Gearlux 5 Piece Drum Bag Set

While it’s great that you want to spend a lot of money on the right kit, think about its protection too. Buying drums is a good investment, and that must be well protected. And that is why you need to find the bag or case for your kit.

Most people think that it’s only by buying drums that one needs to concentrate. That other accessories are not as crucial.

Well, I will tell you from personal experience that finding the right case for your drums, cymbals, and hardware is just as important.

But, it’s not easy. There are too many choices out there.

You need to understand certain factors that make good drum bags or cases. Things like the brand, durability, and size are all part of what makes them worthy.

But don’t be concerned, I have got you covered.

In this guide, I will be introducing you to the world of drum bags and cases. I hope you find it helpful.

Drum Cases & Bags

There are four important categories of drum bags and cases. Consider them as follows.

Hard Cases

As the name suggests, this is perhaps the most convenient way to keep your drums safe. Hard cases are strong and very durable.

There are various choices in this category. But the distinctions are very minimal. And that means any case you get could be the right one.

Most models come with hardened fiberboard or polythene on the outside. They are rigid to keep your drums for long.

Hard cases are among the best ways to protect your drums.

Soft bags

If you are looking for a lighter yet equally protective solution, soft bags are a good option. They come in handy for those transporting their accessories in the back seat of an SUV.

One advantage is that they are less bulky and weighty. And they come in different shapes and sizes for different solutions.


Drum hardware is heavy and has an unforgiving nature of storing. Hence, you need something sturdier, perhaps with reinforced wheels and extra hard material.

Luckily, there are several options on the market.

Trap cases

These are designed for holding drum hardware, snares, a few heads, and other items. That means they come with several compartments to hold everything.

But they are very heavy, and not easy to load in your car.

ATA Cases and Drum Trunks

These are roadworthy drum cases. They are the toughest, heaviest, and most expensive. But they are the best if you really want to protect your set, even in the toughest conditions.

How do I know what size cases I need for my drums?

Drum cases come in different sizes. Each is designed for specific purposes and must know which case fits their sets.

Choosing the right size of a drum case is very crucial. It is one of the main deciding factors.

You need your drums to fit in the case properly. It will not be right too but one that is too large or too small.

Here are some factors to keep in mind.

• Size of your drums

It is the size of your drums that you consider first before buying the case of a drum. For instance, if you have a 14 by 6-inch snare drum, you need to find a case with such a size.

The same goes for the bass drums and the tom drums. It’s all about having the right gear for the right reason.

• Single or multiple compartments

Drum cases come with either single or multiple compartments. Single ones just carry one drum, and hence, they are smaller and lighter.

Drum cases with multiple compartments are quite heavy. But they will carry everything.

• Storage and transportation

How do you plan to store the drums or transport them? If you are using the back of an SUV, you would not want a big case.

Choose the size according to your space.

The Best Drum Bags and Cases Buying Guide

Now that you know the option you have for drum bags and cases, how do you buy them? Of course, the first consideration is the types discussed above.

You can buy either a hard case, a soft bag, a strap bag, or an ATA. It all depends on the level of protection you want.

ATAs are the hardest. They will keep the drum safe from falls and from water damage. Soft bags, on the other hand, are much lighter and more portable.

Other factors to consider include:

• Size of your drums

Buy a case or bag that will carry your drums effectively. You don’t want anything that will be too big or too small for the drums.

Fit means the instruments will not move around during traveling. And if you want portability, consider a case or bag that you can easily manage.

• Durability

The main reason you need a drum bag or case is for the protection of your gear. Hence, it should be from a strong and durable material.

The case or bag should bear the blunt impact and bad weather conditions. A hard case or ATA are the best options if you need to carry the drums while walking on a road.

• Weight

You would not want a drum case or bag that is too heavy. Consider the weight of the bags. A bag that is too heavy will make you tired.

Invest in something manageable.

Top Drum Bags and Cases Reviewed

Gearlux 5-Piece Drum Bag Set

When buying drum bags, it’s always important to consider the brand. And in this case, Gearlux is one of the biggest names that make drum bags.

This bag is made with a 10mm form protection on the inside. That keeps your bags safe and secure during traveling. Whether you are going far or just near, this is one product that will not disappoint you.

It comes in five pieces, with each bag designed for easy storage. Also, the bags are labeled for easy identification.

The most impressive feature of these drum bags is their portability. You will not have a hard time handling them or carrying them around.

The products are configured with:

• A 12-inch tom bag

• A 13-inch tom bag

• A 14-inch snares

• A 16-inch floor tom bag

• A 22-inch bass drum carrying bag.

What to like:

• It comes from a reputable brand

• Strong and durable carrying bags

• Soft on the interior to keep drums in safety.

• Easy to use.

• Light and easy to carry.

• Five-piece to carry all components

• Great looks

What not to like:

• The drum bags are not adjustable

• Not as durable as drum cases

Verdict: If you are carrying your drums from the back of an SUV, these bags will be ideal. But they are not good for rough handling.

Gator Cases Protector Series 5 piece Padded Drum Bag Set for Standard Kits

Gator is one of the most popular names in the industry. And because of that, you can trust them to offer the best carrying cases.

Many drummers have highly praised the Protector series. The carrying cases are soft on the inside but hard on the exterior. This makes them ideal for tough conditions.

