Alesis Drums Strike Drum Module

The current drumming and music industry requires modern technological equipment. We are moving from the era of manual equipment to the era where everything has been made easier. Alesis is among the drum manufacturers who are advancing with technology with their electronic drum set.

It is among the youngest companies, but it produces the best instruments required by drummers’ current generation. Therefore, we need to get a description of their products so that you can get them for your band or church choir.

The Alesis module is a versatile and capable module that Alesis has ever offered. Its measure of playability and character is due to the expensive sound library with over 136 custom kits made from 1800 instruments and 45000 samples.

Is Alesis Strike Pro worth it?

Alesis Strike module is a fantastic kit designed and sold by Alesis. It comes with standard 11-pieces and meshes heads. The kit is suitable for drummers who require a kit for practice and stage performance. Alesis Strike Pro is among the most dominant electronic kit in the market.

This kit has an attractive price and image as compared to the higher-end models from Roland. This electronic drum kit comes in a pack of 4 tom pads, one snare pad, one kick pad, 4 crash cymbals, and a hi-hat controller.

The most amazing thing is that the pads are made from nylon mesh that is the standard for most electronic kits. It also comes with a Strike module with a sleek design with faders, an LCD screen, and buttons that help control parameters.

The module is pre-loaded with at least 1600 multi-sampled instruments. Therefore, this accessories kit is worth its price because it delivers the quality needed.

Can you use Roland pads with an Alesis Module?

The majority of the pads currently available in the market are most likely to work with the kit though others will require some setting tweaks while others won’t be compatible. Most triggers will use the same necessary technology, and all that would be needed is to get the right trigger to choose the correct trigger type in the module.

The strike drum module is compatible with SD cards of up to 64GB, but you should use SD cards with 40mb/s, Class 10 SDHC, and the software editor for the best results. As for pads, the Roland pads work perfectly, and they are better in general.

The Roland pads are compatible with the Alesis Strike module, but you will need to tweak a few settings. Alesis has done a fantastic job; thus, whichever you do with the module and the pads, you will be satisfied with the results.

Alesis Strike Pro drum module

Alesis Strike prose is designed with drummer-centric features and a vast library of excellent-sounding preset kits and samples. It has a no-fuss interface technology out of the way and helps you go through the menus, select sounds, and change parameters quickly and easily.

The drum module has about 12 trigger inputs for Alesis or any other drum triggers, pads, and electronic kits. It also has a host of analog and digital I/O that includes 5-pin DIN, USB MIDI, and eight TRS outputs, which give you total control over the onboard sounds and offers simple interfacing with virtual instruments, hardware units, and DAWs.

You can easily crack the drum module’s 136 preset kits and change your drum sounds on the unit or with the Strike Software editor. It is easy to navigate through the well-designed module’s interface. The Strike module has an attractive color display that offers glance feedback when auditioning patches and customizing settings.

The Alesis strike drum module comes equipped with stereo output, and eight single line outputs useful on stage or in-studio. The strike drum module also features a ¼” headphone output, USB, and 1/8″ auxiliary jack for pipping in your favorite songs for play-along.

The Alesis strike drum module is packed with about 136 preset kits 1 800 instruments and 45000 individual samples. The Alesis Strike drum module offers the tools needed to play in any music genre or style or spark excursions into rhythmic possibilities.

You can upload patches using the SD card slot and capture sounds with the onboard sampler or virtual instruments. You can use at least a 16GB SD card or USB together with the Strike software editor because it can carry a good number of samples and recordings.

Alesis strike pro module reviews

The Alesis strike drum module offers a wide variety of sounds for drummers. It gives you all you need to take your drumming career to the next level. It is easy to use, and it is an amazing guide that will help you navigate through different interfaces.

Therefore, we want to look at an amazing strike drum module from Alesis. This module never disappoints; thus, stay tuned and get the best features.

Alesis Drums Strike Drum Module | High-Performance Drum Set Module with 4.3-Inch Color Display, 136 Drum Kits, 1,800 Instruments, and 45,000 Samples

Alesis Drums Strike Drum Module is the most versatile and capable drum module that Alesis has ever designed. It has a vast sound library; a radiant 4.3 inches color Led display, onboard sampling capability, 16GB external storage, and USB/MIDI connectivity.

This strike drum module provides flexibility and programmability that is combined with total mastery of the kits’ status. It has a wide range of sounds enhanced by the expansive library with over 136 custom kits from 1800 instruments and 45000 samples.

You can use the SD card sounds in conjunction with your favorite music production software and the powerful Strike Software Editor. With the editor, drummers can choose their custom samples, make multiple velocity layers and round-robin instruments, piece together the excellent drum kit, and transfer it onto the module via USB.

This strike drum module has everything that a drummer needs. You will enjoy having this module at your disposal because it will never disappoint. The sound samples make work easier for beginners who are still learning new techniques and different music genres.


  • It is flexible, versatile, and reliable.
  • The module provides a wide range of sounds and samples.
  • It works perfectly for all drummers ranging from beginners to professionals.


  • It is a bit expensive but of excellent quality.