them ideal for any electronic drum set. But you will need to choose according to your needs.