You will hear many drummers recommending Gator, especially on this series. That is because the brand is known for offering various kinds of drum carrying and protection solutions.

This drum case is made with durable nylon on the exterior. The inside has a 10mm padded and lined material.

They feature comfortable carrying straps, which makes them easy to carry.

You will also love the collapsible and compact design of these bags. It makes them look classic and very useful.

The bags come in a five-piece configuration for:

• 22-inch bass

• 12-inch tom

• 13-inch tom

• 16-inch floor tom

• 14-inch snare

What to like:

• Incredible design

• Soft inside

• Durable

• Comfortable to carry

• Easy to use

What not to like:

• Not as durable as most other bags

• Their size cannot be adjusted

Verdict: Gator is a big name in the world of drum bags and cases. This product should therefore be suitable for someone who needs portability.

Gator Cases Drum Set Hardware Carry Bag with Removable Shoulder Strap; Dimensions 14″ X 36″ (GP-HDWE-1436)

Apart from buying drum bags, your hardware also demands special attention. Many times, drummers lose or damage their hardware because they did not pick the right case.

Choosing the right hardware carrying bag begins with picking the right brand. And Gator is not a new name in the industry.

They are known for making trustworthy products. These drums are quite durable and of high quality.

A lot of drummers recommend Gator all the time as one of the best names. They offer a wide range of drum bags and cases.

This particular hardware bag is made with exceptional standards. It’s extremely strong and durable.

The bag is large enough to accommodate standard hardware. It’s constructed with 600-denier nylon, a material that is known for its durability.

Also, the bag is lined on the interior, which adds more protection for your equipment.

It features a 10-inch zipper which makes opening and closing very easy. Besides, it’s strong enough to keep your hardware locked inside while you travel.

Apart from that, the synthetic fur-lining on the inside assures top protection for your gear. That means you won’t have to worry about rough places while traveling.

The bed is designed with 1-mm padding. This makes it light and yet very tough.

What to like:

• 1mm padding and lining on the inside

• Designed from durable material

• An excellent design

• Easy to use

What not to like:

• The bag might not hold well against the rain.

Verdict: This is a bag from a trustworthy brand. It might not be good for tough weather, but it will hold your gear perfectly.

14 Inch Snare Drum Bag, Drum Gig Bag Backpack With Carry Handles, Shoulder Straps and Outside Pockets, Great Drum Set Bag Cases Covers for Dustproof, Storage And Transport

Here is another drum bag that you would want to have. The snare is one of the most important aspects of a drum kit. Therefore, it requires a high level of protection.

This drum bag was designed just for that specific purpose. Most snare drums are 14-inches, so this bag should be good enough for any user.

It is made from premium and durable material. It features oxford fabric, which makes it quite long-lasting. It’s also lightweight.

This bag is an ideal solution for storing and protecting your drum during traveling. You never have to worry about its durability since it’s strong enough to handle tough areas,

It comes with an accessory storage pocket design. These outside pockets allow you to store drum stands and sticks.

It features comfortable and hardened carry handles and shoulder strikes. With this, you get a two-way transport application.

The bag is made with dust-proof material, which makes it ideal for all traveling conditions. It’s a very portable product, perfect for travelers.

Besides, it’s very affordable. That should mean something for someone who needs an affordable solution. Students will find it quite handy.

The manufacturer is very confident with this product. That is why they guarantee a 100% risk-free buy. You can return the bag if you don’t like it for a full refund.

What to like:

• Easy to use and portable snare drum bag

• Two ways to transport

• Side pockets for accessories

• Affordable

What not to like:

• This is bag may not stand up to rainy conditions

Verdict: If you are a student, this bag is a great option. It is affordable, durable, and useful.

Meinl Percussion Cajon Box Drum Bag — Standard Size — Heavy Duty Nylon Exterior and Carrying Grip, 2-YEAR WARRANTY, MSTCJB, Gig

Who does not know Meinl in the drumming industry? This is one of the biggest brands for cymbals and other percussion instruments.

It is, therefore, not a surprise that many people love this Cajon box bag. It is a simple product designed to offer an easy solution to protecting your equipment.

This bag comes in a standard size that fits the most common cajons. It is crafted with Meinl standards with padding. It measures 20-inch x 13-inch x 13-inch.

These are comfortable dimensions for most cajons.

It offers exceptional protection. That is because the bag is made with heavy-duty nylon stitching, which makes it excellent for protecting your device.

It comes with a thick carrying grip with a reinforced cross-sticking. A two-way zipper and the extra lining are added to ensure easy handling. The inside features internal padding, offering an extra layer of cushioning for ultimate protection.

This product is great for storage and traveling. It allows you to keep your Cajon safe from dust and dirt while assuring a high-end performance.

It’s designed for any level of musician. Whether you are playing in a studio or in a coffee house with acoustic sets, this is a bag you will love to have.

What to like:

• Incredible design

• A fit for more cajons

• Made with heavy-duty nylon stitching for durability

• From a trusted brand

What not to like:

• Compared to other brands, this bag is quite pricey

Verdict: Buy this Meinl Cajon bag if you are looking for the best way to protect your device. It is a good investment.

Final thought

You need a drum bag or case, and that is something you must understand. I hope you find one product here that keeps your accessories safe.