Audix Dp7 7 Piece Drum Mic Package

Recording drums can be quite a challenge. One needs to employ a precise usage of a number of mics at the same time.

And that means finding the correct mics for every piece. Note that a microphone that records the snare may not be suitable for the bass drum.

Choosing the best mics for drums starts with picking the right brand. You may already know that there are so many brands on the market today.

Audix is one of those brands that have achieved that trustworthy status. They have been making great recording devices for many years, among the high-end microphones.

In this guide, I will be reviewing some of the best drum mic kits from Audix.

Audix DP7 7-Piece Drum Mic Package

It is not easy to find quality mics for every drum when picked separately. Luckily, however, Audix has made things easy by offering a one-in-all solution. So now your choosing process is straightforward.

The Review Audix DP7 Drum Microphone Pack comes with seven drums that work as a unit to offer a natural mic’s sound. It’s a convenient package designed for every drummer.

Whether you want the mics for live playing or for recording, this kit of accessories will deliver.

Audix is an American brand that has been making drums for more than three decades. They bring to the market a wide variety of mics for studio and live situations.

You can get several specially selected packs for micing drums. This is a new concept, and the company has fully embraced it.

These mics are housed in a strong flight case with compartments. In the set are all the clips a drummer may require for mounting on stands and drum rims. A pair of windshields is included for those who would be using overheads.

From the box, these mics look sturdy and durable. You will first notice their hard black coating, which can handle rigorous playing of live stages.

In the package you get:

• D6 kick mic

• An i5 snare mic

• Two D2 rack tom mics

• D4 floor tom mic

• Two ADX51 overhead drum mics

• Clips and windshield

• A flight case


• Top-quality microphones

• A complete kit for all drums

• Excellent performance and build quality


• A bit expensive

Audix DP7 7-piece Drum Mic Package + 7 XLR Mic Cables

When it comes to quality, perhaps there is no company that offers it better than Audix. They have been in the lead for all this time.

Since there as so many brands that make drum microphones, one must be careful with whom they chose. And Audix is known for reassuring confidence in the users.

The Audix DP7 7-piece mic package is designed to make your mic’ing easy and efficient. It comes with a 7-inch XLR mic cable for easy connection to your audio output device.


I would talk about the feature of this package, and it will take me a whole day. I will not be doing that here. Instead, I will focus on what makes any mic good, performance.

The sequence for live sound checking mostly follows a single pattern, kick, snare, hi-hats tom 1, tom 2, and then the floor tom. The drummer will then have to play as the producer brings up the two overheads.

In a studio setup, the overheads are often the first pieces to set. They are used in capturing a general stereo sound of the kit before involving close-up mics.

The DP7 does not come with a specific hat mic. You will therefore have to use the overheads as stereo pair or as a single overhead.

The two ADX51 small-diaphragm condensers capture the sound with great clarity. All the other pieces are designed from high-quality material for excellent performance.

The D2 and D4 rack tom mic assure a deep low-end extension on the floor toms. They are excellent mics that will make you feel proud.


• Excellent construction

• Top performance

• Sturdy and durable


• A bit expensive

Audix DP5A Professional 5-piece Drum Mic Package

If you are looking for a reliable mic, Audix is always ready to deliver. And this all-in-one drum pack is a good example of what they offer.

It isn’t easy to find the right mics for drums. Mismatching the choice could cause even the best drums to sound low and dull.

But thanks to Audix, a global leader in instrument mics, this is no longer such a big issue. You get specially designed mic packages that bring out a rich, balanced, and natural sound from your drums.

Invest in an Audix DP5A professional drum microphone pack, and you may never need anything else. It’s simply an excellent resource for the modern drummer.

In the package you get:

• One i5 for the snare

• Two D-2s for the toms

• One D-4 for the floor tome

• A D-6 for the kick drum mic.

It also comes with four D-Vice gooseneck clips and a heavy-duty aluminum road case.

About the mics

The i5 is a dynamic mic that is widely famous on stage and for recording. It has a sleek design, with durable cast zinc allow body and black-coat on the finishing. Its cardioid polar pattern allows it to focus on the snare.

The D2s and the D4s bring out real and dynamic sounds from the toms. The D4 delivers that propulsive kick tone from the low toms.

The D6s is a cardioid kick drum microphone, conveniently sized to deliver that sweet sound.


• Sturdy and durable

• A complete package for all your drums

• Top-quality sound


• It might be a bit expensive

Audix D4 Drum Microphone Bundle with XLR Cable and Drum Rim Mic Clip

Audix does not leave anything to chance when it comes to top-quality products. Even though most of their products are high priced, they are worth the trouble.

There are a few which are not that expensive, and yet with the same quality. A good example is this Audix D4 drum microphone bundle.

High-quality XLR cables are included to make your recording much easier. It would be best if you bought new cables when you have these high-quality pieces.

Also, the package comes with drum rim mic clips, assuring easy placement of the mic on the rim.

The D4s are exceptionally reliable with low toms. They will get that “oomph” in your ground tom, the bass drum, and the bass amp.

It’s a versatile package that will bring to life all low instruments. Its flat, liners response is perfect for the job.


The first thing your will notice on the D4s is their excellent construction. You can tell right from the box that this is a high-quality product.

Together, they deliver an excellent, fulsome tone. They have a wide spectrum sound, with an extended bass response that will make your drums sing with pride.

Its ability to handle high SLPs without distortion is what every drummer expects. Its very low mass diaphragm promises a beautiful transient response.


• Can handle high SPLs cleanly

• A wide spectrum of sound

• Included with a 20ft XLR cable


• None at this price range

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Mics are in a drum kit?

Recording drums requires a wide range of microphones. In the past, it was easy for drummers to get away with just one mic.

Today, things have changed.

You will need the following microphones:

  • Overhead mics. These capture the overall sound from your setup and the cymbals.
  • Kick-drum. Small-diaphragm condenser mics are perfect for the bass drum.
  • Snare. The snare drum is extremely loud. You will require two mics, one on the upper end and another on the lower.
  • Toms. Each tom will require a specific mic to get its natural sound.
  • Hi-hat. Getting a hi-hat mic is crucial in recording the exact sound it makes.

What is the best drum mic kit?

There are too many drum kit mics on the market today. But you can always find the right one by considering the brand.

Top choices include the Shure PGA 7-piece drum kit and the Audix DP7 drum microphone kits. These products are designed to offer excellent performance by delivering top-notch sound.

Another great option is the Samson DK707 7-piece mic kit. It comes from a reputable brand and produces excellent sound.